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CIAshock - Posted on 01 January 2010

I was just watching this and dissecting it. lol. Was about to post when I found your thread.
Here's a youtube posting of the BBC One trailer in case its easier for anyone.


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I love the trailer. If you look closely 0:20 you'll see Doc 11 rebuilding the TRADIS!

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Could this be the gripe about the Moffat era?


Maybe, since it appears to herald the return of a villan I didn't needed to return at all.

Khaki Daleks in Battle Fatigues...bring them on!

Poor trailer. It can't equal the trailers of the past which had given us a glimpse of what to expect. Here we just see a bunch of images of people running and jumping at us with no hint of who they are, where they are or why we should care about them  running and jumping. The music, too is uninspired. The 9th Doctor trailers were all sooo good and even the 10th Doctor trailers for seasons 2,3 and 4 had some real angsty, fun, and true action and set the scene with Martha's comments, Donna's search, and Rose's meeting the Doctor. We also were told about some historical bits...here, we're told nothing, just shown some images and it amounts to nothing IMO. 

Is the Doctor's new catch phrase "Geronimo"?

I must say, when Matt says: "Okay, what have you got for me this time?" and "Trust me. I'm the Doctor" he is the Doctor! And I'm warming to his new outfit.

Only negative is a kiss between the Doc and Amy, though to be fair she might be on the rebound (or drunk) right when they meet and he doesn't look too happy about it.

The Doctor with a gun.  The Doctor shooting a gun.  Sure, why not? He's a new guy, but I hated every minute of #10 pointing the gun at the Master and the President.

Still, I am completely stoked to see the new series! Even if this is the first Doctor younger than me - Bring IT!

supremacy is relative

I do feel that "Geronimo" is going to be the new "Allons-y" eh. We'll see how often its used and if it works.

I dont mind Matt Smith with the gun as long as he's not firing at SOMEONE. Then it'll be a lil odd.

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Just take a look at a few of the thousands of comments on YouTube and there are many so-called fans who want Tennant back just because Smith's Doctor punches someone and fires a gun. Get over it and wait until you've seen the entire season!

Aweful! As poopsed to awesome. Just kidding of course we have to wait and see. I've waited. I've seen the trailer. Aweful.

Cool Matt Smith pic in new Doctor Who Magazine issue:


I personally dont think that Matt is firing the gun at someone. But we'll have to wait and see.
As for the punching - I dont mind that at all. In fact if you look at his face directly after he looks kinda surprised that he did it, lol.  And didnt the 3rd Doctor kick some butt from time to time?

Check out my blog "Realm Beyond Sight":

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