The Rescue

Chase - Posted on 31 December 2009


The internal logic if this story doesn't pan, at all. First, the Doc remembers the Didonians as clawed aliens but...then that is just Bennett's disguise is it not? Then there are other, more human Didonians. I haven't seen part two in a long time so maybe they evolved? We shall see. If they were peaceful, why all the traps? Maybe those were ancient ones from when the Didoians were long ago savages? Maybe? Or maybe another race built them? Then there's the whole pan of Bennett. Why not just kill Vicki and hide her body? Was he really injured? It seems as if they wanted to play it like PYSCHO but without all the, you know, style and substance and good music. And failed utterly. At one point, Kokowhateverhisnameis and how's it spelled...leaves the ship but does not go through the front...which should have given if not Barbara a clue about how Bennett/Koko leaves through a secret exit but Vicki as well. BTW shouldn't everyone that is traveling on a spaceship know of a way out of the ship? In any event, sounds as if I didn't like this. I DO and most of it is because of Maureen O'Brien's fresh take on the show AND William Hartnell and his interaction with Will Russell. Simply put Hartnell has that ability to rise above the material and make the DOctor his own. Here we have several fun bits from the Doctor most of them relating to his companions and Jackie Hill is very good here too. The bits on the sleeping during materialization, the Doctor hearing everything from inside the ship while Ian tells Barbara he thinks the Doc is going a bit round the bend...are all very very funny. And the cave in, the push off the cliff for Barbara and the spikes swords coming at Ian are all very tension inducing...of course, as ABOUT TIME 1 states, what kind of trap is this? A veggie eating monster at the bttom of the six foot pit ("That's quite chasm" the Doc states and Ian agreed!) or maybe it's on a ledge itself?

There IS a fresh feel to this story and the TARDIS appears with the usual sound and flashing light. Only Barbara meets Vicki here and it is a good start for Vicki. Only don't think about the story too much.  The "monster" looks good, Kokkillion I mean and the sand beast, not as much but taken as one ep at a time, which is how ALL DW should be taken Methinks, it is not bad and certainly more entertaining than THE END OF TIME part one. The DVD text tells us more about the original scripts and Maureen tells us that her job was to get Hartnell to laugh out of his minor tantrums, which he had maybe two or three times a day and over nothing serious. Her good nature shows on screen in this ep and more in the next.   



Fast paced and warm as the Doctor meets Vicki for the first time and it's charm charm charm on first sight for both of them. Barbara, sadly, kills the sand beast which Vicki claimed as a friend or pet or something and she was feeding it or something. It was a sad scence but brave that they would upset the new young character by making one of the established characters kill what is essentially a pet. Vicki knew by his face that the Doc wouldn't have killed Sandy. Later on the two school teachers tell Vicki the truth about where they are from and Vicki tells them that would mean they are 550 years old and Barbara seems to be somewhat taken back by that while Ian laughs at her. Vicki laughs that the Doc could be a time traveler...and she asks what is with all those funny clothes he wears and that long white hair? Listening in on the equipment in Bennet's empty room, the Doctor smiles and turns it off, "Silly child."  He goes alone for some reason after Bennett.  It's a strange climax, even for DW...the Doctor physicailly fights Bennett, a man posing as a monster instead of the other way around...and the Doc loses. Passes out. Then two ghostlike figures...solid enough but seemingly phantoms who do not talk at all, appear and Bennett falls to his death (?) I'm guessing even though that fall is only six feet or so. In any event, they carry the Doc back and he seemed to have come too which he tells the others later. Vicki and the interaction with the others is quite nice and especially with Hartnell who invites her aboard the ship, "If it's adventure you're seeking" or "you like"  he goes on, "I can promise you it in abundance." 

When Vicki comes into the TARDIS for the first time (only the fifth person ever seen in it), we see a larger space between a join in the corner of the walls...a gap ...and a room behind it...a flaw of the set but even that makes this charming. 

Then Ian and the Doc are in the control room...when do they cal it the console room? ...and it starts to tilt and in a great ciffhanger, the girls come running in, too and the TARDIS tips over and off a cliff...which I believe it did once before...

In any event, how does the TARDIS exterior and interior connect? It seems that in some stories, the Doctor can control them separately but most of the time, the inside and outside match, what happens to one happens to the other. THere's also the minor fact that it is, in later stories said to be indestructable so why worry about it tipping over or falling down a mountainside?

Part of the set in the spaceship is the rescued ship from THE SENSORITES.  Part of the cave set was supposed to have the creature (which Ian ad libbed as Kokkie Licking--WHAT'S that supposed to mean?) on cave drawings, ore man of the creatures on drawings as caves. We never really find out much about the aliens or the monster Koawuialiaaon, whatever his name is...and how the relate. Earlier the Doc seemed to think the clawed alien were the Didoians. Despite these and other minor flaws, this still a nice little story and adventure.    


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