Is it wrong for a fan of the Tenth Doctor to want it to be over already?

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odessasteps - Posted on 25 December 2009


As much as I've enjoyed the Tennant era, I am so ready for the Moffat/Smith era to begin.


These specials have felt like "lame duck" programming for a while now.


The End of Time, even with some good moments, hit home many of the things I dislike about the RTD era and will happily see it go away, even if it means losing Tennant.



Not ready for Tennant to be gone, but this Part 1 sealed the deal for me on being happy that RTD is gone.

Really? I think, apart from one or two small parts, this was one of RTDs best scripts / storys. Much much MUCH better than that Waters of Mars drivel.

No it's not wrong,. The writing for Tennant's Doctor stopped being good a long time ago or at least consistently good. This special is lame and dragged out...look at how long the cliffhanger lasted. The lines are forced, the Doctor pedantic and self absorbed, god like and child like in the worst most negative way. It's time for him to leave, it was a year ago. ANd yes it is wrong ina  way for you a fan of the 10th Doc to want it to be over. The reason you want it over is that there's nothing fresh about the show, the way David plays the DOc, the villains, the scripts, the dialog, the tone, the approach. It's all one sided and quite frankly boring and childish and stupid. And we keep getting the RTD approach. I gather that if RTD left a long time ago, you would not want the 10th Doctor gone because the approach would have been yeah, I wish it over already too. The show, I'd be interested in ratings. What a joke that ending was. God, it's been done before and better. If you want, see my review.

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It has been a long time comming and we've known for over a year that there is a regeneration coming. It feels like that the show is puposely being dragged out to 'milk it' for all it's worth.

I'm sorry but, with all the time after the news and we're just now getting the regeneration was just too long of a drag.

...and with only specials to sustain our want for the show, We seem to be left a void.

I might have felt different if we had had a regular season as opposed to the specials, but maybe that's just me.

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