Chase - Posted on 17 December 2009


A rambling mess. It has none of the atmosphere of the other four, little humor (although Tom Baker finds some really good spots to do his stuff and THAT'S funny and HE'S funny despite the poor dialog and dragged out script). The cast does what it can with this mess. First it's Ms. Wimsie, then it's Mike, then the Doc was possessed, then...they shrink AGAIN and go inside the stuffed zebra and...it's really boring to be honest...we get a bit of ALIENS mixed with ARK IN SPACE and it's did I say boring? NOthing to really treasure here except for Tom Baker and his spot on delivery. I mean the rest is REALLY dragged out and most of it plays inside the zebra. Still, it holds together ...just barely...the powers of the nest are NOT really well thought out.  . The ending is nice one but one hopes at the end that it would have and could have been better. I do question the idea of taking the one Doctor that was truly a bohemian and tying his stories together in a ....house...with insects...and a maid. Perhaps the Wimsie thing works with Tom but she jsut as well could have been a travelling companion. The overall effect of the stories is that the ones that seem as if they could have been stand alones work better than the ones that do not and that includes this, the worst one and the first one which with a huge question mark hanging over it can be forgiven. I love when Wimsie calls her self a bitter old woman and Tom answers, "YES..." and stops mid way and turns it around to a kind of "NO."  He does this alot and it almost always works. Still hearing him ramble on about how he's going to do this and do that and then to have him telling the story to a Mike some time in the future gives it all away that everyone and everything is just fine. I like happy endings and this one is a good one but the story before it is not and it's just really like a LOOK IN strip or worse. It doesn't have the forgive me, the whimsey of those. TOm deserves so much better. If he's willing, they should let him write it. He can't do worse than this.  

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