Episode 173 Note

bowman - Posted on 16 December 2009

Regarding the audio feedback about the Tom Baker impersonation in The Kingmaker (an excellent Fifth Doctor, Peri & Erimem story BTW):

The Doctor had a contract to produce some nonfiction books for a publisher (a reference to some series of books in the '70s that I don't remember) but hadn't delivered on his contract. The Doctor decided to get back to one and pulled out a dictaphone (or something like that) he'd used at the start to see where he was at. The 4th Doctor's voice comes out with the initial notes on the book. It's only a minute or two long.

It's interesting that it was considered far superior  to the Dead Ringers' impersonations as it was done by Jon Culshaw, who is the person who does the Tom Baker impersonsations on Dead Ringers!

I would guess that the BBC would not approve new Fourth Doctor adventures voiced by an impersonator and I won't really want to hear them, myself.

The other crazy thing about The Kingmaker is that the actor who plays King Richard III sounds exactly like Christopher Eccleston and I actually stopped it the first time I listened to it and looked at the cast list to see what was going on.


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Thanks. Barnaby also posted a note about this in the comments of the Doctor Who: Podshock 173 posting.

Yeah, I do want to check out this audio drama at some point. It sounds interesting. I only know Culshaw's work from Dead Ringers, which is quite impressive, but I haven't heard him do a serious take on the 4th Doctor.


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