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Louis Trapani - Posted on 28 November 2009

bigthanks.jpgAs you probably already know, in the US, we are currently in the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. It is a time when many stop and give thanks and express our appreciation for what we are grateful for in life.

Therefore, this posting is an opportunity to express my thanks to everyone that has listened to and supported Doctor Who: Podshock over the years. That in all likelihood means everyone reading this post.

Thank you.

Now in our fifth year in production, we could not have done it without you.

I thank Ken Deep and James Naughton who have been there since the very beginning, as we would not be where we are today without them. They volunteer their time and efforts on an ongoing basis to bring you the show you know and love.

Special thanks goes out to all of our correspondents and regular contributors of the show, both past and present. We remain ever so grateful for their ongoing support and input.

I am not going to name everyone individually as this would sound too much like one of those award acceptance speeches. Everyone knows who they are though.

The past 18 months have been challenging to say the least. Many of our plans for the show in the summer of 2008 came to naught due to circumstances beyond our control. It also left us in the position of having the show fully support itself.

In that time we have taken on a few sponsors and advertisers. They include past advertisers; New England Fan Experience, Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy, and of course which continues to sponsor episodes of our show today. Thanks to them all.

While we continue to seek out sponsors for the show, we could not go forward without listener donations and especially continued support from Podshock Supporting Subscribers. Special thanks are in order for those that are directly helping to support the show, allowing us to continue and grow the show.

Aside from working around the clock and sometimes not even seeing the sun in the process, I have kept the show going during this time with some great personal and financial sacrifice, not to mention incurring quite a substantial debt as well.

With the start of the Podshock Supporting Subscriber program last month, it has become a beacon of hope that we can continue doing the show, and hopefully grow the show as well. For all of you that have already joined the program, a much deep felt thanks goes out to you.

It has slowed the bleeding down a bit, but we still need the support from many more of you to stop the bleeding.

Our next episode will be an Extra show. We have some exciting Extra shows planned for supporting subscribers. If you enjoy Doctor Who: Podshock and would like to see it continue, I encourage you all to become a supporting subscriber.

Once again, thank you all and a happy Thanksgiving.

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