Terry Nation's Survivor book one and other RANDOM sci fi SHOWS

Chase - Posted on 28 November 2009

I found a book for the long forgotten show DEEPWATER BLACK (aka MISSION GENESIS). Any one remember that? It had a giant spaceship that seemed alive ala LEXX (remember that far out show?) and seemed to be a more serious version of that show and more serious than SPACE CASES (wow!). Other random shows: TERRY NATION'S THE SURVIVORS book has finally been reprinted. I hope they do the second novel which gives us Peter as the hero (after he realized he should never have killed...). So far they haven't.

Other random shows that I've been thinking about are: THE ODYSSEY where a small boy falls from a treehouse and in a coma, enters a world of children in charge; the CHRONICLE where sci fi channel had a good light hearted tv show about a newspaper about monsters; DEAD AT 21, MTV's first real live action show when the other stuff they aired was music videos and this show had JackNoseworthy as a teen who was going to die at 21 thanks to some govt project chip in his head; THE LOST WORLD, BEASTMASTER, STARMAN, MUTANT X, and SINBAD and CONAN.         

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