Eve Myles in FRAMED

Chase - Posted on 28 November 2009

Sometimes you watch a movie that has just the correct mix of happy and meloncoly but seems to say the best about human nature and circumstances while painting a picture of beauty, both internally and externally. This BBC movie which runs about one hour and a half is just such a thing. It's not going to win any Academy Awards but that doesn't mean it shouldn't. The acting is sincere, truthful, and hits home, both in truth and in warmth. I read that the movie was based on a real series of events, all of them fortunate. Eve plays a school teacher of children in a small town where during WW2 paintings from a famous museum in London were relocated to protect them from the bombings. Present day: a major plumbing leak forces the curator of the museum to move the paintings to the same place. There are stealings (very very funny ones), townspeople galore (all very real people with very real problems and very real joys); relationships, laughs and tears. The movie is very good and everyone should see it. It reminds us that movies don't need to be about the end of the world, love lorn vampires, cartoon astro boys, and time traveling idiots. They need to be about people, for people and they need to make us feel something and most of the time, to be honest, they need to make us feel good, make us feel alive, make us feel that despite major problems and set backs and losses, that we can connect with others, we can make a difference and we can change for the better while protecting those we love and that yes, we are all connected and that sometimes we dissapoint each other and sometimes we prefer paintings or sci fic shows over people but that in the end, it people that matter. If there is any complaint, it is the ending seems slightly rushed but it is all rather good and well acted with a large cast. The town is just beautiful and I'm afraid I forgot the names or can't really spell them or be bothered to look them up again but htis movie is brilliant. If you can't find it on BBC America (why would they show something like this?) you might have luck on Ioffer.com. Eve is great in this but so are the other two dozen cast members. And for once, no one is out for evil minded schemes, backbiting or hating anyone and ther'e is no one killing, thank God. Watch this movie. I'ts not perfect (sorry if I made it seem so) but it's very ,very good.        

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