This Week In Doctor Who - May 30, 2009 (test posting)

Benjamin Elliott - Posted on 03 June 2009

This is a test post. I am reproducing last Saturday's edition of This Week In Doctor Who to see how it appears here. This will help me figure out if I need to do anything special when posting the new edition on June 6. Note - this is an omnibus edition with all 3 sections of This Week In Doctor Who and the Torchwood This Week section glued together. - Benjamin Elliott

This Week In Doctor Who
May 30, 2009 - Vol 12, No 22
The weekly guide to Doctor Who broadcasts worldwide since 1998.
by Benjamin F. Elliott

Upcoming Premiere Broadcasts:

Sunday 31 May:
ABC1 Australia 7:30PM - Planet Of The Dead
BBC Entertainment Poland 7PM and 11:30PM - Smith And Jones
Monday 1 June:
Prime New Zealand 8:30PM - Planet Of The Dead
Tuesday 2 June:
Ztele Canada 9PM EDT - Silence In The Library, pt 1 (French version)
Wednesday 3 June:
SciFi Netherlands 7:30PM - Voyage Of The Damned
Saturday 27 June:
BBC America USA 9PM EDT/6PM PDT - The Next Doctor (see This Week In Doctor Who Western Hemisphere)
Saturday 25 July:
SPACE Canada time TBA - Planet Of The Dead (see This Week In Doctor Who Western Hemisphere)

The Doctor Who team announced the actress playing the companion for Series 5 in 2010. I do not consider it a spoiler, but just this time, in case anybody is trying to stay away from the info for a few days - the news is one of the top stories at the Doctor Who News Page .

TWIDW has had some major technical problems this time, so forgive any lack of detail on the Doctor Who animated story on CBBC this fall, the Doctor guest starring on Sarah Jane Adventures, and the ever present rumors of a Doctor Who feature film. Since any of them are months away from airing, I can give them less priority than other matters.

CANADA - SPACE made announcements recently. USA - BBC America grabbed the Doctor Who specials from SciFi/Syfy. But these are matters for This Week In Doctor Who Western Hemisphere. If you get this from e-mail or the Yahoo Group, you should find it the next message over. If you are reading on the Outpost Gallifrey website, scroll down the column a bit. Just past UKTV Australia's schedules.

My recent manifest on Doctor Who and international broadcasting is at . It is getting increasingly out of date, so this is probably the last time I'll include a link before redrafting from scratch.

For press releases on Doctor Who, keep an eye on the BBC Press Office and C21 Media .

Listings for North and South America are in This Week In Doctor Who Western Hemisphere. Sarah Jane Adventures, K9 and Podcasts are in This Week In Doctor Who Spinoffs. Torchwood info is in Torchwood This Week.

Corrections and updates are welcome at , , TWIDW on AOL IM , and thebfe on Yahoo Messenger. The listings:


New Series General Information:


16:9 widescreen digital, 14:9 cropped letterbox analog.
Sunday 7:30PM 4-15 "Planet Of The Dead" (Australian premiere)


Prime TV
16:9 digital; 4:3 pan and scan analog.
Monday 8:30PM 4-15 "Planet Of The Dead" (75 minute slot)


SciFi NL
Repeat run - May. Series 4 premiere - June.
Sunday 8:30AM CET 3-01 "Smith And Jones" (start of marathon)
Sunday 9:20AM CET 3-02 "The Shakespeare Code"
Sunday 10:10AM CET 3-03 "Gridlock"
Sunday 11AM CET 3-04 "Daleks In Manhattan" pt 1 of 2
Sunday 11:50AM CET 3-05 "Evolution Of The Daleks" pt 2 of 2
Sunday 12:40PM CET 3-06 "The Lazarus Experiment"
Sunday 1:30PM CET 3-07 "42"
Sunday 2:20PM CET 3-08 "Human Nature" pt 1 of 2
Sunday 3:10PM CET 3-09 "The Family Of Blood" pt 2 of 2
Sunday 4PM CET 3-10 "Blink"
Sunday 4:50PM CET 3-11 "Utopia" pt 1 of 3
Sunday 5:40PM CET 3-12 "The Sound Of Drums" pt 2 of 3
Sunday 6:40PM CET 3-13 "Last Of The Time Lords" pt 3 of 3
Wednesday 7:30PM, Friday 9:10PM, 7 June 6PM CET 4-00 "Voyage Of The Damned" start of new episodes, 80 minute slot
Wednesday 8:50PM, Friday 10:25PM CET "episode unknown" 70 minute slot
10 June 7:30PM, 12 June 9:10PM, 14 June 5:40PM CET 4-01 "Partners In Crime"
17 June 7:30PM, 19 June 9:10PM, 21 June 5:40PM CET 4-02 "The Fires Of Pompeii"
24 June 7:30PM, 26 June 9:10PM, 28 June 5:40PM CET 4-03 "Planet Of The Ood"


update before 30 May. Never had time to update - assume everything is one episode later.
SIC Radical
Series 3 Firstrun:
Saturday 1:45PM, Monday 5PM, Friday 1PM CET 3-10 "Blink"
Friday 8AM CET 2-06 "The Age Of Steel" pt 2 of 2
Saturday 30 May 8:15AM CET 2-07 "The Idiot's Lantern"


BBC Entertainment Poland
Series 3 - first run:
Saturday 2:40PM, Early Sunday 5:05AM CET 3-01 "Smith And Jones"
Sunday 7PM and 11:30PM CET 3-02 "The Shakespeare Code" (new episode)
Late Sunday 3AM CET 2-09 "The Satan Pit" pt 2 of 2
Late Sunday 3:45AM CET 2-10 "Love And Monsters"
Late Sunday 4:30AM CET 2-11 "Fear Her"
Early Monday 5:15AM CET 2-12 "Army Of Ghosts" pt 1 of 2
(schedule information missing after 6AM Monday June 1 - site will hopefully update before next week)
11 June 3:10PM CET 1-05 "World War Three" pt 2 of 2
12 June 3:10PM CET 1-06 "Dalek"



BBC Online
“Shada” - starring Paul McGann and Lalla Ward. 6 episodes. A retired Time Lord in Cambridge needs the Doctor’s help to recover a Time Lord book before the scientist Skagra can find it.
“The Scream Of The Shalka” - starring Richard E. Grant. 6 episode story. The Shalka prepare to conquer the Earth from below. Can the Doctor be convinced to save the day one last time?
“Real Time” - starring Colin Baker and the Cybermen. 6 episodes. The Doctor and Evelyn Smythe research a temple that has been yanking scientists out of time, bringing them face to face with the future of the Cybermen. (NOTE - While Real Time is listed on the website, only the audio version is working. The video versions are not working at this time. Please, someone at the BBC - fix this.)
Doctor Who Confidential
The 13 episodes from Series 1 of the BBC Three series all online via Real Player in the CutDown format used for repeats and the Series 1 DVDs. Also, numerous video diaries and trailers.

16:9 Widescreen Digital,14:9 Cropped Letterbox Analogue
Later 2009 4-16 "The Waters Of Mars"
Still later 2009/2010 "The other 2 specials - final episodes with David Tennant as The Doctor"
2010 "Series 5 - 13 episodes - starring Matt Smith as The Doctor"

BBC Three
Doctor Who Confidential
First broadcaster of Doctor Who Confidential.
Monday 7PM BST 4-00 "Voyage Of The Damned" (72 minutes)
Tuesday 7PM BST 4-01 "Partners In Crime" (49 minutes)
Tuesday 7:50PM and 5:15AM BST DWC 4-01 "A Noble Return" (10 minutes)
Wednesday 7PM BST 4-02 "The Fires Of Pompeii" (49 minutes)
Wednesday 7:50PM and 3:45AM BST DWC 4-02 "The Italian Job" (10 minutes)
Thursday 7PM BST 4-03 "Planet Of The Ood"
Thursday 7:45PM and 3:45AM BST DWC 4-03 "Oods And Ends" (15 minutes)
8 June 7PM BST 4-04 "The Sontaran Stratagem" pt 1 of 2
9 June 7PM BST 4-05 "The Poison Sky" pt 2 of 2
9 June 7:45PM and 5:20AM BST DWC 4-05 "" (15 minutes)
10 June 7PM BST 4-06 "The Doctor's Daughter"
10 June 7:45PM BST DWC 4-06 "Sins Of The Father" (15 minutes)
11 June 7PM BST 4-07 "The Unicorn And The Wasp"
11 June 7:45PM BST DWC 4-07 "Nemesis" (15 minutes)
pre-empted week of 15 June due to sports coverage

All times 1 hour later on Watch plus 1. Temporarily filling in the 6PM slot for the recently ended Richard and Judy Show.
Saturday 7PM, Sunday 5PM, 13 June 8PM, 14 June 5PM BST 2-10 "Love And Monsters"
Late Saturday 2AM, 26 June 8PM BST 2-02 "Tooth And Claw"
Friday 8PM BST 1-02 "The End Of The World"
6 June 8PM BST 2-09 "The Satan Pit" pt 2 of 2
7 June 5PM, 9 June 6PM, 12 June 8PM BST 1-03 "The Unquiet Dead"
8 June 6PM BST 1-01 "Rose"
10 June 6PM BST 1-06 "Dalek"
11 June 6PM BST 1-07 "The Long Game"
12 June 6PM BST 1-08 "Father's Day"
13 June 6PM BST episode unknown
15 June 6PM BST 1-09 "The Empty Child" pt 1 of 2
16 June 6PM BST 1-10 "The Doctor Dances" pt 2 of 2
17 June 6PM BST 1-11 "Boom Town"
18 June 6PM BST 1-12 "Bad Wolf" pt 1 of 2
19 June 6PM BST 1-13 "The Parting Of The Ways" pt 2 of 2
20 June 7PM, 21 June 1PM BST 2-11 "Fear Her"
22 June 6PM BST 2-01 "New Earth"
23 June 6PM BST 2-03 "School Reunion"
24 June 6PM BST 2-04 "The Girl In The Fireplace"
25 June 6PM BST 2-05 "Rise Of The Cybermen" pt 1 of 2
26 June 6PM BST 2-06 "The Age Of Steel" pt 2 of 2
27 June 8:10PM BST 2-12 "Army Of Ghosts" pt 1 of 2


Saturday 6PM, Sunday 6AM CET 2-05 "Rise Of The Cybermen" pt 1 of 2
Saturday 6:45PM, Sunday 6:45AM CET 2-06 "The Age Of Steel" pt 2 of 2
6 June 7:45PM, 7 June 7:45AM CET 2-07 "The Idiot's Lantern" (time approximate after World Cup Qualifying)


Late Tuesday 4:40AM BST 2-01 "New Earth"
Late Wednesday 4:40AM BST 2-02 "Tooth And Claw"
Late Thursday 4:40AM BST 2-03 "School Reunion"
Late Friday 4:40AM BST 2-04 "The Girl In The Fireplace"
Late 6 June 4:40AM BST 2-05 "Rise Of The Cybermen" pt 1 of 2
Late 7 June 4:40AM BST 2-06 "The Age Of Steel" pt 2 of 2
Late 8 June 4:40AM BST 2-07 "The Idiot's Lantern"
Late 9 June 4:35AM BST 2-08 "The Impossible Planet" pt 1 of 2
Late 10 June 4:35AM BST 2-09 "The Satan Pit" pt 2 of 2
Late 11 June 4:35AM BST 2-10 "Love And Monsters"


TV4 Science Fiction
Digital SciFi station. Classic Who completed for now.


BBC Entertainment
Sunday 8PM and 1:30AM CET 2-13 "Doomsday" pt 2 of 2 (end of current run)
22 July 8:15AM CET 2-01 "New Earth" (weekday morning double feature run)
22 July 9AM, 23 July 8:15AM CET 2-02 "Tooth And Claw"
23 July 9AM, 24 July 8:15AM CET 2-03 "School Reunion"
24 July 9AM, 27 July 8:15AM CET 2-04 "The Girl In The Fireplace"
27 July 9AM, 28 July 8:15AM CET 2-05 "Rise Of The Cybermen" pt 1 of 2
28 July 9AM, 29 July 8:15AM CET 2-06 "The Age Of Steel" pt 2 of 2
29 July 9AM, 30 July 8:15AM CET 2-07 "The Idiot's Lantern"
30 July 9AM, 31 July 8:35AM CET 2-08 "The Impossible Planet" pt 1 of 2
31 July 9:20AM CET 2-09 "The Satan Pit" pt 2 of 2


SCI FI Russia
All times Moscow
Saturday 8:10PM, Sunday 8:30AM and 2:20PM 2-12 "Army Of Ghosts" pt 1 of 2
Monday 7:20PM, Tuesday 11:50AM 1-01 "Rose"
Monday 8:10PM, Tuesday 12:40PM 1-02 "The End Of The World"
Tuesday 7:20PM, Wednesday 11:50AM 1-03 "The Unquiet Dead"
Tuesday 8:10PM, Wednesday 12:40PM 1-04 "Aliens Of London" pt 1 of 2
Wednesday 7:20PM, Thursday 11:50AM 1-05 "World War Three" pt 2 of 2
Wednesday 8:10PM, Thursday 12:40PM 1-06 "Dalek"
Thursday 7:20PM and 12:15AM, Friday 11:50AM 1-07 "The Long Game"
Thursday 8:10PM and 1:05AM, Friday 12:40PM 1-08 "Father's Day"
8 June 7:20PM, 9 June 11:50AM 1-09 "The Empty Child" pt 1 of 2
8 June 8:10PM, 9 June 12:40PM 1-10 "The Doctor Dances" pt 2 of 2
9 June 7:20PM, 10 June 11:50AM 1-11 "Boom Town"
9 June 8:10PM, 10 June 12:40PM 1-12 "Bad Wolf" pt 1 of 2
10 June 7:20PM, 11 June 11:50AM 1-13 "The Parting Of The Ways" pt 2 of 2
10 June 8:10PM, 11 June 12:40PM 2-01 "New Earth" (The Christmas Invasion skipped)
11 June 7:20PM and 12:15AM, 12 June 11:50AM 2-02 "Tooth And Claw"
11 June 8:10PM and 1:05AM, 12 June 12:40PM 2-03 "School Reunion"
15 June 7:20PM, 16 June 11:50AM 2-04 "The Girl In The Fireplace"
15 June 8:10PM, 16 June 12:40PM 2-05 "Rise Of The Cybermen" pt 1 of 2
16 June 7:20PM, 17 June 11:50AM 2-06 "The Age Of Steel" pt 2 of 2
16 June 8:10PM, 17 June 12:40PM 2-07 "The Idiot's Lantern"
17 June 7:20PM, 18 June 11:50AM 2-08 "The Impossible Planet" pt 1 of 2
17 June 8:10PM, 18 June 12:40PM 2-09 "The Satan Pit" pt 2 of 2
18 June 7:20PM, 19 June 11:50AM 2-10 "Love And Monsters"
18 June 8:10PM, 19 June 12:40PM 2-11 "Fear Her"
19 June 7:20PM, 20 June 2:20PM 2-12 "Army Of Ghosts" pt 1 of 2
19 June 8:10PM, 20 June 3:10PM 2-13 "Doomsday" pt 2 of 2 (end of repeat run)


BBC Prime
Who Series 1 and 2; Doctor Who Confidential Cut Down
Adjust for local time, which could vary by several hours
14 June 3:25PM and 10:10PM CET 1-01 "Rose"
14 June 4:10PM and 10:55PM CET DWC 1-01 "Back From The Future"
21 June 3:25PM and 10:05PM CET 1-02 "The End Of The World"
21 June 4:10PM and 10:50PM CET DWC 1-02 "Aliens"
28 June 3:25PM and 10:15PM CET 1-03 "The Unquiet Dead"
28 June 4:10PM and 11PM CET DWC 1-03 "TARDIS Tales"


BBC Entertainment Asia
All times Korea - adjust for local time zone. Subtitles available in various local languages.
BBC Entertainment Asia was in the middle of repeating Doctor Who Confidential Series 1 on weekday mornings. We do not have any schedules from June 1st onwards, so we cannot verify if this continues. The website has removed reference to Thailand, so I must assume that the channel is not available in that country for now. I have found no evidence of a localized BBC Entertainment just for Thailand at this time.


BBC Entertainment
Repeat run:
Sunday 7:30PM and 2AM 2-07 "The Idiot's Lantern"
7 June 7:30PM and 2AM 2-08 "The Impossible Planet" pt 1 of 2


ATV World
Saturday 6 June 9PM 3-04 "Daleks In Manhattan" pt 1 of 2


UKTV Australia
All times 2 hours later on UKTV + 2. Times listed are Australian Eastern.
Tuesday 7:30PM and 1:30AM, Wednesday 11:30AM, Saturday 6 June 5PM 2-09 "The Satan Pit" pt 2 of 2
Tuesday 8:20PM, Saturday 6 June 5:50PM DWC 2-09 "Myths, Heroes, and Legends"
9 June 7:30PM and 1:30AM, 10 June 11:30AM, 13 June 4PM 2-10 "Love And Monsters"
9 June 8:20PM, 13 June 4:50PM DWC 2-10 "The New World Of Doctor Who"
16 June 7:30PM and 1:30AM, 17 June 11:30AM, 20 June 4PM 2-11 "Fear Her"
16 June 8:20PM, 20 June 4:50PM DWC 2-11 "The Fright Stuff"
23 June 7:30PM and 1:30AM, 24 June 11:30AM, 27 June 4PM 2-12 "Army Of Ghosts" pt 1 of 2
23 June 8:20PM, 27 June 4:50PM DWC 2-12 "Welcome To Torchwood"
30 June 7:30PM and 1:30AM 2-13 "Doomsday" pt 2 of 2
30 June 8:20PM DWC 2-13 "Finale"

This Week In Doctor Who Western Hemisphere
May 30, 2009 - Vol 1, No 22
The Guide to North and South American Doctor Who TV Listings
by Benjamin F. Elliott

We have had some technical problems getting the column finished. Hopefully there have been no drastic changes in the hours since it was supposed to go out.

CANADA - SPACE has announced their plans for Doctor Who's future.
1) Planet Of The Dead airs on Saturday 25 July
2) As previously noted, SPACE has the specials. SPACE gets Series 5 in 2010.
3) In 2010, SPACE also gets Series 1 to 4, which previously aired on CBC. These episodes are currently rerunning on CBC Bold.
4) SPACE will have Planet Of The Dead (and presumably later specials) available to watch on their website for a period after broadcast. SPACE did this with The Next Doctor. Anyone in Canada whose computer can handle video on a broadband connection can tune in. Anyone outside Canada is cut off. Just like UK networks exclude those outside the UK, USA networks exclude those outside the USA, and Australian networks exclude those outside Australia. That's a lot of excluding.

If you were contacted a month or two back by somebody saying they were from SPACE giving the date of Planet Of The Dead as Saturday 20 June SPACE does want to know at . SPACE's view is that they never gave out this date, and would like to know who spoke on their behalf. SPACE mentioned this on the DWIN blog , so hopefully the people who reported getting that message have contacted SPACE. Group hug, Canadians and Americans who are a tad too close to get away.

USA - BBC America has obtained the first run rights to The Next Doctor and the four 2009 Doctor Who specials, the final episodes in David Tennant's run as the Doctor. Variety broke the story Wednesday night, where Radio Free Skaro saw it and twittered. Within hours it spread through twitter and a special edition of the Two Minute Timelord podcast. BBC America now has details at .
1) The Next Doctor - USA premiere Saturday 27 June at 9PM Eastern/6PM Pacific.
2) Planet Of The Dead - USA premiere in July
3) The Waters Of Mars and the final 2 specials - airing later in 2009 and early 2010.

Congratulations, BBC America. Good job getting the specials. Now, we just have a small point to deal with. The Next Doctor and Planet Of The Dead clocked in at just about an hour not counting commercials. Odds are the remaining specials will do the same. And you have this, er, problem. In the past, BBC America is known for fitting dramas, Top Gear, and reality shows into 1 hour slots no matter what the length of the show was. If the show was over 46 minutes long, you have cut the episodes to fit the slot. Some of your airings of the Doctor Who special Voyage Of The Damned and the Top Gear Vietnam special were welcome - you gave extra time to reduce or elimate cutting. Please, please - do the same with the upcoming Doctor Who specials. Actually, do the same with all your programming and your ratings will RISE. But Doctor Who would make a good starting place. A good place to draw a line and say - "From now on, we will value our audience by valuing our programming." You'll get more viewers, viewers who will tell your advertisers that they appreciate what BBC America is doing, and your money would increase.

It is only fair to note that BBC America did *not* publicly commit to Series 5 in 2010. I am going to assume that they would want the first run of Series 5, but until they choose to say something then we only have a committment for the end of David Tennant's run.

BBC America claims to be in 64 million households while SciFi (former firstrun Doctor Who home) claims to be in 93 million households. DirecTV subscribers - tune to channel 264 to see if you have the channel. Dish Network subscribers - tune to channel 135 to see if you have the channel. Cable subscribers - find the list of channels you get from your cable company. Look for BBC America. Assuming it is listed, try to tune in to that channel.

If you had SciFi but do not have BBC America, there are some legal options for you to look into to see these specials. (SciFi/Syfy could buy the specials later and they could air on PBS stations, but I'm not counting those options till they happen.)
1) BBC America will put the episodes for sale on iTunes US store very shortly after broadcast.
2) Thanks to a deal made in the last few days, the Zune platform (seems to work with X-Box Live 360 - not familiar with the details) gets a lot of BBC America shows. Doctor Who episodes are there now, and the future episodes are expected to be there to buy as well.
3) Some cable systems have BBC America On Demand. Look for it - there's always a (slim) chance you'd have access to it even if you did not have the main station. Now that Doctor Who is a BBC America show, new episodes should go on the On Demand service for a bit.
4) Now that we have a TV deal, the DVDs will come out. BBC America's press release gave the famous "soon" as a date for DVD (and a Blu-Ray for Planet Of The Dead, the first HD Doctor Who episode).
5) If you're not under a contract, you could find out whether a competing cable/satellite service is available that meets your BBC America needs while at an affordable price.

USA - Wisconsin Public TV is starting Series 3 of Doctor Who next Saturday 6 June at 8:40PM. An erroneous TV listing last week made it look like they were dropping the Saturday drama lineup, but all 3 shows remain. Remember that The Runaway Bride (the 6 June episode) is about 61 minutes long, and will shove their 9:30 show to 9:40ish. Milwaukee Public TV is not part of Wisconsin Public TV - the 3rd series of Doctor Who continues on Milwaukee Public TV, with an encore of Series 2 coming at the end of June.

USA - WSKG/WSKA 46,30 Binghamton/Elmira, NY starts Series 3 at 11:30PM tonight (special time).

USA - KTEH is taking votes now on their Doctor Who Youtube contest. See KTEH's Doctor Who blog (link at KTEH's schedule entry) for contest details. The winner of the six contenders gets to host a Doctor Who marathon. Meanwhile, Doctor Who will take most of June off after this Friday's showing of Army Of Ghosts. Doctor Who returns on Sunday 28 June at 11PM (new day - the Friday slot goes to a different show) with Doomsday.

USA - Doctor Who - Series 3 (The Runaway Bride and the 13 episode 2007 series with Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones) are now distributed to Public TV stations by BBC Worldwide Americas, not American Public TV. Series 4 also seems to be available to buy - start date for Series 4 on Public TV stations is unknown. BBC Worldwide Americas also distributes classic Doctor Who to stations.

The public TV stations known to have bought The Runaway Bride and Series 3:
WXXI 21 Rochester, NY
WTTW 11 Chicago, IL (expected July/August 2009)
WGVU/WGVK 35,52 Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo, MI
WILL 12 Urbana, IL
WTVP 47 Peoria, IL (currently in first run)
Iowa Public TV
Idaho Public TV
Wisconsin Public TV (starts 6 June at 8:40PM)
Milwaukee Public TV (currently in first run)
KUED 7 Salt Lake City, UT (currently in first run)
OETA Oklahoma (currently in first run)
KLRU 18 Austin, TX (currently in first run)
Alaska Public TV (currently in first run)
WSKG/WSKA 46,30 Binghamton/Elmira, NY (starts May 30 at 11:30PM)

Now, I am confident that there are more stations with rights to Series 3 than that. But these are the stations who have contacted me. Somehow I doubt that BBC Worldwide Americas is going to send out a note with the stations who bought in like American Public TV did, leaving us in the dark till a station comes forward or it appears in their schedules.

Series 2 is currently available to public TV stations in an American Public TV package until March 31, 2010. For the Series 1 and 2 packages, stations have bought the rights to cycle through the episodes 4 times. They are not required to do so. American Public TV is no longer offering Series 1 - I do not know if BBC Worldwide Americas will offer those stations to public TV stations now or not.

2 Public TV stations currently have rights to air the classic Doctor Who run (1963-1989), but not New Who. KBTC 28 Tacoma, WA is airing Peter Davison episodes. WHRO 15 Norfolk, VA is airing Tom Baker episodes.

In the USA, all the full power TV stations are currently due to turn off their analog transmitters at 11:59PM on June 12, 2009 and go strictly to digital broadcasting. This is the most recent final immovable date to be passed by Congress and signed by the President. Roughly one third (about 600) of the stations have previously turned off their analog signals and more will shut down before June 12. Cable systems should already be picking up the digital signals instead of the analog ones, so the cut off will not interrupt cable service. Satellite customers who get their local channels on the satellite service should have the same situation. If your TV gets local stations over the air and *does* have a digital tuner built in or as a set top box, you are fine but will want to keep doing new scans whenever stations in your area turn off analog, as the level of overlapping station interference will decrease and many stations will be moving to new broadcast frequencies to be received better. If a TV does not have a digital tuner or a box, it will only be able to get some low power stations that have chosen to stay analog once this transition is complete, and depending on where you live you may have already noticed stations going away.

And now, the listings:


People + Arts
Series 3 Repeat Run:
Late Wednesday 4AM, Thursday 4PM 3-10 "Blink"
Late 10 June 4AM, 11 June 4PM 3-11 "Utopia" pt 1 of 3

BBC Entertainment
Saturday 6PM and 4AM, Sunday 10AM, 7 June 9AM 1-05 "World War Three" pt 2 of 2
Sunday 9AM 1-04 "Aliens Of London" pt 1 of 2
6 June 6PM and 4AM, 7 June 10AM 1-06 "Dalek"


Episodes dubbed in French. Series 4 premiere.
Tuesday 9PM, Wednesday 2PM and 10PM EDT 4-08 "La Bibliotheque Des Ombres" pt 1 of 2 (Silence In The Library)
9 June 9PM, 10 June 2PM and 10PM EDT 4-09 "La Bibliotheque Des Ombres" pt 2 of 2 (Forest Of The Dead)
Summer - Rest of Series 4, then replaced by Bionic Woman

SPACE has the 2009 specials and Series 5. Repeats of the Eccleston/Tennant episodes coming in 2010.
25 July 4-15 "Planet Of The Dead" (time to be announced, will be on SPACE's website for Canadian viewers to see for a period after initial broadcast)

CBC Bold TV “The Planet Of The Doctor” exclusive CBC.CA documentary. 6 regular episodes and 1 special. Approximately 90 minutes.
Wednesday 8PM and Midnight and 3AM EDT 1-08 "Father's Day"
10 June 8PM and Midnight and 3AM EDT 1-09 "The Empty Child" pt 1 of 2
17 June 8PM and Midnight and 3AM EDT 1-10 "The Doctor Dances" pt 2 of 2
Late 24 June Midnight and 3AM EDT 1-11 "Boom Town" (8PM showing pre-empted by sports)


BBC America
DirecTV 264 Dish 135,879
HD version of channel coming in 2009. Firstrun home for the last 5 David Tennant special episodes.
See Torchwood This Week for BBC America's Torchwood schedule.
27 June 9PM EDT/6PM PDT 4-14 "The Next Doctor" (USA Premiere) (repeat times to be announced)
July 4-15 "Planet Of The Dead"
Later 2009/2010 - The Waters Of Mars and the 2 part finale

DirecTV 244 DirecTVHD 244 Dish 122 DishHD 122 16:9 Letterbox.
Series 4 - repeat run. Series 1, 2, and 3 - sporadic repeats. Repeat rights to Sarah Jane Adventures. May air Series 2 of Sarah Jane Adventures in 2009.
Friday 5AM EDT/PDT 4-07 "The Unicorn And The Wasp"
12 June 5AM EDT/PDT 4-08 "Silence In The Library" pt 1 of 2
16 June 8AM EDT/PDT 1-01 "Rose"
16 June 9AM EDT/PDT 1-02 "The End Of The World"
16 June 10AM EDT/PDT 1-03 "The Unquiet Dead"
16 June 11AM EDT/PDT 1-04 "Aliens Of London" pt 1 of 2
16 June Noon EDT/PDT 1-05 "World War Three" pt 2 of 2
16 June 1PM EDT/PDT 1-06 "Dalek"
16 June 2PM EDT/PDT 1-07 "The Long Game"
16 June 3PM EDT/PDT 1-08 "Father's Day"
19 June 5AM EDT/PDT 4-09 "Forest Of The Dead" pt 2 of 2
22 June 8AM EDT/PDT 3-00 "The Runaway Bride" (90 minute slot, lead in to Sarah Jane Adventures marathon)
26 June 5AM EDT/PDT 4-10 "Midnight"
3 July - pre-empted
10 July 5AM EDT/PDT 1 episode
17 July 5AM EDT/PDT 1 episode
24 July 5AM EDT/PDT 1 episode
27 July 8AM EDT/PDT 8 Series 3 episodes
31 July 5AM EDT/PDT 1 episode

Public TV Premiere Run:
I have tried to get the correct digital switch day for each of these stations. The dates have shifted for some stations, and I have not been able to recheck them all. If you are watching these stations over the air instead of via cable or satellite provided locals, your best bet is to make sure you have a digital tuner NOW (built into your TV, VCR, DVR, DVDR, etc or as a set-top box).

WSKG/WSKA-DT Binghamton/Elmira, NY
analog 46 digital 46.1, 30.1 - digital only June 12, 2009
Series 3 - 1st Cycle:
Saturday 11:30PM EDT 3-00 "The Runaway Bride" (start of new episodes)
6 June 11PM EDT 3-01 "Smith And Jones"
6 June 11:45PM EDT DWC 3-01 "Meet Martha Jones"
13 June 11PM EDT 3-02 "The Shakespeare Code"
13 June 11:45PM EDT DWC 3-02 "Stage Fright"
WSKG has the right to air one more cycle of Series 2 before March 31, 2010.

Wisconsin Public TV 28.1, 38.1, 21.1, 31.1, 20.1
Green Bay DirecTV 38
Green Bay Dish 38,9336
Madison DirecTV 21
Madison Dish 21,7286
La Crosse-Eau Claire DirecTV 31 DirecTVHD 31
La Crosse-Eau Claire Dish 31,7726
Wassau DirecTV 20
Wassau Dish 20,7216
Series 3 - 1st Cycle:
Saturday - pre-empted
6 June 8:40PM CDT 3-00 "The Runaway Bride" (61 minutes, start of new episodes)
13 June 8:40PM CDT 3-01 "Smith And Jones"
Wisconsin Public TV has the right to air Series 2 another 2 times before March 31, 2010.

Milwaukee Public TV
analog 10 digital .1 - digital only 6/12/09
Milwaukee DirecTV 10,946
Milwaukee Dish 10,7076
Series 3 - 1st Cycle:
Saturday and 6 June - pre-empted by pledge programming
13 June 11PM CDT 3-12 "The Sound Of Drums" pt 2 of 3 (first episode after analog signal is turned off)
13 June 11:46PM CDT DWC 3-12 "The Saxon Mystery"
20 June 11PM CDT 3-13 "Last Of The Time Lords" pt 3 of 3 (Edited International Version)
20 June 11:47PM CDT DWC 3-13 "The Valiant Quest"
27 June 11PM CDT 2-00 "The Christmas Invasion" (start of 3rd cycle, 60 minutes)

WTVP-DT 47.1 Peoria, IL
Peoria DirecTV 47 DirecTVHD 47
Peoria Dish 47,7756
Series 3 - 1st Cycle:
Saturday and 6 June - pre-empted for pledge programming
13 June 11PM CDT 3-11 "Utopia" pt 1 of 3
WTVP has the right to air Series 2 two more times before March 31, 2010.

OETA-DT Oklahoma 13.1, 11.1, 3.1
Oklahoma City, OK DirecTV 13 DirecTVHD 13
Oklahoma City, OK Dish 13,8896
Tulsa, OK DirecTV 11
Tulsa, OK Dish 11,8926
Series 3 - 1st Cycle:
Friday 10:24PM CDT 3-13 "Last Of The Time Lords" pt 3 of 3 (Edited International Version)
12 June 10:25PM CET 3-00 "The Runaway Bride" (start of 2nd Cycle)
OETA has the right to 1 more showing of Series 2 before March 31, 2010.

KLRU-DT 18.1 Austin, TX
Austin DirecTV 18,907
Austin Dish 18,8256
Series 3 - 1st Cycle:
Saturday 11PM CDT 3-05 "Evolution Of The Daleks" pt 2 of 2
Thursday 10PM, 6 June 11PM CDT 3-06 "The Lazarus Experiment"
11 June 10PM, 13 June 11PM CDT 3-07 "42"
18 June 10PM, 20 June 11PM CDT 3-08 "Human Nature" pt 1 of 2
25 June 10PM, 27 June 11PM CDT 3-09 "The Family Of Blood" pt 2 of 2
2 July 10PM, 4 July 11PM CDT 3-10 "Blink"
9 July 10PM, 11 July 11PM CDT 3-11 "Utopia" pt 1 of 3
16 July 10PM, 18 July 11PM CDT 3-12 "The Sound Of Drums" pt 2 of 3
23 July 10PM, 25 July 11PM CDT 3-13 "Last Of The Time Lords" pt 3 of 3 (Edited International Version)
KLRU has the right to 2 more cycles of Series 2 before March 31, 2010.

KLRU G Austin, TX (Cable)
Late Saturday Midnight CDT 3-05 "Evolution Of The Daleks" pt 2 of 2
episodes airing the same weekend as KLRU

KLRU 2 Austin, TX (Cable)
Wednesday 11PM CDT 3-05 "Evolution Of The Daleks" pt 2 of 2
episodes airing the week after the KLRU regular broadcasts

KUED/KUES-DT/KUEW-DT Salt Lake City/St. George, UT
analog 7 / digital .1, 19.1, 18.1 - digital only 6/12/09
Underwritten by Ken Garth Mitsubishi-Hundai.
Salt Lake City DirecTV 7,982
Salt Lake City Dish 7,8536
Series 3 - 1st Cycle:
Saturday 11PM MDT 3-06 "The Lazarus Experiment"
6 June 11PM MDT 3-07 "42"
13 June 11PM MDT 3-08 "Human Nature" pt 1 of 2
20 June 11PM MDT 3-09 "The Family Of Blood" pt 2 of 2
27 June 11PM MDT 3-10 "Blink"
4 July 11PM MDT 3-11 "Utopia" pt 1 of 3
11 July 11PM MDT 3-12 "The Sound Of Drums" pt 2 of 3
18 July 11PM MDT 3-13 "Last Of The Time Lords" pt 3 of 3 (Edited International Version)
25 July 11PM MDT 3-00 "The Runaway Bride" (2nd Cycle Begins)
KUED has the right to air Series 2 another 2 times before March 31, 2010.

Alaska One
serving most of Alaska - unclear if it reaches Anchorage
analog 9,3 digital .1 and .2 - digital only 6/12/09
Fairbanks, AK DirecTV 9 DirecTVHD 9
Fairbanks, AK Dish 7,8297 DishHD 5646
Juneau, AK DirecTV 3
Juneau, AK Dish 3,9383 DishHD 5704
Series 3 - 1st Cycle:
Sunday 11PM, Thursday 8PM and 2AM 3-11 "Utopia" pt 1 of 3
Sunday 11:46PM, Thursday 8:45PM and 2:45AM DWC 3-11 "'Ello 'Ello 'Ello"
7 June 11PM, 11 June 8PM and 2AM 3-12 "The Sound Of Drums" pt 2 of 3
7 June 11:46PM, 11 June 8:46PM and 2:46AM DWC 3-12 "The Saxon Mystery"
Alaska One has the right to air Series 2 another 2 times before March 31, 2010.


WXXI Rochester, NY
analog 21 digital .1 - digital only 6/12/09
Rochester DirecTV 21 DirecTVHD 21
Rochester Dish 21,7640
Series 3 - 2nd Cycle:
Saturday and 6 June pre-empted by pledge specials
13 June 11PM EDT 3-04 "Daleks In Manhattan" pt 1 of 2
20 June 11PM EDT 3-05 "Evolution Of The Daleks" pt 2 of 2
27 June 11PM EDT 3-06 "The Lazarus Experiment"
WXXI has the right to air 2 more cycles of Series 2 before March 31, 2010.

WHRO-DT 15.1 Norfolk, VA
Norfolk DirecTV 15 DirecTVHD 15
Norfolk Dish 15,7295
Saturday and 6 June - pre-empted by pledge programming
13 June 11:42PM EDT "The Ark In Space" pt 2 (late night repeat pre-empted)
20 June 11:35PM and 4:35AM EDT "The Ark In Space" pt 3
27 June 11:56PM and 4:56AM EDT "The Ark In Space" pt 4

UNC-ED North Carolina
Digital Cable Channel from public broadcaster UNC. Not available over the air or on satellite.
Series 2 - UNC's 3rd Cycle:
Saturday 6PM EDT 2-04 "The Girl In The Fireplace"
Saturday 6:45PM EDT DWC 2-04 "From Script To Screen"
Thursday 8PM, Friday Noon, 6 June 6PM EDT 2-05 "Rise Of The Cybermen" pt 1 of 2
Thursday 8:46PM, Friday 12:46PM, 6 June 6:46PM EDT DWC 2-05 "Cybermen"
11 June 8PM, 12 June Noon, 13 June 6PM EDT 2-06 "The Age Of Steel" pt 2 of 2
11 June 8:45PM, 12 June 12:45PM, 13 June 6:45PM EDT DWC 2-06 "From Zero To Hero"
18 June 8PM, 19 June Noon, 20 June 6PM EDT 2-07 "The Idiot's Lantern"
18 June 8:45PM, 19 June 12:45PM, 20 June 6:45PM EDT DWC 2-07 "The Writer's Tale"
25 June 8PM, 26 June Noon, 27 June 6PM EDT 2-08 "The Impossible Planet" pt 1 of 2
25 June 8:46PM, 26 June 12:46PM, 27 June 6:46PM EDT DWC 2-08 "You've Got The Look"

West Virginia Public TV-DT 33.1, 24.1, 42.1, 9.1
Charleston DirecTV 33
Charleston Dish 33,7321
Clarksburg DirecTV 24
Clarksburg Dish 24,7915
Series 2 - 2nd Cycle:
Thursday - pre-empted by pledge programming
11 June 10PM CDT 2-13 "Doomsday" pt 2 of 2

WGVU-DT/WGVK-DT 35.1, 52.1 Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo, MI
Grand Rapids, MI DirecTV 35
Grand Rapids, MI Dish 35,8716
Series 3 - 2nd Cycle:
Saturday 5PM EDT 3-10 "Blink" (out of sequence repeat)
Thursday and 6 June - pre-empted for pledge programming
11 June 11PM, 13 June 5PM EDT 3-01 "Smith And Jones"
11 June 11:45PM, 13 June 5:45PM EDT DWC 3-01 "Meet Martha Jones"
18 June 11PM, 20 June 5PM EDT 3-02 "The Shakespeare Code"
18 June 11:45PM, 20 June 5:45PM EDT DWC 3-02 "Stage Fright"
25 June 11PM, 27 June 5PM EDT 3-03 "Gridlock"
25 June 11:45PM, 27 June 5:45PM EDT DWC 3-03 "Are We There Yet?"
WGVU/WGVK has the right to air Series 2 two more times before March 31, 2010.

WGVU-DT/WGVK-DT 35.4/52.4 Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo, MI
digital subchannel - looks like it will *normally* be airing the episodes the same week as the main WGVU station. Available over the air and on digital cable. Not available on Satellite.
11 June 8PM EDT 3-00 "The Runaway Bride"
18 June 8PM EDT 3-01 "Smith And Jones"

WTTW Chicago, IL
analog 11 digital .1 - digital only 6/12/09
Chicago DirecTV 11,965 DirecTVHD 11
Chicago Dish 11,8496
Rockford, IL - cable station only
Series 2 - 3rd Cycle:
Pledge drive pre-empting shows now. Next episode should be 2-07 "The Idiot's Lantern"
It is believed that WTTW will begin airing Series 3 in July/August when the Series 2 repeat run concludes.

WILL Champaign/Urbana, IL
analog 12 digital .1 - digital only 6/12/09
Champaign DirecTV 12
Chicago Dish 12,7407
Peoria, IL - cable station
Series 2 - 3rd Cycle:
Saturday 10:30PM CDT 2-12 "Army Of Ghosts" pt 1 of 2"
Saturday 11:16PM CDT DWC 2-12 "Welcome To Torchwood"
Sunday 6PM CDT 2-13 "Doomsday" pt 2 of 2 (pre-empted 6 and 7 June)
Sunday 6:47PM CDT DWC 2-13 "Finale"
13 June 10:29PM CDT 3-00 "The Runaway Bride" (61 minutes, start of 2nd Cycle)
14 June 6PM, 20 June 10:30PM CDT 3-01 "Smith And Jones"
14 June 6:45PM, 20 June 11:15PM CDT DWC 3-01 "Meet Martha Jones"
21 June 6PM, 27 June 10:30PM CDT 3-02 "The Shakespeare Code"
21 June 6:45PM, 27 June 11:15PM CDT DWC 3-02 ""
WILL has aired Series 3 one time and has further rights. We do not know how many more times Series 3 can be shown or what the cutoff date is.

analog 11, 32, 27, 12, 36, 21, 32, 24, 36 digital .1 - digital only 6/12/09
Des Moines DirecTV 11,474 DesMoines DirecTVHD 11
Des Moines Dish 11,9116
Cedar Rapids DirecTV 12 Cedar Rapids DirecTVHD 12
Cedar Rapids Dish 11,9161
Omaha DirecTV 32
Omaha Dish 11,9146
Sioux City Dish 27,7195
Quad Cities DirecTV 36 Quad Cities DirecTVHD 36
Quad Cities Dish 36,7607
Rochester, MN DirecTV 24,904
Rochester, MN Dish 11,8247
Series 3 - 2nd Cycle:
Saturday 11:05PM CDT 3-03 "Gridlock"
Saturday 11:50PM CDT DWC 3-03 "Are We There Yet?"
6 June 11:05PM CDT 3-04 "Daleks In Manhattan" pt 1 of 2
6 June 11:52PM CDT DWC 3-04 "A New York Story"
13 June 11:05PM CDT 3-05 "Evolution Of The Daleks" pt 2 of 2
13 June 11:51PM CDT DWC 3-05 "Making Manhattan"
20 June 11:05PM CDT 3-06 "The Lazarus Experiment"
20 June 11:48PM CDT DWC 3-06 "Monsters Inc."
27 June 11:08PM CDT 3-07 "42"
27 June 11:53PM CDT DWC 3-07 "Spacecraft"
Iowa Public TV has the right to air Series 2 one more time before March 31, 2010.

Ozark Public TV 21.1, 26.1 Springfield/Joplin, MO
Springfield DirecTV 21
Springfield Dish 21,7226
Joplin Dish 26,7873
Series 2 - 3rd Cycle:
Saturday and 6 June - pre-empted by pledge programming
13 June 9:30PM CDT 2-10 "Love And Monsters"
The Satan Pit through Doomday did not get their second airing.

KERA Dallas, TX
analog 13 digital .1 - digital only 6/12/09
Dallas DirecTV 13,889 DirecTVHD 13
Dallas, Sherman Dish 13,8406
Tyler Dish 13,8886
Series 2 - 2nd Cycle Completed:
Saturday and 6 June - pre-empted by pledge programming
13 June - pre-empted by double feature of MI-5

Idaho Public TV
analog 4,10,13,26 digital .1 - digital only 6/12/09
Boise DirecTV 4
Boise Dish 4,7141
Idaho Falls Dish 10,7746
Twin Falls Dish 13,8807
Spokane, WA DirecTV 26
Spokane, WA Dish 26,9178
Series 3 - 2nd Cycle:
Saturday 11PM MDT/PDT 3-04 "Daleks In Manhattan" pt 1 of 2
Saturday 11:45PM MDT/PDT DWC 3-04 "A New York Story"
6 June 11PM MDT/PDT 3-05 "Evolution Of The Daleks" pt 2 of 2
6 June 11:45PM MDT/PDT DWC 3-05 "Making Manhattan"
13 June 11PM MDT/PDT 3-06 "The Lazarus Experiment"
13 June 11:45PM MDT/PDT DWC 3-06 "Monsters Inc."
20 June 11PM MDT/PDT 3-07 "42"
20 June 11:45PM MDT/DT DWC 3-07 "Spacecraft"
27 June 11PM MDT/PDT 3-08 "Human Nature" pt 1 of 2
27 June 11:45PM MDT/PDT DWC 3-08 "Alter Ego"
4 July 11PM MDT/PDT 3-09 "The Family Of Blood" pt 2 of 2
4 July 11:45PM MDT/PDT DWC 3-09 "Bad Blood"
11 July 11PM MDT/PDT 3-10 "Blink"
11 July 11:45PM MDT/PDT DWC 3-10 "Do You Remember The First Time?"
18 July 11PM MDT/PDT 3-11 "Utopia" pt 1 of 3
18 July 11:45PM MDT/PDT DWC 3-11 "'Ello 'Ello 'Ello"
25 July 11PM MDT/PDT 3-12 "The Sound Of Drums" pt 2 of 3
25 July 11:46PM MDT/PDT DWC 3-12 "The Saxon Mystery"
Idaho Public TV has the right to air Series 2 another 2 times before March 31, 2010.

KBTC/KCKA/K65BU Tacoma/Centralia/Gray’s River, WA
analog 28, 15, 65 digital .1 - digital only 6/12/09
Seattle DirecTV 28,970
Seattle Dish 28,8620
Saturday 7PM and Midnight PDT "Kinda" pts 3 and 4 of 4
Classic Season 19, Episodes 11 through 12. Doctor: Peter Davison.
6 June 7PM and Midnight PDT "The Visitation" pts 1 and 2 of 4
13 June 6PM to 10PM PDT "The Green Death" all 6 episodes, pledge special
20 June 7PM and Midnight PDT "The Visitation" pts 3 and 4 of 4
27 June 7PM and Midnight PDT "Black Orchid" pts 1 and 2 of 2

KTEH/KQED-DT.2/KQET-DT.2 San Jose/San Francisco/Monterey, CA
analog 54 digital .1 KQED digital .2 KQET digital .2 - digital only 6/12/09
San Francisco DirecTV 54,903
San Francisco Dish 54,8234
Series 2 - 3rd Cycle:
Doctor Who off air during June pledge drive. Returns on new day/time - Sunday 11PM, Monday 5AM.
28 June 11PM, 29 June 5AM PDT 2-13 "Doomsday" pt 2 of 2
28 June 11:46PM, 29 June 5:46AM PDT DWC 2-13 "Finale"
Visit their blog site linked above for information on their YouTube competition and the grand prize of hosting a Doctor Who marathon!!! There are 9 entries available for the public to see (6 of them eligible for voting). The winner gets to plan a 4 episode Doctor Who marathon (new series episodes), filming a 5 minute introduction to each episode explaining why it is there.

This Week In Doctor Who Spinoffs
May 23, 2009 - Vol 1, No 21
The weekly guide to Sarah Jane Smith broadcasts, podcasts, and other matters.
by Benjamin F. Elliott

Sarah Jane Stations:


Sarah Jane Adventures repeats.
Sunday 5PM BST 7a. "The Last Sontaran" pt 1 of 2
Sunday 5:30PM BST 7b. "The Last Sontaran" pt 2 of 2
Monday 5:15PM BST 11a. "The Temptation Of Sarah Jane Smith" pt 1 of 2
Saturday 6 June 8AM, 7 June 5PM BST 8a. "Day Of The Clown" pt 1 of 2
Saturday 6 June 8:30AM, 7 June 5:30PM BST 8b. "Day Of The Clown" pt 2 of 2
8 June 5:15PM BST 11b. "The Temptation Of Sarah Jane Smith" pt 2 of 2
13 June 8AM, 14 June 5PM BST 9a. "Secrets Of The Stars" pt 1 of 2
13 June 8:30AM, 14 June 5PM BST 9b. "Secrets Of The Stars" pt 2 of 2
15 June 5:15PM BST 12a. "Enemy Of The Bane" pt 1 of 2


ATV World
Saturday 6 June 8AM 3b. "Eye Of The Gorgon" pt 2 of 2


DirecTV 244 DirecTVHD 244
Dish 122 DishHD 122
16:9 Letterbox.
22 June 9:30AM EDT 1. "Invasion Of The Bane" 90 minute slot
22 June 11AM EDT 2a. "Revenge Of The Slitheen" pt 1 of 2
22 June 11:30AM EDT 2b. "Revenge Of The Slitheen" pt 2 of 2
22 June Noon EDT 3a. "Eye Of The Gorgon" pt 1 of 2
22 June 12:30PM EDT 3b. "Eye Of The Gorgon" pt 2 of 2
22 June 1PM EDT 4a. "Warriors Of Kudlak" pt 1 of 2
22 June 1:30PM EDT 4b. "Warriors Of Kudlak" pt 2 of 2
22 June 2PM EDT 5a. "Whatever Happened To Sarah Jane?" pt 1 of 2
22 June 2:30PM EDT 5b. "Whatever Happened To Sarah Jane" pt 2 of 2
22 June 3PM EDT 6a. "The Lost Boy" pt 1 of 2
22 June 3:30PM EDT 6b. "The Lost Boy" pt 2 of 2


Nickelodeon Australia
14 July 7:30PM AEST 7a. "The Last Sontaran" pt 1 of 2

K9 - Coming later 2009. Network Ten in Australia and Jetix/DisneyXD in the UK are expected to air it. Other broadcasters unknown. 26 episodes in this first batch.


This section is always open to discovering new Doctor Who/Sarah Jane/K9/Torchwood material of note. If you think your webcast/podcast (or somebody else's) belongs in this section, e-mail me.

Doctor Who: Podshock
Live Talkshoe broadcasts -
call in number (724) 444-7444 call id 23358
1) Home to the longest continuously running weekly-ish international Doctor Who chat show done in podcast format. Hosted by Louis Trapani, Ken Deep, and James Naughton, with frequent contributions/co-hosting by Dave AC, Mike Doran, and a cast of many. There is a feed for studio shows and a feed for live shows.
2) Also home to the Sonic Newsdriver, Louis Trapani's periodic rundown of new Doctor Who news.
3) Also home to the Hitch-hiker's Guide To British Sci-Fi, a podcast covering a mix of shows, including Doctor Who.
Current episode:
-Podshock Episode 150. A message from Starship Sofa. Interview with Eliza Roberts (wife of Eric Roberts, and co-guest starred with him on the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie). And other news. Happy 150.
-Podshock Episode 151. The full team are back. Lots of feedback from e-mail, phone, and Skype. The latest breaking news (including the companion announcement - clearly done 24 hours after the rest of the show). Did I mention lots of feedback? Tune in for a very animated Ken Deep.

Radio Free Skaro
The 3 Canadians (Warren, Steven, Chris) get together on the weekends for about an hour or more to discuss the latest in Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Sarah Jane in a fairly amusing manner. When one is away, the 4th Canadian (Katrina) will play. They recently completed a series of bonus features on Wednesdays in varying styles.
Current episode:
#142 - "Four To Doomsday". Warren, Steven, Chris, and Katrina join together for the first time, creating a rare 4 person panel for Radio Free Skaro. David Tennant has finished filming Doctor Who. The SPACE situation as known at the time. Other witterings. And eventually the hosts discussed World War Three, the fifth episode of the Christopher Eccleston run.
#143 - "Dalekaled". The team get to Dalek, an episode they all like, with an author they've even spoken to before. By the way, the solution to the "2012 and nobody knows what a ----- is" conundrum is to treat it like UNIT dating. The stories are right, but the dates are either off by mistake or have been changed by the government to keep secrets from the people. Tell Rob that - I'm sure he'll be glad to know his episode is canonical again. Also, we get to learn if these hosts found out that BBC One, Two, and Four were streaming live over the internet worldwide the day Dalek premiered (30 April 2005), unencrypted. Were they among the people who got to see the accidental worldwide transmission, and are thus rather disappointed that four years later we do not have official worldwide broadcasts of dramas yet. SPACE's announcements about Doctor Who's future on TV plus BBC America's announcements about Doctor Who's future on TV might also help the episode get past 50 minutes in length.

DWO Whocast
Trevor from Australia and Marty from the UK talk Doctor Who with themselves, others, and teddy bears dressed as doctors. Now with a rock version of the opening theme, the Whocast continues to ask the questions that pop in to their heads. Regular correspondent - James. Frequent guest - Michael of the Tin Dog podcast.
Current episodes
Whocast Episode 120. A trio of DVD reviews. Trevor and Marty look at the Region 2 releases of Attack Of The Cybermen, Image Of The Fendahl, and The Deadly Assassin.
Whocast Episode 121. A Whocast "Geek Out". Rambling off in all directions.

Tin Dog Podcast
UK based podcast looking at the latest in Doctor Who, Torchwood, or Sarah Jane Adventures. New episodes ever 2 weeks or so.
Current episodes:
-91 - The Wheels On The Bus. Tin Dog reviews Planet Of The Dead. Michael reads the Whostrology of Chris from Radio Free Skaro. Michael seems to be trying out some new technology - lots of clips inserted. Almost Podshock levels of editing stuff in, if Podshock was 19 minutes long.

CIA - Cultdom In Audio
Live Talkshoe broadcasts
call in number (724) 444-7444 call id 30659
West, Dave AC, Colin, and other Doctor Who fans liked the live Doctor Who: Podshocks so much that they wanted to keep talking afterwards. The resulting show covers Doctor Who, anything else sci-fi related, and can go wildly off in all directions. Chats open 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.
Current episode - CIA's 100 installment - The Hitchhiker's Guide To CIA. A tribute to the world of Douglas Adams.
Upcoming episodes:
Sunday 2PM EDT/11AM PDT/7PM BST - Wizard's List of the Top 25 Science Fiction Shows Ever. Part 2 - Shows 10 to 1. Topic may have to share time to reaction to Doctor Who hopping networks for firstrun broadcasts in the USA. Some folks like BBC America better. Some like it worse. Some don't get the station at all.

Two Minute Time Lord
A bite-sized commentary and revew show. Host Chip's interest was rekindled by the 2005 revival. He believes in balancing old fandom and new viewers, respect for the past and breaking the rules. He tries to keep his pontifications to 120 seconds, because we're ALL in a hurry these days.
Current Episodes:
#24 - Doctor Who Moves To BBC America (Chip races out a podcast with the news of the channel change)
#25 - Meet The Team Behind the "Ten Doctors" Webcomic (does what it says on the tin) (should really be called Three Minute Time Lord on this episode)
Coming Soon:
Sunday - special 20 minute version of Two Minute Time Lord planned, with the uncut interview with the people behind the webcomic

Staggering Stories
A wild, wandering podcast with Doctor Who, Torchwood, Primeval, and other shows winding together roughly once every 2 weeks. Mainly Doctor Who. And the website's main focus is on stories collected through the years. They like Daleks and Pertwee's head, don't they? (Disclaimer - I wrote a Mr. Dalek story for them, and they published it. I'm infiltrating all these podcasts and sites. Bwa-ha-ha.)
Episode 46 - "The Throwback" - Andy, Adam, Keith, Fake Keith, and guest host Jean obsess on the new Trek film, Doctor Who DVD release Image Of The Fendahl, surprising cancellations and renewals of US sci-fi shows, and a lot of feedback. Has the Head of Pertwee started to attack peoples' homes?

The Minute Doctor Who Podcast
Video (sometimes just audio) podcast looking at Doctor Who projects. Episodes are usually under 5 minutes long.
Current episode - 14a, 14b, and 14c - "Feedback" A multi-part video episode where Luke responds to various types of communication he has received.

Doctor Who Review Today
Live editions Late Fridays 1AM EDT/10PM PDT/6AM BST every couple of weeks
Robert Carrie King reviews Doctor Who topics (DVDs and news, mostly) on this Talkshoe program. Frequent cast member on CIA: Cultdom In Audio.
Most recent episode - May 22/23. Episode 34. Arc Of Infinity's DVD release is discussed. Also - Utopia (from new Series 3).

The Wailing Fangirl
Samantha (Romana 2) explores Doctor Who and fandom in Australia, sometimes with the aid of the ladies of the Gallifreyan Time Love Brigade. Frequent cast member on CIA: Cultdom In Audio.
Current episode - 8. A look at the First Doctor's Era.
Coming soon - they were planning to gush poetically when Planet Of The Dead arrives. Waiting for that episode to arrive. Maybe Sunday's airing of Planet on ABC1 Australia will spur things.

A Podcast Of Impossible Things
Cardiff-based Doctor Who fans get together to discuss the latest Doctor Who and do a full length commentary on new Doctor Who episodes.
Current episode:
Planet Of The Dead - the commentary.

Bigger On The Inside
Mike and Dan decide to do their own podcast exploring each Doctor Who story in broadcast order. It is a very different style from Jonathan's. Again - can they pull it off? Part of the Earth-2 family of podcasts. Warning - explicit language (swearing). If your headphones leak any sound at all - do not listen at work.
Current episode - 13 - The Daleks' Master Plan. The longest Doctor Who story of the 1960s is the sole topic of this episode.

A Whovian's Quest
Jonathan Rainer is podcasting his experiences as he watches Doctor Who. In original broadcast order. From 1963. Without a gap. Can he pull it off?
Current episode - 13 - The Web Planet. Includes an update on the delays in the interactive website Jonathan is planning.

Hoo On Who
Fan reviews of recent Doctor Who DVDs by David Hooie, frequently with a guest co-host.
Current episode - #9. Inferno. An epic 3rd Doctor story is reviewed, with guest Ken Deep of Doctor Who: Podshock.

The Big Finish Podcast
Big Finish podcasts at least once a month to discuss their Doctor Who and other projects (Sapphire and Steel, Stargate (!), Dark Shadows, Bernice Summerfield, etc).
Current episode - May magazine episode. Nicholas Briggs updates us with the newest information from Big Finish about their present and future.

Tachyon TV
Irregular and irreverant podcast looking at the world of Doctor Who with a funhouse mirror and coming out the other side holding a plush toy that wasn't really the one you wanted but you'll keep it anyway because you can give it to your girlfriend to impress her. It's that kind of show.
Current segment - a short appeal by "Rula Lenska".

MMM Commentaries
Roving Australian podcasting gang. Commentaries on Doctor Who episodes, Star Wars films, some Stargate stuff, and others.
Current episode - The Curse Of Fenric - DVD Extended Version.
MMM noticed that no commentary was done for the recut movie version of The Curse Of Fenric on its DVD set either. So MMM does their own, along the line of their recent commentary for Battlefield's DVD Extended Version. I had not heard it at press time - but hope it is good.

The Two Doctors
call in number (718) 664-9807
Jim Iaccino and Kenn Gold look at the latest SciFi broadcasts in the US, with emphasis on fitting in Doctor Who, Dollhouse, Smallville, Supernatural, Fringe, Torchwood, and the other big scifi shows of the moment. Everything is based on US premiere dates rather than UK. Approximately 90 minutes per episode. Show airs live with a text chat and can be downloaded later.
Next episode - Late Sunday Midnight EDT/9PM PDT/Monday 5AM BST - Doctor Who hopped networks, and virtually all the US dramas are in repeats (apart from the ones killed/in burnoff mode). Suspect Doctor Who and other BBC America stuff may get more attention than normal this week.

TV Talk Radio
Weeknights 6 to 8PM EDT (3 to 5PM PDT) [Friday 7PM EDT/4PM PDT]
Shaun O'Mac Daily (of the Jericho "nuts" campaign) hosts a daily 2 hour show covering all things TV. Doctor Who is sometimes discussed in the 2nd hour of the Friday show with Two Doctors co-host Kenn Gold. Listen and chat live through the website with archives appearing right after the show finishes.

Torchwood This Week
May 30, 2009 - Vol 3, No 22
The weekly guide to Torchwood transmissions.
by Benjamin F. Elliott

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Torchwood Website -


BBC Radio 4
can be heard live online worldwide with shows available for another 7 days through the listen again service
3 Torchwood Plays in the Afternoon Play slot. Three 45 minute Torchwood stories are due to run in the Afternoon Play slot before te start of the Children Of Earth episodes on BBC One. The slot is 2:15PM BST (UK Time). Based on the current Afternoon Play schedule, these Torchwood episodes must be sometime after 18 June.

ASIA (Regional Channel):

BBC Entertainment
All times Thailand - adjust for local time zone. Subtitles available in Chinese, Korean, and Thai.
Sunday 3:20PM 2-07 "Dead Man Walking"
Tuesday 7:10PM and 9:55PM and 2:15AM, Wednesday 8:30AM and 12:05PM, 7 June 3:20PM 2-08 "A Day In The Death" (extrapolated - no June schedule up)


Series 1 and 2, 65 minute time slot
Wednesday 10:05PM and 3:55AM CET 1-13 "End Of Days"
10 June 10:05PM and 3:55AM CET 2-01 "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang"


BBC Entertainment
8 June 10PM and 2:20AM CET 1-01 "Everything Changes" (premiere!)
15 June 10PM and 2:20AM CET 1-02 "Day One"
22 June 10PM and 2:20AM CET 1-03 "Ghost Machine"
29 June 10:05PM and 2:05AM CET 1-04 "Cyberwoman"
6 July 10PM and 2:35AM CET 1-05 "Small Worlds"
13 July 10PM and 2:35AM CET 1-06 "Countrycide"
20 July 10PM and 2:35AM CET 1-07 "Greeks Bearing Gifts"
27 July 10PM and 2:35AM CET 1-08 "They Keep Killing Suzie"


UKTV Australia
Will have Australian premiere of Series 3 (Children Of Earth). All times 2 hours later on UKTV +2. Times listed are Australian Eastern.
Torchwood Series 2 holiday marathon
Saturday 6 June 11AM 2-01 "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang"
Saturday 6 June Noon 2-02 "Sleeper"
Saturday 6 June 1PM 2-03 "To The Last Man"
Saturday 6 June 2PM 2-04 "Meat"
Saturday 6 June 3PM 2-05 "Adam"
Saturday 6 June 4PM 2-06 "Reset"
7 June 11AM 2-07 "Dead Man Walking"
7 June Noon 2-08 "A Day In The Death"
7 June 1PM 2-09 "Something Borrowed"
7 June 2PM 2-10 "From Out Of The Rain"
7 June 3PM 2-11 "Adrift"
7 June 4PM 2-12 "Fragments"
7 June 5PM 2-13 "Exit Wounds"

BBC HD Australia
Repeat run/Expected to simulcast Series 3 with UKTV Australia. Times listed are Australian Eastern.
7 June 7:30PM and 11:30PM, 8 June 3:45PM, 9 June 12:15PM, 10 June 6:50AM, Late 10 June 3:20AM 1-01 "Everything Changes"

ABC2 Australia
Series 1 and 2 - now on the ABC.
19 June 8:30PM 1-01 "Everything Changes"


SciFi Russia
All times Moscow
Sunday 8:10PM and 12:10AM 2-13 "Exit Wounds"
Late 27 June 12:25AM, 28 June 9PM 1-01 "Everything Changes"
Late 27 June 1:10AM, 28 June 9:55PM 1-02 "Day One"


One hour later on Watch +1.
Saturday 8PM and Midnight BST 2-10 "From Out Of The Rain"
Saturday 9PM and 1AM BST 2-11 "Adrift"
Saturday 10PM BST 2-12 "Fragments"
Saturday 11PM BST 2-13 "Exit Wounds"
6 June 9PM and 2AM BST 1-01 "Everything Changes"
13 June 9PM BST 1-02 "Day One"
20 June 8PM BST 1-09 "Random Shoes"
20 June 9PM, Late 20 June 1AM BST 1-11 "Combat"
20 June 10PM BST 1-12 "Captain Jack Harkness"
20 June 11PM BST 1-13 "End Of Days"
Late 20 June Midnight BST 1-10 "Out Of Time"
27 June 9:10PM BST 1-03 "Ghost Machine"


HD on Ztele HD, Dubbed in French. Now in repeats.
Tuesday 10PM, Thursday 8PM EDT 2-02 "Alien Mortal" (Sleeper)
9 June 10PM, 11 June 8PM EDT 2-03 "Le Soldat Thomas" (To The Last Man)

16:9 letterbox. Repeat run. Purchased Series 3.
Tuesday 9PM EDT/6PM PDT 2-11 "Adrift"
9 June 9PM EDT/6PM PDT 2-12 "Fragments"
16 June 9PM EDT/6PM PDT 2-13 "Exit Wounds"
23 June 9PM EDT/6PM PDT 1-01 "Everything Changes" (Series 1 premieres on SPACE - CBC's rights have expired)


TV4 Science Fiction
Series 1 and 2 repeats now on the dedicated SciFi Channel
Saturday 11:10PM, Sunday 9:30PM CET 2-13 "Exit Wounds"
Wednesday 9PM, 7 June 10:50PM CET 1-01 "Everything Changes"


BBC Entertainment
Saturday 5PM, Early Sunday 5AM, Sunday Noon 1-06 "Countrycide"
Tuesday 11PM and 2AM, Early Wednesday 5AM, Wednesday 3PM, 6 June 5PM, Early 7 June 5AM, 7 June Noon 1-07 "Greeks Bearing Gifts" (extrapolated based on recent airing pattern - no June schedule up yet


Series 2 premieres - June:
10 June 8:20PM, 12 June 10PM, 14 June 6:40PM CET 2-01 "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" (start of new episodes)
17 June 8:20PM, 19 June 10PM, 21 June 6:40PM CET 2-02 "Sleeper"
24 June 8:20PM, 26 June 10PM, 28 June 6:40PM CET 2-03 "To The Last Man"


BBC America
DirecTV 264 Dish 135,879 16:9 Letterbox format.
Series 3 "Children Of Earth" comes in July. Ads for BBC America HD are going around again - we'll see if it happens. BBC America is the exclusive home for Torchwood's 3rd Series in the USA - HD Net US will not be able to show those episodes.
Saturday 6PM EDT/3PM PDT 2-01 "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang"
Saturday 7PM EDT/4PM PDT, 6 June 6PM EDT/3PM PDT 2-03 "To The Last Man"
6 June 7PM EDT/4PM PDT, 13 June 6PM EDT/3PM PDT 2-05 "Adam"
13 June 7PM EDT/4PM PDT, 20 June 6PM EDT/3PM PDT 2-06 "Reset"
20 June 7PM EDT/4PM PDT 2-08 "A Day In The Death"


Repeat run, Series 1 and 2. Two episode block airing multiple times each week.
-Saturday 6:25PM, Sunday 5:50AM and 12:55PM CET 1-03 "La Macchina Dei Fantasmi" (Ghost Machine)
-Saturday 7:15PM, Sunday 6:40AM and 1:50PM CET 1-04 "La Donna Cybernetica" (Cyberwoman)
-Sunday 10:40PM and 4:25AM, Late Monday 3:45AM, Late Tuesday 2:05AM, Late Wednesday 2:50AM, Late Thursday 2:50AM, Late Friday 3AM, Saturday 6 June 10:10AM and 6:30PM and 1:30AM, 7 June 6AM and 12:35AM CET 1-05 "Le Fate Cattive" (Small Worlds)
-Sunday 11:30PM, Early Monday 5:15AM, Late Monday 4:35AM, Late Tuesday 2:55AM, Late Wednesday 3:40AM, Late Thursday 4:20AM, Late Friday 3:50AM, Saturday 6 June 11AM and 7:20PM and 2:20AM, 7 June 6:50PM and 1:25AM CET 1-06 "Il Villaggio Degli Orrori" (Countrycide)
-7 June 10:40PM and 3:55AM, Late 8 June 2:45AM, Late 9 June 2:05AM, Late 10 June 3AM, Late 11 June 2:10AM, Late 12 June 3AM, 13 June 10:30AM and 6:15PM and 1:30AM, 13 June 6:05AM, 14 June 1:10PM BST 1-07 "Un Amore Venuto da Lontano" (Greeks Bearing Gifts)
-7 June 11:35PM and 4:50AM, Late 8 June 3:40AM, Late 9 June 3AM, Late 10 June 3:55AM, Late 11 June 3:05AM, Late 12 June 3:55AM, 13 June 11:25AM and 7:10PM and 2:25AM, 14 June 7AM and 2:05AM 1-08 "Continuano a uccidere Suzie" (They Keep Killing Suzie)
-14 June 10:45PM and 3:55AM, Late 15 June 2:50AM, Late 16 June 2AM, Late 17 June 3:10AM, Late 18 June 2:10AM, Late 19 June 3AM, 20 June 10:15AM and 6:30PM and 1:30AM, 21 June 6:30AM and 1:15PM CET 1-09 "L'occhio alieno" (Random Shoes)
-14 June 11:40PM and 4:50AM, Late 15 June 3:45AM, Late 16 June 2:55AM, Late 17 June 4:05AM, Late 18 June 3:05AM, Late 19 June 3:55AM, 20 June 11:10AM and 7:05PM and 2:25AM, 21 June 7:05AM and 2:10PM CET 1-10 "Fuori del tempo" (Out Of Time)
-21 June 10:40PM and 3:45AM, Late 22 June 3:05AM, Late 23 June 2:10AM, Late 24 June 3AM, Late 25 June 2:05AM, Late 26 June 3AM, 27 June 10:10AM and 6:15PM and 1:30AM, 28 June 6:15AM and 1:30PM CET 1-11 "Combattimento" (Combat)
-21 June 11:30PM and 4:40AM, Late 22 June 3:55AM, Late 23 June 3AM, Late 24 June 3:50AM, Late 25 June 2:55AM, Late 26 June 3:50AM, 27 June 11AM and 7:05PM and 2:20AM, 28 June 7:05AM and 2PM CET 1-12 "Il Capitano Jack Harkness" (Captain Jack Harkness)
-28 June 10:40PM and 3:40AM, Late 29 June 2:55AM, Late 30 June 2AM CET 1-13 "La Fine Dei Giorni" (End Of Days)
-28 June 11:30PM and 4:30AM, Late 29 June 3:45AM, Late 30 June 2:50AM CET 2-01 "Il Ritorno" (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang)


TV 2
Repeat Run.
Late 7 June 12:01AM EET 1-01 "Everything Changes"
Late 14 June 12:50AM EET 1-02 "Day One"
Late 21 June 12:45AM EET 1-03 "Ghost Machine"
28 June 11:50PM EET 1-04 "Cyberwoman"

Thanks for reading. Until next week, take care.

Doctor Who is a BBC Trademark. Copyright 2009.

Louis Trapani's picture

It worked! TWIDW is here! I still can't believe the amount of work you do on a weekly basis to make this resource possible.


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