Audio: Lost Stories: the NIGHTMARE FAIR

Chase - Posted on 20 November 2009

I have to admit I"m not a big fan of  the novel version of THE NIGHTMARE FAIR. I did like the idea of the CELESTIAL TOYMAKER and the Toymaker character himself. I also like Mike Gough, he's great in almost everything he does, either warm (Alfred) or evil (HORRORS OF THE WAX MUSEUM). That said, the original story takes some getting used to after years of thinking it a classic and then seeing the entire thing...some of it takes a lot of patience to get through. One ep is a bit...poor. THE NIGHTMARE FAIR on audio is another thing entirely. The inteview tells us that there is one novel, one other audio, and this but they missed, I think, the 8th Doctor comic that has the Toymaker (and possibly Grace and the Master or a New Master) but no matter.

This is done 80s style and yeah, it's good, better than it might have been had it been made. The new actor wh plays the Master played Dask in ROBOTS OF DEATH and he does a great job. The music and sound effects even sound like the 1980s. One thing: the video game the Doctor plays against the Toymaker seems to make sounds like the deactivating MOvellans in DESTINY OF THE DALEKS.

The first part holds up well as both NIcola and Colin seem to have a great time as their characters tour Blackpool...and their pair (no not PEri's) never really had time to enjoy anything on they were usually thrust into terrible and awful circumstances right away...oh and Peri was usually like Tegan: you know, wanting to leave or complaining.  Here, Nicola's exuberance, shall we say, does not grate but her screams as she gets on a roller coaster...which should have been scaryier but isn't....are contrived. STill, she's good. Peri is unashamedly a 1960s style companion and watching the first season right now, she's fit right in...with more clothes. HEre, she does the job.

Colin is Colin and he's pretty good in this. The first half is better than the second, not to say that the second is poor. In the style of the original, the Doctor and the TOYmaker talk alot about things and they talk about interesting things. The Doc pulls some creation ideas about the Toymnaker out of his hat AND pulls together some device to stop the TM and defeat him in a game. ANd he wins. Again. NOt that we did'nt want him to.  KEvin and the seaRCH for his brother is okay and very 80s also and a bit boring later on as this drags on a bit at the end.

This is, however a 4/5 as it really doesn't dissapoint. It does what it says it does and it's not terrible at all. The actors are having a good time and for once, when saying that, one can say that as an audience member one does too.     

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...the story is reviewed at this link:


The reviewer is Ben Rawson-Jones and he is an editor for the cult section of Digital Spy.


You were far more generous than he was.


BTW: If you don't know what we're talking about, we are referring to the "Lost Story" "Nightmare Fair". It was one of the stories that was originally slated to be in season twenty-three (23) but was scrapped when the show went with the "Trial of a Time Lord" story. Now, many of those stories are being done as audio dramas by Big Finish. "Nightmare Fair" is the first.

You can get the drama at here:


Other stories Big Finish has for this aborted season include:

Mission To Magnus
The Hollows of Time
Paradise 5
Point of Entry
Song of the Megaptera
The Macros (I beleive this was originally called "The Space Whale")
Though these stories are not out yet, they are avalable for pre-order.

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