Comic: Doctor Who issue 5: Fugitive part 3 of 4

Chase - Posted on 18 November 2009

This IDW issue is very good. Even though it has mostly aliens that have been on the show before: Judoon, Draconian, Sontaran, Ogron, the story, for once, does not go all fan wanky or boring or anything like that. The Doctor is with an Ogron, a Draconian, and a Sontaran and they find that to survive they have to team up with each other while facing Mr. Finch and renegade Judoon who hold the Shadow Proclamation lady hostage. There is one new alien lady but who cares? They've used good characters from the old show and the new show and crafted an adventurous story that features face offs, chases, death, fun, and action as well as crash landings. This issue is one of the best so far and really does DW well. The idea of the Doctor stopping the proud noble stonger races and making them weaker for their enemies such as the Rutans is a disturbing one and it is faced here. A nice job and the art, for once, is really quite good. A good issue. Oh and Mr. Finch is a great villain and deserves a comeback. Anthony Head would have made a great Master after Jacobi and not that other guy.

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