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  • [SPOILERS!] Epi 2 'Day Two'   7 years 45 weeks ago

    Not only was there lots of Captain Jack's bum.... there was also Captain Jack FULL FRONTAL NUDITY!!!!! *explodes*

    Ok, now that my brain has recovered from that.

    Day Two was great, still not as fangirl melt inducing, action packed, and edge of your seat as Day One, but I still loved it.

    Was a little suprised and saddened to see the Millenium centre go kabooy, but glad Jack was fine (I was kinda expecting that he would recover something similar to the way he did)

    Gwen kicked serious butt in this, and Rhys was awesome, Ianto's brother in law Johnny? was great too (was it just me or was this the nudity episode, Jack and Johnny?) and I was kind of on the edge of my seat at the end, worrying about the team and whether they would all be ok.

    So big huzzah for Ianto's sister's and her car and for Ianto for saving the day ala Captain Jack style "here he comes on a ruddy big tractor"

    Saddened a little that Jack and Ianto didn't have a whole happy reunion snog (that would of been epic to see!!) but I guess they didn't have the time xD

    And yay! PC Andy!

    Still great... bring on tomorrow!


  • Paul McGann in "Helen" at the Globe Theatre in London   7 years 45 weeks ago

    He joins the previously announced Pennie Downie in a cast that also includes Holly Atkins, Philip Cumbus, Jack Farthing, Diveen Henry, James Lailey, Penny Layden, Fergal McElherron, Rawiri Paratene, William Purefoy, Ian Redford, Ukweli Roach, Tom Stuart, Graham Vick and Andrew Vincent. Learn how a creditcard works, from the magnetic stripe to how you can get rid of that high interest balance.

  • This Week In Doctor Who (Omnibus) - June 19/20, 2009   7 years 45 weeks ago

    The Doctor Who Omnibus collected together three of Target's novelisations from the ... is familiar to millions who each week wait impatiently for the next ... Pain Management NJ

  • The Eleven Doctors Special for Children In Need?   7 years 45 weeks ago

    “Nothing has been finalised yet, although there is discussion of a Children in Need Doctor Who special. It is too early to say what.” ...  liposuction

  • [SPOILERS!] Epi 2 'Day Two'   7 years 45 weeks ago

    Day One was fantastic, yes, and definitely edge of your seat, but it felt like a catch up job to me: here are these relationships that fans of the previous season know quite well but that need to be quickly established for the new BBC One viewer. As such, they were over-exaggerated cut outs of the actual relationships themselves (best example being the "couple" lines in the very begining). So even though Day One was perilous and exciting, as an established fan I found the characters lacking.

    Day Two, however, makes up for this. They've established the basics of the characters relationships, and now they're back to full sailing. So even though it wasn't as grip-the-edge-of-your-seat-exciting as yesterdays (and I mean that quite literally, my hands were cramped when it was over) it felt much more like the Torchwood I know and love. So all in all I personally feel like Day Two was a big success, and I like it much better in retrospect than I do Day One.

    Plus, Captain Jacks bum helped :3

  • [SPOILERS!] Epi 2 'Day Two'   7 years 45 weeks ago

    It is a good episode. Perhaps not 'on the edge of your seat' as Day One, but still a good chapter in the overall story. It advances the story along a bit, again not as much as Day One, but it's not unexpected.


  • [SPOILERS!] Epi 1 'Day One'   7 years 46 weeks ago

    Well I thought that that was excellent, if a little 'Midwich Cuckoo-like' (not that that is a bad thing)

    Off the wall idea, but I was wondering if the bomb was how Jack became the face of Boe - Just a head left. I think I am wrong, because I'm pretty sure I saw a burnt Jack in the 'next time' trailer.

    The whole thing reminds a bit of the Primeval plot with the MI6 people coming after the ARK. Lots of plot twists hope it carries on at this quality with a decent ending rather than say going from 'the stolen earth' into the rubbish 'journey's end'.

    Day two is slowly traveling towards me on the 'red eye'. I will try to listen to the radio prequels as well tomorrow.


  • From the Beginning: The First Doctor   7 years 46 weeks ago

    I do see what you are saying or rather writing. I too like Ian and Barbara, Ian probably more as I think Russel is a better actor but whatever. The thing is that DW to be what it became and is today, it had to change and if it survived through the loss of Susan, Ian and Barbara it could survive almost anything (except mid 1980s poor scripts) or any change. Much of what covered for changes in cast...the team didn't think what became the narrative of the show rather than the rip off stories that filled the series later on...

    Vicki's coming and going, Steven's coming and being for a short time the only male companion and even carrying a few episodes himself, Susan's sad departure and telepathic nature (which came and went fast as did Nyssa's later on), and the Doctor's erratic nature all came from here. Then we got the UNIT type stories later on (well only one or two in WAR MACHINES and TENTH PLANET) was clear Dodo didn't work at all and then we got the first of the blondes that Doctor was so fond of in Polly and she was really hip and forward...the first of her type...although she ends up just making tea or coffee some of the time. 

    Hartnell's flubs: I don't imagine that all of them are accidents. I think he imbibed his Doctor with these purposely. Notice how he doesn't do them when he's someone else in MASSACRE.  

    For the stories there are, to me, only one or two bad ones. GALAXY FOUR is almost unwatchable today merely because it kept making me fall asleep. Also that Hollywood 1920s ep during DALEK MASTERPLAN was one of the worst of the entire Hartnell series if not the entire series but the rest of that long, long story kept me attending. It should have set the precedent for longer stories such as FRONTIER IN SPACE into PLANET OF THE DALEKS or WAR GAMES and INVASION. And it did. And it made the Daleks dangerous after THE CHASE made them jerks.

    Ahh, yes THE CHASE. It will always be for me, MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATRE material. It's so bad, it's funny. I mean Mechanoids saying, "Crap," is just too funny and ep6 is a hoot.

    Thing is Barbara and Ian as much as I liked them couldn't stay and keep the quality going. To be honest, the least interesting, IMO, First Doctor spinoff novels are the ones with Barbara and Ian...there was only so much that could be further done with them although I rather liked the recent COMPANION CHRONICLE with Ian and First Doctor on the sailing ship to Australia. That was grand (or maybe it was New Zealand). Point is that things had to change and change made the show what it is...for better or worse and I think it's for better to be honest.  If one does not read the news reports, one would never know when or if a comp is leaving or to be killed off, if a new problem is created by an old advesary or if the Doc is about to change his body and face...if Ian and Barbara stayed to the end, it wouldn't be the same and it would not be as good as their leaving was...not sure that makes sense  but there  you ahve it. 

  • HURT/HEAL: The COMPANIONS   7 years 46 weeks ago

    No, she doesn't. Have you seen Tegan's ankles? :)


     - Zoe 14                   - Romana I 11          - Barbara 13 
    - Liz 2     
              - Donna 14               
    - Vicki 6                 - The Brigadier 21 
    - Nyssa 2            
    - Stephen 7                - Jo Grant 18            - Tegan 5 (+1)minus 2=3  

      Polly 7             - Sarah Jane 18          - Ben 10                   - Victoria 8 
    Harry 17           
    - Jamie 18 (-2) PLUS ONE =19         Leela 16  


    20. Captain Jack      21. K9 

  • From the Beginning: The First Doctor   7 years 46 weeks ago

    Okay there's one major difference between POISON SKY (which I loved btw), JOURNEY'S END (which I pretty much hated on first viewing) and the others on the NEW show and the TENTH PLANET. The TENTH PLANET is supposed to, at the time of airing, take place in the near future. The NEW show has all these things taking place in the present day and then changing the universe of the series for good...or as in the case of the dumb Master story LAST OF THE TIME BORES, not at all or maybe a little bit (I think the human beings are still destined to becomes the disgusting Toclafane--that's an UP story line for you!). So in my book TENTH PLANET does not do what these others have done and for that matter, if you count them up, the First Doctor era did this type of thing what, maybe twice if you count WAR MACHINES and TENTH PLANET. The Tenth Doctor error has done it most likely over ten times!

    Onto the other stuff: I like that Ben doesn't want to really kill the Cyberman that falls into his trap. I like his bravado here. There's alot of things that don't make sense and for those you can check out ABOUT TIME 1. Polly makes a great companion here and what there is of Hartnell is rather good, however in the very last scenes on the Cybership he looks...somewhat wide eyed and out of it and this seems put on and maybe more over the top than he's EVER been.

    Another thing about TENTH PLANET: the Doctor's actions DID doom the Commander's son...he somehow survives anyway and it's all explained. However, the Commander becomes the villain and is about to kill the Doctor...and for good family reasons! That's a twist and to add to that further, the commander, whom one would expect to be the ally of the Doctor and he almost so was, is the enemy and he's killed by the Cybermen, who save the Doctor!

    Yeah, there's alot  of  bad science. Years ago when I first saw this, I thought it was a lot of men in uniform looking at screens and looking dour in the face and there's a lot of that but I guess I don't mind it as much as it seems, one ep at a time, so a 50s-60s way, almost like DOPPLEGANGER aka JOURNEY TO THE FAR SIDE OF THE SUN or Gerry Anderson, done BBC cheapo. Still i't is not a bad story and seeing Cybermen in the snow is chilling and  scary and the way they talk is...unique. I'm glad they don't talk that way in every ep but here, i't is different and first it's a bit funny too.         

  • HURT/HEAL: The COMPANIONS   7 years 46 weeks ago

    Strange Double post

  • HURT/HEAL: The COMPANIONS   7 years 46 weeks ago

    Before there are any complaints, I am Scottish and I have worn a kilt, so I am entitled to make the joke if I want!

    - Ian 15              - Zoe 14                   - Romana I 11          - Barbara 13 
    - Liz 2     
              - Donna 14               
    - Vicki 6                 - The Brigadier 21 
    - Nyssa 2            
    - Stephen 7                - Jo Grant 18            - Tegan 5 (+1)   
    - Polly 7             - Sarah Jane 18          - Ben 10                   - Victoria 8 
    Harry 17           
    - Jamie 18 (-2)          Leela 16  


    20. Captain Jack      21. K9 
    22. Rose                 23. Peri                 24. Ace                 25. Martha
    26. Turlough           27. Romana II        
    28. Mickey            29: Adric
    30. Susan               
    31: Grace               32: Dodo              33: Mel

  • HURT/HEAL: The COMPANIONS   7 years 46 weeks ago

    - Ian 15              - Zoe 14 (+1)            - Romana I 11          - Barbara 13 
    - Liz 2     
              - Donna 14               
    - Vicki 6                 - The Brigadier 21 
    - Nyssa 2            
    - Stephen 7                - Jo Grant 18            - Tegan 4 (-2)   
    - Polly 7             - Sarah Jane 18          - Ben 10                   - Victoria 8 
    Harry 17           
    - Jamie 20                 Leela 16  


    20. Captain Jack      21. K9 
    22. Rose                 23. Peri                 24. Ace                 25. Martha
    26. Turlough           27. Romana II        
    28. Mickey            29: Adric
    30. Susan               
    31: Grace               32: Dodo              33: Mel

  • The Best Series Ever Made   7 years 46 weeks ago

    Of the four hundred or so shows you mention, I have only ever followed about 20 of them religiously (i.e wouldn't miss an episode if at all possible). There are probably another 20 or so that I wouldn't turn off if I found them on (mainly american sit-coms).

    However, the vast majority, I have either never watched, never heard of or have actively turned off, as mind numbing drivel!

    Even many I watched as a kid (Logan's Run, The Six Million Dollar Man, Airwolf, Automan, Street Hawk) are dreadful when re-watched today. Even the nostalga factor cannot save them from their obvious awfulness. It is testament to the really good shows (Dr Who, Star Trek, The Avengers, Space 1999, UFO, Sapphire and Steel, Lost in Space) that they still seem to have merit today. This doesn't even apply to just the really old shows, I rewatched the first season of the X-files recently and thought it seemed pretty poor (and I was a fairly hardcore x-files fan in my time, at least for the first three or four seasons). 

    One advantage of growing up in the UK with only three channels (which basically never showed re-runs) was that they sifted through the dross and typically only US shows of some merit (even if it was just in the things exploding catagory) ended up on TV.
    This being said, BBC2 did pick up Quatum Leap for some unknown reason.

    Rather than just listing everything made, why not recommend those series which are particularly worth watching (for their quality, not just nostalga reasons - particularly if you have rewatched any episodes recently just to confirm this fact). I for one like to be pointed to particular episode of exceptional quality, especially if they are availble on Netflix, or similar rental service.


  • From the Beginning: The First Doctor   7 years 46 weeks ago

    And so I have watched the 132 episodes of the Hartnell era in the last 151 days (one day over 5 calander months), which averages at slightly more than six episodes per week.

    Prior to this endevour, I had seen the Unearthly child (first episode only), the Daleks (thanks to a BBC2 re-run), the Aztecs (DVD last year), the Dalek invasion of Earth (DVD 3 years ago) and the War Machines (DVD, this January). I had also read the Targent novelization of the 'Tenth Planet'. This was the full extent of my first Doctor exposure (except for the Three and Five Doctors).

    So what did I discover. Well for the first two seasons, the programme should have been called the 'Ian and Barbara journey through  Time and Space' not 'Doctor Who'. They dominated every story as far as I'm concerned and after they left I think that the show struggled to find itself again.

    Although I really liked Vicki, she was a great substitute for Susan, not Barbara. Likewise Steven just could not fill the gap left by Ian. This may have to do with the fact that the storylines had been written for the original characters and the new companions were handed out the lines and roles, as the situation presented. I suspect that this meant the new characters couldn't establish themselves well, as all their lines were someone elses leftovers.

    Ultimately, the two comapions from the future (Steven and Vicki) did not sit as well with the viewers, as those from a contemporary time did. At the end of Hartnell's tenure, I think we saw the producers try to address this with Dodo, then Polly and Ben. Strangely enough, I think that the show may have fared better with companions from the future, namely Bret Vyon and/or Sara Kingdom (both of whom were very strong characters like Ian).

    With regards to the Doctor, I'm afraid that he still seems like a grump old Uncle to me, who often goes out of his way to agrivate his travelling companions. Although he mellows as series three progresses, he is still grumpy. The number of lines which Hartnell manages to fluff is really quite amazing, easily 3x all the lines fluffed by all the other actor combined.

    To be honest, I think if the Beeb had not replaced Hartnell at this point the show would never have made a fifth season, as the second half of the third season saw was floundering terribly, after a solid first and second series relying of Willaim Russell and Jacqueline Hill.

    So I am glad I watched everything and am glad for the really good stories in there, which for the record, I believe to be:

    1) The Daleks
    2) Marco Polo
    3) The Keys of Marinus
    4) The Aztecs
    5) The Dalek Invasion of Earth
    6) The Romans
    7) The Chase (yes Chase, it's in my best stories list)
    8) The Dalek's Masterplan (well most of it)
    9) The War Machines
    10) The Tenth Planet 

    This is not bad as it is about 1/3 of the total number of stories.

    And so onto the Second Doctor (whom I have had even less exposure to)

  • From the Beginning: The First Doctor   7 years 46 weeks ago

    Although this is a favorite story on mine (thanks to the Target novelization) I had never watched it.

    I really enjoyed the story, but was a little put out that Hartnell wasn't present in his second to last episode (was this a sign he was really ill? or that he had fallen out with the producers?).
    These early cybermen really were kind of cluncky (and if I'm not mistaken had ordinary human hands)

    The Good

    I really enjoyed the way the titles were done and the little jingle added over the music. Polly and Ben are shaping up as good companions (though I still find Ben's Cockney annoying). The dead cyberman bodies were interesting for the time (and no gold was required). The location of the base at Antartic was a good setting.

    The Bad

    Okay, the science in here is really bad. Earth's 'twin' planet being identical except upside down. It can move towards the Earth and it's gravity interfere's with earth orbiting spacecraft, yet the gravity changes have no impact upon the Earth or the Moon (i.e. ripping the planet apart, Tidal waves etc etc.)

    Most troubling of all is Mondas's power draining effect. This must be natural, because if it were due to cyber technology they would either a) turn it off before Mondas explodes b) built it so that it could be shut-off before even bothering to approach the Earth.

    The Curious

    I have heard it said of the new series, that there are story problems because it obviously doesn't occur in 'our world'. i.e. We know that the earth has never been moved to another part of the universe ('the stolen Earth), We know that a poisonous atmosphere has never been created by catalytic converters (The poison Sky), We know spaceship have never been reported in central London (Aliens of London, The Christmas invasion).

    However, this episode place classic Who in that same alternate universe. We know there were not moon landings in the 1980's. We know a new planet was not seen in the sky in 1986. We know that there was not a mysterious worldwide energy drain in 1986 either. So this story obviously, doesn't occur in 'our timeline'.

    Of course, this highlights the problem of 'historic' stories and 'sci-fi' stories. In the 'historic' stories history cannot be changed, events must play out as intended. However, it always strikes me as curious that the Doctor has encyclopedic knowledge of Earth's history, but only retrospectively. He never anounces, well we cannot stop the cyberman/Dalek invasion of the Earth because it is common knowledge that it occurred in the year XXXX.

    Another thing that reminded me of the modern series was the cybermen them selves. They appeared in groups of three or four. All of these would be destroyed then another group numbering three or four would appear to replace them. Some budgetary constraints never change.

    Having heard that 2 Entertain are doing more stories with animated episodes to replace those which are missing, I hope that this story is next on the list because a) only one episode is missing (the important regeneration one) b) it is a seminal story both for the first regeneration and the introduction of a classic monster c) There would be consistancy in animating all the missing cybermen episode (the Moonbase could round of the trilogy where only two episodes are missing).

    Overall an 8.5 out of 10, easily the best story since the Dalek Masterplan.

  • Ramble With Russel Podcast Updates   7 years 46 weeks ago

    Well here you go folks my Ghosbusters Spectacular for you all to enjoy.  First up though I take a side trip and give a Canada Day Report involving one really large line-up for food.  Then you get my review of the 25th Anniversary release of Ghostbusters on Blu-Ray for the first time.  The Busting continues with my take on the DVD release of The Real Ghostbusters on DVD as the guys get animated and wrap things up with Ghostbusters : The Video Game on the PS3 where the original cast of the movies gets called back to kick some more ectoplasmic butt.  Music for this week features the songs Ghost by DeadraveN & Haunted House by Ben Cooper,  both can be found at along with the intro song Let's Get Ramblin by Dynamo Snackbar.  Other instrumental music is by the band Mr. Burns and they can be found at .  As always your comments and suggestions are welcome

    and can be found at




  • From the Beginning: The First Doctor   7 years 46 weeks ago

    Oddly enough I hated this on soundtrack only. There are TWO reconstructions for some of the stories, mostly THE MYTHMAKERS and THE SMUGGLERS. The second type uses other actors to recreate, say Ulysseus or the pirates, even some loose animation. And those are the recons that work best for stories that seemed boring before. To be honest, SMUGGLERS is not a bad story at all and I liked it when I watched that second recon. It just moved faster was faster paced and put Hartnell, again, in a situation that he had to get out of, by lying, manippulating, and fooling...and he was brilliant, in over his head, trying to get back to his friends and/or the TARDIS, this is how DW should be...but I supposed all takes on the Doc are welcome including the master time trickster he became with the 7th Doctor, although for all HIS planning he was often in over his head as well. In the second recon, the fights were much better and the overall visual look was rather good. And the past is just as dangerous as proved by the amount of deaths here. There is also a good sub plot in the man who was helping the smugglers, turning against them. I can't recall if he lived or not but I thnk he did.

  • From the Beginning: The First Doctor   7 years 46 weeks ago

    As much as I tried to like this story, I'm afraid I just found it boring. The reconstruction I watched was often confusing about what was actually happening and I had to rewatch certain parts multiple times. Perhaps I will invest in the BBC audiobook of this and see if I like it any better. It's quite funny that the only clips that survive are all the death scenes exised by the forgein censors.

    Anyhow between this story, 'the gunfighters' and the rather unsatisfactory ending of 'the massacre', it is no great surprise to me that only one more true historical adventure was made. This is a shame as there were many quality ones earlier (Marco Polo, the Romans, The Aztecs). The genre may have been killed of merely by having a consecutive set of sub-par scripts.

    Also some irony in having the Doctor's first eye candy assistant play a 'lad' in her first fully fledged adventure. I certainly found Ben's Cockney Chappy character somewhat annoying.

    A 4 or 5 out of ten for this one.

    And so onto the Tenth Planet. 

  • From the Beginning: The First Doctor   7 years 46 weeks ago

    So ends season three. I have to say although it had a great highlight (Masterplan), it had a lot of lowlights (Galaxy 4 and the Ark through the savages) and the rest seemed Mediocre.

    I thought that perhaps, I was suffering from fatigue in my marathon, but after reading literature about the series it appears that after 'the Dalek Masterplan' public sentiment at the time was similar to my opinions. Of the three season's so far this was the overall weakest. Here is my Season ranking so far

    place                      Season                    Highlight                        Lowlight
    1st                          One                     Marco Polo                     Edge of Destruction
    2nd                         Two                 Dalek Invasion of Earth        The Space Museum
    3rd                         Three                The Dalek Masterplan               Galaxy 4

    I think I will try and order the seasons as I go through them rather than trying to insert the later ones based upon my current feelings.

  • [SPOILERS!] Epi 1 'Day One'   7 years 46 weeks ago

    I think you're every much in the minority... 5+ million UK viewers, plus all the Australian viewers and everyone else in world who watched it today and enjoyed it certainly don't agree with you

    If you don't like Torchwood, save yourself hours of torture and simply don't watch it

  • [SPOILERS!] Epi 1 'Day One'   7 years 46 weeks ago



    RTD has run out of ideas. Another Earth shattering children possessed story (SJM) with "consquences" for the whole DW ?Torturus Wood universe. Please somebody either cancel this show and /or get RTD out of the entire DW universe!  

  • From the Beginning: The First Doctor   7 years 46 weeks ago

     I agree with most of what you wrote. Dodo could be good but she could also be very, very bad, mostly in THE ARK, where the actress does not all. Here, her leaving is just...strange. At first, I didn't like it but your review made me think about DW in general. If Dodo' s leaving were more dramatic, more in line with the story or even visually presented...then, this might not be the thing that it is and I like it the way it is. Strange that it could have been so much better but...DW being DW fans can write articles, stories, and others things about Dodo's departure and that's part of why I like DW. It's just so oddball, at times brilliant, at other times the worst thing or things you've ever seen and then there's  alot in between like Dodo's leaving. It leaves room for speculation...

    I happen to think Polly and Ben, although to understand them, especially Ben, I had to turn on the DVD subtitles almost all the time, are terrific companions, young and trendy or not. Not sure Ben is very trendy for the time but I like them a great deal and having a couple with the Doctor instead of a single female or a single male, is a new slant althought they are a couple in the first stages of their coupling. I thought when Matt Smith's companions  were first announced the team was going to have a couple but I'd bet RTD talked Scott M out of that. Now it's just the long haired red haired girl. BOOOOO!

    Anyway the story is nothing new at all esp for written Sci Fi, it's as old as hats, speaking of which I like the Doctor in his hat and I like the idea of him in a trendy night club or bar. I like that he sends Ben on a mission, not to mention his de-hynotizing of Dodo and I like how he stands before a war machine when everyone else, military included, is running for cover. And he uses his ring! Brill! I think his Doctor has even more presense in modern day settings than in the far off/historical/ pplanetary ones. Hartnell is without a doubt one of the best, if not the best Doctor (next to Tom Baker of course). Here he does the entire range of his repitoire: angry, hostile, warm, surprised, powerful, weak, etc.

    The War machines themselves, if you turn on the DVD text you'll find the bloopers of the people being seen inside them, running from them when they are set fire etc. That said, the killing in this is a bit shocking especially in the control room when the man possessed Krimpton is shot down...either by Wotan, the military or Brett! I can't recall but I do remember it being a bit...shocking as Krimpton wasn't evil, just a brainwashed victim. Brett was too but he seems to get away with it all...without knowing what is going on.

    The other shocking scene is the man who is beaten to death...orginally the possessed men were to kill him with sharp weapons! Of course, Ben gets away with just being taken over or something or just held in a be freed by a possessed but fightin it Polly.

    Sir Charles and the Doctor interact like the Brig and the Doctor and this sort of makes me think of UNIT stories anyway: as men battle the threat with heavy firepower...often losing. There's also a huge men to men fight with quite a few losses on both sides. And location shooting of the tower...and a mad computer as in GREEN DEATH.   

    Anyway this story is most entertaining...still I like the pics of pre-Ben Mike Craze...

  • What I'm looking from the change of guard...   7 years 46 weeks ago

    That's because of RTD. He hates writing TARDIS scenes, hates the TARDIS pretty much except as a vehicle to get his characters from place to place. He's said that pretty much no stories wil be entirely set on the TARDIS and implied or stated in an annual that Rose and the Doctor DON'T sleep on board, not even separately ---they find other accomdations. So don't except anything with RTD behind it to explore the TARDIS...he also IMO ruined the console room. It looked terrible from day one when he took over and still does, I hate it that way and am glad they are thinking of changing it or have changed it.

    Ditto what he thinks about multi Doctor stories. Both and the fool that runs Big Finish now think that multi Doctor stories suck but...then BF went and did ZAGREUS in lieu of a REAL multi Doctor story and that sucked. Then they went and did a Doctor story with the Sixth Doctor narrowly missing all his other selves but we don't get to hear them only hear about them. What crap.

    I say that the TARDIS interior needs to have at least some scenes there and at least one big story inside the TARDIS totally AND there needs to be at least one or two multi Doctor stories even if they have to CGI TOM BAKER'S ass to get him in there. 

    btw noticed your avatar and I love Ulysseus 31!  


    oh one more thing: after viewing ATTACK OF THE CYBERMEN and SILVER NEMESIS, I have to disagree that the new Cybermen should go. I don't ever want to see those old classic Cybermen again unless they look like the ones in TENTH PLANET or REVENGE OF THE CYBERMEN, the CM from EARTHSHOCK are okay I guess but to be honest, seeing their jaws (and I know they are supposed to be partially human) just jars me and the fact that in ATTACK we had a fat one...well, I think the new look, parallel Lumic CM are much much better and scarier and less I would say if you have a GOOD script unlike NEXT DOCTOR, use them. if not, leave all CM at home  

  • From the Beginning: The First Doctor   7 years 46 weeks ago

    Although I have watched this recently (within the last six months) I enjoyed re-watching it. I think that this DVD is really well done. I particularly enjoyed the 'one foot in the past' feature with Tony Benn visiting the Post Office Tower (now the BT tower).

    It seems to me that this story is the blue print for much of the rest of Doctor Who. i.e. it was the first story in a contemporary setting with contemporary companions with a menace about to take over the world (the staple of the Pertwee UNIT years, much of the T Baker era, the McGann Movie, and the majority of the Ecclestone and Tennant serires).

    I know that 'planet of the giants' was the first story in a contemporary time period, but I don't count it since the Doctor et al. only interacted with outsized props and rear projection images.

    The story has been done many times, 'meglomaniac computer takes over the world', but to my knowledge this is one of (if not the) earliest one. The others that spring to mind are 'the Forbin Project', 'the Demon seed', 'the Terminator' and of course '2001: a space oddessy' (although HAL only took over the mission, not the world). Of course it doesn't really seem like the war machines could really take over the world ,but they were really good at smashing through piles of wooden boxes. I noted with some irony that there guns (powered by CO2 fire extinguishers) set things on fire!!

    I did find everyone calling our hero "Doctor Who' somewhat annoying although I can live with it.

    I found Dodo's departure unsatisfactory. Other than this story (where she was under hypnosis ) and her annoying introduction at the end of 'the massacre' I have found here an agreeable companion. I think that her poor performance with the audience and in our ongoing companion poll is more down to the fact that she appeared in the worst stories of the Hartnell era.

    So it was the changing of the birds, out goes 'extinct old Dodo' and in comes 'Pretty Polly'. That's interesting given that she spentds most of the story under 'evil hypnosis' control too. It definately feels that with this story the production crew are trying to restart the show. Latch onto a promonent current event (the opening of the GPO Tower) and replace the companions with young and trend characters.  The story seemed to have everything thrown in for good measure: Mind control, Meglomaniac Computer taking over the World, Death Machines, Battles with loads of soldiers, lots of Death and destruction.

    A good solid 7/10 for this one I think. 

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