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Doctor Who: Podshock Live Show Reviewing 'The Wedding of River Song' Scheduled for Sunday, Oct 2nd

Doctor Who: Podshock will be once again be taking to the net this Sunday, 2 October 2011 for a live-over-the-net show reviewing episodes of the new series with your live feedback, this time it's the finale episode of the 2011 series, The Wedding of River Song.

Doctor Who: Podshock Live Show Reviewing The Wedding of River Song

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Alex Kingston to join cast of Upstairs Downstairs.

Alex Kingston (better known to whovians as River Song) has been reported to be joining the cast of the series "Upstairs Downstairs" -  a revival of the classic TV show from the early 1970's.


Digital Spy reports that the role she will be playing is Blanche Mottershead - a younger sister of Lady Holland in the new series.


The original series focused on the Bellamy family and their help, while the new series focuses on the Holland Family - and of course their help.


For the full story you can read it here:

Digital Spy - 'Doctor Who's' Alex Kinston joins 'Upstairs Downstairs'

Doctor Who: Podshock 257 - 'Closing Time' Reviewed

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 257
Running Time: 1:43:37

We review Doctor Who: Closing Time live over the net with live listener feedback.

Hosted by Louis Trapani ( @LouisTrapani ) and Dave Cooper ( @daveac )

Doctor Who: Podshock 257 Cover

Doctor Who: Podshock 257 Cover

Cover artwork for Doctor Who: Podshock 257 reviewing 'Closing Time'

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End of an Era: Doctor Who Confidential Ends Saturday 1st October.

As of Saturday the 1st of October, Doctor Who Confidential is no more. After six years of coverage of the production of Doctor Who and background information, Confidential comes to an end, but it goes out with a bang, not with a whimper.

As followers of the British Schools Writing Competition should know, Confidential has been following the process and on Saturday it comes to a climax as the finished episode "Death is the Only Answer" is transmitted on Confidential. 

So thank you Doctor Who Confidential for all your information, past and present. You shall be missed.

Doctor Who Official Website: Original Story




      These four episodes detail VICTORIA WINTER'S first night in Collinsport

      and Collinwood. The first thing to note is that this is a soap opera and

      it takes time to unfold. Not that slow always equals bad or boring, in

      fact, these four episodes are far from boring. They set up all the

      mysteries and all the characters in fun and scary fashion and give almost

      nothing away, except that it is Roger haunting Victoria in ep 4. The first

      ep is rather strong with the filmed location stuff, Victoria on the train,

      at the train station, and her car pulling up to Collinwood and earlier to

Night Confusion

Filler? No way. Pure DW. Yes it is ALOT like an Ace/7th Doctor comic book story from many years ago about a child's toy closet and his psyhic powers, trapping Ace and the Doc in his universe of toys in his closet...but whatever.

I think Amy and Rory were fine this episode for once and to me they fit in much better in the present day/modern times than in the future. They also seem to fit in to historical time periods but modern times seem best for them, of course the scripts are what does it and this one was stronger than most, especially any written by Moffat with the exception of the Xmas stgory, which was pretty good.

The Girl who Weighted Down the Show

0/5 or 0/10. That's me done. Doctor Who fan no longer or least until Moffat is gone. He sucks. The show sucks. The acting sucks. I'ts easy to try to impress as you act old behind old make up and make your voice seem deeper. Karen is awful, Arthur is awful, Smith is awful, script is awful, story is awful. There's nothing to latch onto that deals with real life or anything that matters. The entire thing is just awful. Timey whimey indeed. If this is DW doing time stories then do less please. I'm done until Moffat is gone. This is not almost unwatchable--it's unwatchable.

The Moffat...uh, God Complex

Okay I gave it a 3/5--it WAS good. Lo and behold. Finally. In any case, I still have to get it on DVD to find out A LOT of the dialog...mumble mumble mummble speak fast speak fast especially when explaining. I have to admit I have no idea what was happening or what happened so I need the dvd subtitles--it's worse than a foreign language to me now. Matt talks too fast and for the first half of this he was all smiles and loon again and it was irritating me so he gets knocked off his high horse in the second part...but...

...hasn't the Doc been knocked off his high horse enough already to have learned? No? I guess he never really learns.

Closing Time (*Spoilers*)

What did you think of Doctor Who: Closing Time? Use this forum thread to express your opinions on this episode. Also be sure to check out our live review of the episode on Sunday at 4pm EDT on Doctor Who: Podshock.

Doctor Who: Closing Time Reviewed on Doctor Who: Podshock

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