June 2011

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Moffat Agenda?

I wish Mr.Moffat would stop with the homosexual agenda.

There is no need for this in Doctor Who,even if its for comic relief.

I don't need to be hit over the head with it every other episode.

Other than that, loved A Good man goes to War

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Doctor Who Anime Featuring the 3rd Doctor - Final Version [VIDEO]

This video has been in the making for some time now as I have seen various earlier incomplete versions of it over the last few years now I believe. Originally created as a mock trailer by OtaKing77077 (on YouTube) has expanded into a mini-episode. Because it was originally meant only as mock trailer, it lacks some narrative. It is done in the style of 1980's anime featuring 1970's Doctor Who mostly (it is a 3rd Doctor Jon Pertwee story). It features many original voice clips of various characters from the series as well as some original vocal work. Almost every iconic aspect of 1970s and some 1980s Doctor Who is depicted here except K9 perhaps.

For some reason the video had been pulled from YouTube, someone else had posted it again in the above.

Producer Tracie Simpson Interviewed

Producer Tracie Simpson Interviewed

Doctor Who: Podshock live on stage at Gallifrey One 2011. Listen to our show recorded live at the event in Doctor Who: Podshock 240. Left to right: producer Tracie Simpson, Ken Deep, and Louis Trapani.

Photo by Rachel McCauley at rachelmccauley.com

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New Doctor Who Anime Featuring the 3rd Doctor

I know the BBC has the new animation for the

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Reign Of Terror DVD Gets Animated

This time around it is my absolute pleasure to announce something classic series related. The DVD release of 'Reign of Terror' will have missing episodes 4 & 5 animated, in a 'Invasion' similar style.

Doctor Who: Podshock Live Show Reviewing 'A Good Man Goes to War' Scheduled for Sunday, June 5

Doctor Who: Podshock will be once again be taking to the net this Sunday, 5 June 2011 for a live-over-the-net show reviewing the seventh episode of the new series, A Good Man Goes to War.

Doctor Who: Podshock Live Show Reviewing A Good Man Goes to War

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 248 - 'The Almost People' Reviewed

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 248
Running Time: 1:56:16

We review Doctor Who: The Almost People live over the net with live listener feedback (Kobo4747, Darth Skeptical, TARDISGirl, Andre T, and ??).

Hosted by Louis Trapani ( @LouisTrapani ) and Dave Cooper ( @daveac )

Doctor Who: Podshock 248 Cover

Doctor Who: Podshock 248 Cover

Cover art for Doctor Who: Podshock 248 reviewing 'The Almost People.'

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Introduction to A Good Man Goes To War.

There's no real spoilers at all just a nice Intorduction from the Director.

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