October 2010

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DWP 226 Coming Soon

Doctor Who: Podshock 226, an Extra Edition was planned to have been released this past weekend. There were circumstances that prevented it, but hopefully, it will be coming out within the next few days. I apologize for the delay and DWP 227 will follow on its heels.

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Matt Smith May Be Hot, But He Can Get Cold

It seems that not only 8th Doctor wants a costume change, Matt Smith (the 11th Doctor) is reported stating that he would like some changes in his costume. Specifically, a warmer coat, perhaps in addition to his tweed jacket.

As for a hat, he said he wanted a hat back in April when he was in New York for the premiere of the 2010 series of Doctor Who. So this comes as no surprise. We already know that fezzes are cool.

Television - News - Matt Smith wants 'Who' outfit changes - Digital Spy: "'I know I want a coat,' he said. 'You get cold in only a tweed jacket. And I want a hat. Not all the time. Just now and again. It feels Doctory and right for my Doctor. I think it can evolve and give it that variety.'

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Playing the Dane

BBC Radio 4 continues to deliver aural gifts to us, license fee be damned!

"Playing the Dane" is a reflection on different interpretations of Hamlet narrated by the amazing Michael Sheen (fleetingly quoting Richard Griffiths' "I shall never play the Dane!," much to my unending delight!), with comments from actors as diverse as David Tennant, Derek Jacobi and John Simm.  And people who were never Timelords, like Kenneth Branagh and Jonathan Pryce.

Speak the speech I pray you!


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Revisitations 2 Boxed Set Final line up!

Ice Warrior

So the final line up for the Revisitations boxed set is laid down. In an interview with podcast Radio Free Skaro, Steven Shapanski asked Dan Hall about two releases that I've previously reported on here. First is "The Day of the Daleks" which was the teaser trailer that I reported on in my blog here. Day of the Daleks, will be it's own release and not part of the Revisitations boxed set as I previously reported, and with all in all should not be expected until the end of 2011 beginning of 2012. Which left of course the question open, what would be the Third disk in the Boxed set Revisitations 2? The answer came as somewhat of a shock and moan from my self. The Seeds of Death, was the answer, granted the original 2 disk release left one wondering as to why there was a second disk at all. But Dan Hall revealed that Seeds of Death should have been a singular disk release. The other two disks will remain as reported "The Carnival of Monsters" and "Resurrection of the Daleks"

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[Off topic of Who] Vote for a members story!

Greetings GE members!

I would like to pass along to you all a chance to help your fellow Whovian and GE Member, my wife Jessica Burke. She is my co-editor on our book The Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who, and who will be with me on Nov 16th when we get a chance to celebrate GE 25th and meet some of you.

She has entered her story into a contest and would like to ask you all to help out and vote for her story, I shall paste here what she has said of her story, the links and particulars.

I thank you ahead of time, please help her achieve #1 before Oct 31st--please pass this around to all of your friends and family.



Audio: Book of the Kells

This is a four out of ten. Why? It might be okay for a Hartnell adventure back in 1965 or 66 but then again the Hartnell stories that this most resembles are pretty much a mix of slapstick, gagfest, some geniuninely funny lines and material, some sublty and some action and seriousness as well as a few mysteries and scares with few if any twists and turns. This story has the twists and turns, one too many for my taste but it has NO humor or at least what is supposed to pass as humor doesn't. Pass that is.

Matt Smith Explains How He Prepared For His Role As The Doctor (video)

Matt Smith explaining how in preparing for his role as the 11th Doctor in the long running BBC series, Doctor Who that he studied quotes of Albert Einstein. Recorded at the US premiere of the 2010 series of Doctor Who at the Paley Center for Media in New York, April 2010.

Also see Karen Gillan explaining that anything is possible in Doctor Who at the same event.

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Graham Crowden Dies.

The Guardian reports that comedy-actor Graham Crowden died on Oct 19th at the age of 87. The cause was not disclosed.

For 'Doctor Who' fans he was know for his role in the story 'The Horns of Nimon' as Soldeed, which was released this year in the DVD set 'Myths and Legends' .

He is better knowm for his role as Tom Ballard in the series "Waiting for God' with Stephanie Cole.


For more on him in his obituary in the Guardian:

Graham Crowden Obituary


...and here is a link to his page on wikipedia:

Graham Crowden


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2 Timelords to visit Middle Earth!

With The Hobbit finally getting its greenlight recently Peter Jackson is looking to cast the film so that they can start shooting come this February. 

It is being said that former 10th Doctor David Tennant AND former 7th Doctor Sylvester McCoy are both being courted for casting in the upcoming Hobbit film. David's role is so far unknown but it is being said that Sylvester may be cast as Radagast the Brown.

2 Timelords in Middle Earth?? Awesome!

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