October 2010

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K9 S1E15 Black Hunger [SPOILERS]

When a swarm of nanobots gets loose Jorjie's mom uses the situation to have Drake removed, but the replacement looks like someone that has a history with her. 

I liked the concept of nanotechnology going wrong.

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K9 S1E14 The Last Oak Tree [SPOILERS]

Robin Hood in tights? Well, the title had me wary about this episode, but it turned out to be an interesting little story.

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K9 S1E13 Aeolian [SPOILERS]

Of storms and love. Funny how the Aeolian reminded me of a better dressed Alpha Centauri. 

Half way thru the series and I'm actually looking forward to watching more.

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K9 S1E12 Alien Avatar [SPOILERS]

Drake has got two aliens captive and is trying to steal their technology. This attempt is causing some alien substance to kill fish in the Thames. I like how Jorgie's mom and Drake are struggling with each other in the Department. 

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K9 S1E11 Oroborus [SPOILERS]

Back to the original formula of something coming through the space-time manipulator. It didn't seem as tired after some of the last few episodes which have deviated from the original pattern. This episode has to do about a being (a snake—the Oroborus) that eats time and causes temporal distortions.

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K9 S1E10 Curse of Anubis [SPOILERS]

Aliens come to Earth and herald K–9 as their savior, but he has no memory of this. They enslave Gryffen and then Starkie and Jorjie, while banishing Darius from the house. The goal is to enslave the planet with inside knowledge of the Department. 

I liked this episode and the Egyptian theme. And Darius gets the chance to save the day this time. I also liked the pictures of the old style K–9 in the alien's picture book.

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K9 S1E9 Dream-Eaters [SPOILERS]

Gryffen, Starkie, Jorjie, and Darius are plagued by nightmares. Tinfoil hats and clowns in cars add a bit of colour to another serious effort. This series is growing on me.

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K9 S1E8 Jaws of Orthrus [SPOILERS]

The Department launches a plot to get K9. Will Darius betray the gang? 

Another solid story. After a slow start, I think the series had hit its stride.

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K9 S1E7 The Fall of the House of Gryffen [SPOILERS]

The Fall of the House of Gryffen has been the best of this series so far. Gryffen confronts the loss of his family head on and risks losing his new family to get them back.

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K9 S1E6 Fear Itself [SPOILERS]

Another improvement in the storytelling of the series so far, in my opinion. A wardrobe (like the one leading to Narnia, or the TARDIS) is causing people's fears to rise to the forefront. A lot of great character development for the protagonists and antagonists in this script. Even K9 gets to grow some.

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