October 2010

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Superman costume from canceled Superman movie


Nic Cage? really? 

though it would have been interesting to see how Tim Burton would have done the movie. 


but that costume......................

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SJA S4E5-6: Death of the Doctor [SPOILERS]

Smith & Jones [& Smith]! 

What a fun romp and a trip down memory lane. Six Doctors, multiple companions, loads of monsters and friends. A veritable whogasm! This story is definitely RTD. 507 indeed! 

Ian, Barbara, Dorothy, Ben, Polly, Liz, Harry, Tegan and the Brig are amongst those name dropped... in addition to Amy and Rory. 

This'll be fun to watch with the DWNY group.

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SJA S4E3-4: The Vault of Secrets [SPOILERS]

Androvax returns and we have the SJA version of L.I.N.D.A.—B.U.R.P.S.S. 

To top it all off, we have alien abduction and Men in Black ufology explanations. And a secret vault. And Rani's parents get involved.

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K9 The Complete First Series on DVD available in Oz

If anyone is looking for the K-9 DVDs, they have been released in Australia so far (I assume it's region 4)... 

EzyDVD.com.au K-9 (2009) - The Complete 1st Series (4 Disc Set)

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K9 S1E21 Robot Gladiators [SPOILERS]

Another comic relief story. Thorne and the Department have set a trap to get K–9's secret of regeneration. This is a bit of a farce, but the late reveal seems to set up Thorne's boss as the one behind everything sinister in the Department. 

So, the apparent five part finale is next up. I think I may give it some time for the series to sink in. I've blown through sixteen episodes in quite a short time. I'm not sure whether it was the lowered expectations after the first few episodes, or that the series actually improved quite markedly as it went along, but I've developed a liking for this show. 

I don't know what to expect from the last five episodes, well, not entirely true. I do have a pretty good idea of what the basic premise of the penultimate episode is, but it'll be interesting to see if the program keeps up the momentum it has built up.

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K9 S1E20 Taphony and the Time Loop [SPOILERS]

The Department creates a time sensitive who needs to feed on someone to remain in the world. Taphony is feeding on her best friend Jorjie. Some more interesting ideas. And a touching ending.

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K9 S1E19 The Custodians [SPOILERS]

A VR game has taken over Jorjie and Darius and twenty million other kids. It looks like another Department experiment led by Thorne. But it has gone wrong and the kids are being infected by alien DNA.

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K9 S1E18 Mutant Copper [SPOILERS]

This light hearted episode explores the boundaries between human and artificial intelligence. The CCPC cyborg Birdie presents an interesting dilemma for Gryffen's gang and the Department, as well as the viewers.

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K9 S1E17 The Lost Library of Ukko [SPOILERS]

This lost in a virtual world story has been done before by others, but it was interesting none the less. The new security inspector at the Department, Thorne, is as devious and scheming as Drake was, and June is feuding with him as well now.

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K9 S1E16 The Cambridge Spy [SPOILERS]

A time travel episode to 1963... hmmm is that a Doctor Who homage? 

An cute view on the grandfather paradox.

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