September 2010

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The Big Finish audios in my mind had come to a big finish. For the last couple of years, almost every one I listened to was dissapointing. I intended to not listen to any again but I gave this one a try after that horrid 8th Doctor one with the "pick a companion" plot. I was all set to hate this one and this line up. I mean who are they fooling by touting this as the complete Davison companion line up? It's not. Furthermore, how could they have Nyssa in it...and anyway this team was not my favorite of the 5th Doctor team. I also felt it wa a slap in the face to Adric fans to have this team instead of the one the show really had and got wrong but this could have gotten right but that's neither here nor there. Thus I was set to hate this one, especially since the last time they had Tegan back, they totally ruined it and made a depressing "dying" but but...

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Tara's Terrific TARDIS Tattoo


Cheers to Doctor Who: Podshock Correspondent Tara Wheeler @TARDIS_Tara on her new transdimensional tattoo. We all watched last night via Twitter as she, her DH (David Wheeler), and Emily @emilyooo documented Tara's adventure. Tara being Tara of course brought colour samples of the scarf for Jon Reed, the tattooist to use... Yes, I said scarf. As you can see, a scarf is also included in the TARDIS (police box) image.

No, I already asked if dematerializing ink was used on it. She said that is on the other shoulder.

Was it painful?

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The Passing of a Friend and Listener

Adric Antfarm

It is with sadness that I am once again talking about the passing of another listener and friend of Doctor Who: Podshock. It was only this past June in which we dedicated Doctor Who: Podshock 207 to the memory of Alexei Kondratiev who had passed away unexpectedly a couple weeks after attending our live show in NYC in May. Today to my surprise and shock I learned of another passing. I didn't know him that well as I have only communicated with him via Twitter and on Second Life. His name is David Jennings, but you may know him as @AdricAntfarm — the name he used on Twitter (and Second Life). In fact he was a regular at our Doctor Who: Podshock meet ups and I was just tweeting with him as recently as last week.

The most recent and last posting on his blog by a good friend of his, Amalia Broom had broken the news today:

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The Ark gets BBFC Clearance.

The Ark a William Hartnell story with Stephen and Dodo as companions is to be released within the next couple of months, as it's just passed through BBFC classification. As to what extra's will be on the release is still unknown at the moment. 

The Story is set 10 Million years into out future where the earth has been destroyed by the Sun going nova. Actual Science proves of course that a sun such as our's can indeed die, and in doing so would destroy the Earth, but it does not have enough energy to go Super Nova, oh well 5 out of 10 for factually accuracy.

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A Question...

After watching 'Time and the Rani' again I noticed in the credits the name Wanda Ventham was playing Faroon and I know she appeared in 'The Faceless Ones' (Jean Rock) and 'Image of the Fendahl' (Thea Ransome) before that. I also remember Jean Marsh playing Joanna in 'The Crusades' and Sara Kingdom in "The Dalek Master Plan'. This got my mind thinking about this question...

How many people have appeared in 'Doctor Who' in multiple stories NOT COUNTING companions (Rose, Sarah Jane, Jo Grant, etc...), regulars (Brigadier, Liz Shaw, etc...), semi-regulars (the Master, Jackie Tyler, etc...) as different characters?


A good contender for this list (along with the two mentioned) is Prentis Hancock who was in 'Spearhead From Space', 'Planet of the Daleks', 'Planet of Evil', and 'The Ribos Operation'. In 'Spearhead from Space' he played a reporter, Vaber in 'Planet of the Daleks', Salamar in 'Planet of Evil' and the Shrieve Captain in 'The Ribos Operation'.

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Attack of the Cybermen, 6th Doctor and Stealth cyberman set.

As far as releases for Cybermen figures from character options, this year has really been a storm. With the Earthshock Cyberman at the beginning of the year, to the recently released Silver nemesis twin pack of Cyber lieutenant and Cyber Leader. To the Pre-orderable Revenge of the cybermen set due in November. It left me puzzling what could Character Options/Underground Toys bring out next Cybermen wise. Well that wish list has been cut down even further with this Double pack of the 6th Doctor and Cyber Scout. For me this is a double goal As I collec t 6th Doctors and Oh boy DO I COLLECT CYBERMEN! I personally would have made this set the Cyber Controller and Cyber Scout from attack of the Cybermen, but due to the silly prices going for the Standard 6th Doctor I am more than happy about the nature of this set. Since the original 6th Doctor release was brought out in a blister pack with a singular Part of the K1 robot from Robot to collect, trying to get hold of this figure for a "Reasonable Price" has been an absolute Nightmare. As to the cyberscout, it saves me time and effort of trying to customise an Earthshock cyberman to look like a cyberscout.

'Attack of the Cybermen' Sixth Doctor and Stealth Cybermen Set Coming 1 Oct

Stealth Cyberman and 6th DoctorIn another Forbidden Planet exclusive, the 6th Doctor and stealth Cybermen collectable figure set will be available 01 October 2010. Available for pre-orders today for shipping to the UK and Ireland now for £24.99. This set includes the 6th Doctor and a Stealth Cyberman from the 1985 Doctor Who story Attack of the Cybermen. The Doctor comes with a signal tracker accessory and the Cyberman is equipped with a Cybergun.

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Doctor Who Aventure Games Gets Recommissioned

The BBC announced this morning that the free to download (In the UK) Doctor Who Adventure Games will carry on next year, and therefore are to get recommisioned. Full details from the press release below.


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New series of Adventure games scheduled for 2011!

Both the Guardian and Digital Spy report that because of the success of the release of this year's line of 'Adventure Games' for 'Doctor Who' - more games will be done for next year. A new series of games to come out and we still have one more to get this year - what isn't there to love for a 'Doctor Who' fan.


Details are not yet available for the new games but we do know that they will be developed by Sumo Digital - the same ones that are doing the series this year.


For more on the story you can read the full article on the Guardian here:

BBC Commissions a fresh set of 'Doctor Who' games


and from digital spy:

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Support "Undercovers" and Gugu Mbatha-Raw!


Martha's little sister's got her own show - and you MUST support it!

The Gallifreyan Irregulars love Gugu, and have seen her not only on stage,

but in our Favorite Show About Archaeology:

American TV needs this show. I mean, it's J.J. Abrams.  It's gotta be good!

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