August 2010

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Podshock Second Life meet up 21st Aug. 2010 Group photo

Podshock Second Life meet up 21st Aug. 2010 Group photo

This is the End of meet up Group photo taken by myself, people included are... Louis Trapani (of course) Graeme"The2ndDoctor"Sheridan (Myself and also of course) Lewis Bailey(Happiness Patrol) Dave "AC" Cooper, Ian"The6thDoctor"Bisset (both of the Cultdom Collective and Podshock Crew) Samantha"RomanaII" Rosz. Terry Lightfoot, Oolon Sputnik and Victor1st of the Katrina "Doctor Who Experience" crew. Helen "Rowenth" Leser, Jared"ShalkaDoctor"Thomas.  Sorry if I missed anybody out but I am listing from memory.

*Plug* Anouncing the Titanium Bunker

August 22nd,2010 undisclosed location under the surface of the earth -

If you are a regular listener to Hoo on Who you will no doubt have heard about the Hingley brothers who provide tech support and artwork for Hoo on who from the Titanium Bunker.

Well now you can learn all about the Titanium Bunker.  Yes the Hingley brothers have decided to open up the doors to the Titanium Bunker to showcase some of the work they do on Hoo on Who and other projects. One of these projects is 'Where in the World is Colin Baker?', Possibly the worlds first fan game based on a podcast

"It's a little scary." says Dave Hingley, general dogsbody at the Titanium Bunker, "We aren't used to having people in the bunker so we have had to sweep up a little and make sure that its looking nice"

So don your Hard Hat, grab your security Pass and join us!

This Week In Doctor Who - August 21, 2010

This Week In Doctor Who - Section A
August 21, 2010 - Vol 13, Number 29
by Benjamin F. Elliott

All the known broadcasts of Doctor Who covered weekly since 1998. With the spinoffs too.

While TWIDW no longer has podcast listings, most of the Doctor Who podcasts online have united for publicity as the Doctor Who Podcast alliance . The podcasters are doing very exciting things these days. Stay tuned.

Sylvester Mccoy umbrella replica for sale on Ebay!!!

hey all!

just finished my second umbrella but my friend decided he didnt want it int he end so im putting it on ebay so that a reall Doctor who fan can use it and not just look at it :D

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Radio Rassilon

Radio Rassilon

Madcap musings from Leeson Fischer & Harry Meduim


I love this podcast.  It's new ... only a handful of podcasts have been made, which are posted every two weeks.

I love a good laugh with my Who-casts & Leeson and Harry are a riot.


Check them out at:




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TARDIS Doctor Who: The Adventure Game Pt. 3

The third instalment of the Doctor Who: Adventure Game , computer game series that's been free to download to and install to UK residents has been announced.

This time the game takes entirely place in the TARDIS it's self and we get to see the hinted at many rooms of the TARDIS. Steven Moffat has told the official DW website 

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 218

"We're always in trouble! Isn't this extraordinary… it follows us everywhere!"

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 218
Running Time: 1:29:01

We interview the legendary first ever director of Doctor Who, Waris Hussein. West Coast Correspondents Joshua Lou Friedmen and Amy Krell join us for this historic interview in which we discuss An Unearthly Child and Marco Polo as well as how Doctor Who of old compares to new. Plus Matt Smith puts on southern American accents in Doctor Who: The Runaway Train, and more!

Hosted by Louis Trapani, Ken Deep, Joshua Lou Friedman, and Amy Krell.

Doctor Who: Podshock 218 Cover

Doctor Who: Podshock 218 Cover

Cover art for Doctor Who: Podshock 218 interviewing Waris Hussein, the first ever director of Doctor Who. Colour photograph from Marco Polo.

Inset photo by Joshua Lou Friedman

RIM Launches Blackberry Podcasts with Doctor Who: Podshock

The following has been reposted from Art Trap Productions

Doctor Who: Podshock on Blackberry SmartphonesJust as Doctor Who: Podshock is celebrating it's 5th year in production, Research In Motion (RIM) has launched its new free Blackberry Podcasts service and application. Among the initial offerings of podcasts included is the popular venerable Doctor Who: Podshock. The new service allows Blackberry smart-phones to find, download, and consume podcasts on the mobile device from leading providers. Content can be downloaded via Wi-Fi or over the cellular network and played on the Blackberry player.

We are very pleased to have Doctor Who: Podshock included among other shows part of the Wizzard Media network on the service as part of their launch. We look forward to listeners from the many Blackberry users out there across the world.

After five years producing Doctor Who: Podshock it is still just as exciting today to discover new audiences as it was when we started. We look forward to them being a part of the show.

We welcome RIM and Blackberry smartphones to the popular and rapidly growing podcast medium.

New Doctor Who Podshock schwag

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