March 2010

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A View from the Stage

A View from the Stage

A view from on stage looking at half the audience during Doctor Who: Podshock's live recording of Doctor Who: Podshock 187 at Gallifrey 21 on the 28th of February 2010. At the time Andrew Hayden Smith and Georgia Moffett were being interviewed.

Photo by Eric Escamilla @Bullitt33

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Gallifrey 21 AudioBoos

For those that follow me on Twitter, may know that I sometimes use AudioBoo to record short audio reports while on the road. It is usually while attending a conference or convention or some other event, though not limited to such. (If you want to know more about AudioBoo, back in 2008, I posted this blog about AudioBoo: Boo! AudioBoo! Mini Mobile Podcasting!)

This year's Gallifrey One convention (Gallifrey Blackjack 21) was no exception.

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Let's put Pertwee on the Map

The Third Doctor is so under-represented in terms of postings in the forums. So, here are some questions which will hopefully get some more of you posting here:

1. Best Pertwee story?

2. Best Pertwee villain/monster?

3. Best scene/memory from a Pertwee story?

4. Worst Pertwee story (just for the balance)

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 186

"Ooh, it's a flyin' beastie!"

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 186
Running Time: 0:58:42

Our Gallifrey 21 Wrap-Up show reporting on Gallifrey Blackjack 21 in Los Angeles, CA. We wrap up our thoughts on the convention with special surprise walk-on guest, Frazer Hines.

Hosted by Louis Trapani, James Naughton, and Ken Deep

Doctor Who: Podshock 186 Cover

Doctor Who: Podshock 186 Cover

Cover art for Doctor Who: Podshock 186. Photos by Eric Escamilla and Rachel McCauley.

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Doctor Who On Tour?

The BBC Press Office has given notice of a Doctor Who UK tour, Staring on the 29th of March in Belfast Northern Ireland. Then it will move through Inverness (Karen Gillan's Home Town), Sunderland, Salford( Christopher Ecclestone's Home town) and landing in Northhampton (Matt Smiths Home town)

Following the tour, from 1 to 3 April, the BBC will also hold events for three days at selected BBC Big Screens across the UK giving Doctor Who fans in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Plymouth and Swansea.

The events will feature exclusive footage – including the chance to see the Doctor Who trailer in 3D – and giveaways, and fans can also get their photo taken tumbling through the giant vortex, And meet the Monsters on top.

next season's titles and season 6 possible titles

1-The 11th Hour
3-Sea of Souls
6-Ghosts of Motly Hall
7-MI High
8-Sarah Jane Adventures
10-The 11th Hour US
11-Law and Order
13-Xmas Special-Xmas Invasion Mock 2

And next season:

3-Young Dracula
6-Trinity (rumored to be featuring the Master, the Rani, and the Monk)
7-General Hospital
8-Sapphire and Steel
9-Blake's 7
10-Omega Factor (guess who returns AGAIN!)
11-The X Files
12-The Night Stalker

Australian Air Date

The ABC have confirmed an April air date for Series 5. This will be the first time we Australians haven't had to wait until the season is almost over in the UK. I'm excited!

11th Doctor Novels and Audiobooks

6 new novels and 3 audiobooks have been announced, with release dates as early as April.



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