February 2010

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See You at Gallifrey

There's only one more week until Gallifrey 21, the annual premier Doctor Who convention of North America taking place in Los Angeles, CA. Once again, Doctor Who: Podshock will be there in force.

Doctor Who Podshock Meet and GreetWe are holding a Meet and Greet on the Thursday evening before the convention ("Gallifrey Eve," if you like) at the same hotel. It is at 10pm PST on the 25th of February. It is late enough to allow many of people flying in on Thursday to check into the hotel and get some dinner beforehand. The Meet and Greet is an informal (leave the tux at home) gathering where you will have a chance to come by and say hi, meet the Doctor Who: Podshock hosts, correspondents, and regular contributors to the show. Learn more about our Meet and Greet here. If you plan on meeting up with us there, please RSVP here.

If you are a Podshock Supporting Subscriber and you are going to Gallifrey 21, please let us know if you haven't done so already. In addition to the Meet and Greet, we would like to plan something special to do with supporting subscribers at Gallifrey 21. What that might be, depends on how many will be able to join us. It is because of the support of supporting subscribers we are able to bring you the show and do these events. Please if you haven't done so yet, please consider supporting us by becoming a Podshock Supporting Subscriber. It doesn't cost much and it means so much to us.


My niece is finally of age where she can watch season one of BUFFY so we watched a bulk of season one last night. Here's my thoughts:


This was certainly very listen-able but like most DW or maybe just how I feel about all DW right now: it's rather routine. Doc and female companion stumble into a war/rebellion, get involved, find out things are not what they seem (think ENLIGHTENMENT "Wer'e on a ....) but even that's routine, and then get it all straightened out with some death along the way and some robots along the way. It's all very good at the first disk and the period parts are rather well done and played out. The actors are good and the story is pure DW and I like it. I'd give it a 7/10 for now. It's just that by the end, I wasn't really caring any more, there's no real difference between this and thousands of other DW stories in the tv show, comics, novels, annuals, etc etc. Colin and Nicola and the guests all do a great job though. The sound effects and music are prtty good too.

A Thousand Tiny WIngs

This was certainly very very good and much better than I expected. Klein is a complicated villain/companion with depth in her evil minded ness and it makes for great listening, her relationship to the Doctor and the performances are very well done. I also like the setting, one that is rarely used in anything, certainly not DW> That said, the routine invasion/plague/take over your planet/buried spaceship in the ground/mix to the historical stuff is rather...routine. It's surprising in some ways and the DOc was wrong about Jonah, wasn't he? THere's a number of links to the New Adventures, both subtle (keepers watching over an alien artefact over time) and not subtle (Ace and I love Klein's quote about having heard her already if she were here). Not bad but maybe I'm just too tired of DW overall already.

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The actor George Waring has died at the age of 84.

The Actor George Waring Died on Monday 15th Febuary fice days short of his 85th Birthday.

He was Known to Classic fans through the Partick Troughton Era Story, The Ice Warriors where he played the Scientist Arden, who Discovers an Ice Warrior burried in the Ice and unfortunately becomes the Warrior's first Victim.  The Ice Warriors Story is as of yet not Available on DVD but is probibly obtainable through your Favourite Auction House on VHS.

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Blue Peter Competion Winner Announced

News has filtered through Galifrey Base News room that the Winner of the Design a Console for the Tardis Competition, has Been anounced.  The Winner In the 11-12 year olds Susannah, Had her Console chosen as the over all winner.  Which apparently will be seen in Episode 7 of the New Season.

Further news can be found through the link below.


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Series 1 Doctor 11 - Series 31 - Series 5

The new Series of Doctor Who is reported now to Start in April, and to that a new Trailer will be shown on the BBC on Saturday the 20th of Feb. This Information was released through thier usual Source of Premier PR.  Any of you UK based Podshock listners can join us on Saturday in Second Life for the Seasonal meet up, and possibly let us know what you think of the new Trailer.  I'll be there in my Tardis Tartan kilt, SL name of Sirius Silvecloud. See you there.

some of the classic series available at http://www.seesaw.com/

If you take a look at this site and search for Doctor who, you will get all the classic dr who.

Its not 100% but has at least one show per classic Doctor, and I am sure they would upload more if demand was shown.





Correx on Gallifrey One's TARDIS:

In a recent podcast, you mentioned that the TARDIS that the Gallifrey One convention was built for the promotional photoshoot that Paul McGann did for the Fox telemovie.  This is incorrect.

That TARDIS was indeed used (I am, in fact, one of the people who assembled the TARDIS at the photo studio) but the TARDIS was actually built about ten years before.  Several of the builders were among the early members of the club that eventually became known as the Time Meddlers of Los Angeles, the L.A. Doctor Who group from which many of the original Gallifrey One committee members came from.

There is a plaque mounted on the inside of the small panel on the front that the telephone resides in, detailing the names of "The TARDIS Builders Union, Local 42" i.e. the people who built the TARDIS.  That said, I do not remember if it has a date inscribed thereon.

Just setting the record straight.

New Publicity Image for Doctor Who Series 31

Regular Gallifreyan Embassy website contributor, Troy Baker posted this find from The Sun of the latest publicity image for series 31 of Doctor Who starring Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor.

Doctor Who Series 31

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