February 2010

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Group Shot at the Feb SL Meet Up

Group Shot at the Feb SL Meet Up

Group photo taken at the end of the Gallifreyan Embassy / Doctor Who: Podshock Second Life Meet Up in February 2010.

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Hello from a devoted Whovian!

Was not sure where else to say hello?

But here goes!...

Only just found this excellent forum and wanted to join and say hello! I have been a devoted Whovian for about 38 years, almost as long as I can remember!

Looking forward to getting to know everyoen on here! Kiss


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Winter Podshock Meet up Feb 2010

The Podschock Winter meet up took place on Feb. 20th and here's the Photo from the end of the Meet up.

Fun was had by all who attended.  Podshock crew, Tardis Tara, Eric"Bullit 33", Ian"the6thDoctor"Bisset, Dave "AC" Cooper, Graeme"The2ndDoctor" Sheridan and of Course Thee Presenter, "Mr Podshock" Louis Trapani.

New Doctor Who Promo Trailer for Series 31 with Matt Smith

The new trailer promo for the first series of the 11th Doctor starring Matt Smith, series 31, has been released and it continues with the "spin cycle of doom" theme we saw with the publicity image released earlier this week. They do announce "Easter" as the start of the new series at the end of the promo. No, you don't need special glasses to see this, this version is not in 3D.

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Hurt/Heal: The Tenth Doctor

The only one we haven't done yet.  Same rules as always - vote once every 24 hours.  Take 2 points from the episode you want to vote out, Add 1 point to the episode you want to keep. I've taken the liberty of only including full episodes - not animation nor children in need clips. I've also counted each episode of two part stories or it becomes quite complicated (e.g. does Utopia belong with Sound of Drums, etc.)

This Week In Doctor Who - February 20, 2010

This Week In Doctor Who
February 20, 2010 - Vol 13, No 7
The weekly guide to Doctor Who broadcasts worldwide since 1998.
by Benjamin F. Elliott

Hello again. After an unexpected 1 week hiatus due to two computers being
down at once, TWIDW is back. Hopefully it is legible this time. The Podcast

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David Tennant to star in BBC's Single Father

The guardian roeports the David Tennant will be starring in the BBC's Comedy-drama "Single Father" It is a four-part series based on a photograper named Dave (no last name given).  This will be his first starring role since "Doctor Who".

Filming begins in March.

For the full story:

David Tennant back on BBC1 in Single Father


EDIT: Another story on the Sun's website gives more detail.

here is the link to the story on the Sun:

Who's your daddy?


EDIT 2: BBC's press office website now has info about the show.

Here is a link to the story there:


This series of movies from I guess Denmark or Norway is very good. Four children, two of them turning teens during the series, embark on adventures involving lost treasures such as St Paul's crown, the Holy Grail, the Ark of Covenant, and more. A well filmed, well made kids' series with action, death (but not too much), and great location work. There's also  a great deal of interplay between the characters.

Also don't miss CRUADE IN JEANS aka CRUSADE IN TIME or MARCH THROUGH TIME about a boy who goes back in time to the CHILDREN'S CRUSADE 

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