December 2009

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Christmas Doctor Who

I have just seen the cover of this years BBC Radio Times listings magazine and it has a dalek on it. Is this an unintentional spoiler for the two impending Christmas specials I wonder?

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John Simm in "Speaking in Tongues" in London

Dear John Simm:

I loved you in "Life on Mars," adored you as The Master, but, buddy, you were really awesome in this play. Which wasn't very good.  And I was sitting in the front row fearing for my life because Ian Hart almost beat an audience member up a few nights before for allegedly talking during the show.  But you were great and it was worth it. Next time, pick a better play.  I'll be there, in the front row, savoring every minute of it.




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Podshock plug with new DW fan group.

I'm removing the previously posted info in this thread since the Meetups group web site was shut down on the 15th of June,2010.  I've posted info. about a NEW Arizona based fan web site I set up in its place in the "Fan Clubs" section of these forums. Check it out there... Thanks! :-)

Come On, It's Lovely Weather for a Sleigh Ride Together with Who

The BBC is offering desktop "wallpaper" of the Doctor riding his TARDIS like a sleigh being pulled by reindeer. As usual, they are offering it in various sizes. Download them from here: BBC - Doctor Who - The Doctor and the Reindeer

The Doctor and the Reindeer

Look Ma, No Glare! BBC Publishes The End of Time Publicity Image

A few days ago we came across a photo taken of this publicity image for The End of Time. It was a nice glimpse of the promotional image, albeit it had a flash glare in an unfortunate location. Today, the BBC has published an exclusive image of it sans the glare and it shows a bit more.

The End of Time

See and read more about it here: BBC - Doctor Who - Exclusive Image

This Week In Doctor Who - December 5, 2009

This Week In Doctor Who
December 5, 2009 - Vol 12, No 45
The weekly guide to Doctor Who broadcasts worldwide since 1998.
by Benjamin F. Elliott

Many, many things updated. Best I can do is get you into the listings quickly so you can see the updates for yourself.

The official cast list for the 2010 Doctor Who series:

The Doctor: Matt Smith
Amy Pond: Karen Gillan



I was all set to hate this but with low expectations, I really didn't. It's nice to see the Doctor out of the UK and in the past in another country...the pace if fast and the music nice. Okay the CGI or whatever that was wasn't that great but it's not terrible and I found this quite a nice homage and an action adventure. Not that bad at all and certainly better than a lot of other stuff. I'm actually looking forward to the rest despite all the cliches but I think that was the point: homages. Men in black, bug eyed insect giants, bug eyed monsters, Roswell, Area 51, the diner in the middle of the desert, army men, lifts, vent shafts, a joke cracking Doctor, a man who calls the Doctor Doc, and a little green...woman?     

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From the Beginning: The Third Doctor

And so, my travels throught the Dr Who archive move into the 1970s and colour. Although I would rank Jon Petrwee amongst my top three doctors a perusal of the episode titles make me realize that I really only know/remember about 14 of the 24 stories. Although I know I watched some of the other stories I do not remember the story just some of the key (scarey) scenes.

Richard Todd Dies at Age 90

Richard Todd as SandersDoctor Who fans will kinda remember Richard Todd for his part as Sanders in the 1982 Peter Davison story, Kinda. Though for others, this real life war hero will be remembered for roles in such films as The Dam Busters (1955) and the Yangtse Incident (1957).

Todd, who had been fighting cancer, has died at the age of 90. He had been one of the first British soldiers to parachute into France on D-Day.

He has a long list of credits with film and television roles as early as 1937 to as recent as 2007. 

Video: Christmas on BBC and The End of Time Christmas Promo (fan-edit)

The BBC has released a promo for their Christmas line up (see second video below) which features some clips from the Doctor Who: The End of Time specials. One fan ("WhoFan9") made their own edit of it strictly for The End of TIme which you can see below.

The BBC One Christmas Drama 2009 Promo:

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