December 2009

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How do you rate Doctor Who: The End of Time, Part 1? (5=Fantastic)

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26% (10 votes)
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18% (7 votes)
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38% (15 votes)
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Total votes: 39
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The End of Time: Part One - SPOILERS!!!

Ah, just what the Doctor ordered. Replete with Turkey roast dinner and therefore content, and just one or two cavas to relax and so make sure that I didn't worry too much about any plots holes, I really enjoyed this.

Those worrying that the major plot points had been let out of the bag months before the story started, needn't have worried too much as the Master appeared within the first five minutes and the truth of their return was revealed at the end of the episode.

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Is it wrong for a fan of the Tenth Doctor to want it to be over already?


As much as I've enjoyed the Tennant era, I am so ready for the Moffat/Smith era to begin.


These specials have felt like "lame duck" programming for a while now.


The End of Time, even with some good moments, hit home many of the things I dislike about the RTD era and will happily see it go away, even if it means losing Tennant.



Do you think he is knocking? (End of Time wild speculation)

This is probably wrong but, do you think the Black Guardian is returning? On the wikipedia page for End of Time there's a comment by Tennant "Yeah, absolutely, and if you think you've figured out what that means,you're wrong!" that makes me think that someone other than the Master is knocking.


MISSION TO MAGNUS makes me wish we also had THE ULTIMATE EVIL script turned into an audio story. They are very similiar but MISSION is not typical mid 1980s DOCTOR WHO; for one thing--- it's good. Like really good. Nick Briggs on the commentary states how unknown it was for him or BF to have pre teens working on a story and frankly it's nice to see a ten year old character. I always felt--and I'm probably in the minority here--there should be more children and teens in DW. In any event, there isn't, thus Colin's interplay with Vyon is fresh and new as is Peri's. It almost wants to echo their relationships wiht the twins in THE TWIN DILEMMA but doesn't. The music is very 80s but never mind don't let that detract you from this or from it or whatever. There are also a male vs female thing with the females having won already via mind games and mind control. They seem to say they are peaceful but they're really not; they are really just as bad as the men, moreso.

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Happy Holidays

Wishing you all out there Happy Holidays from Brighton on the South-East coast of the UK. Especial thanks to Louis, Ken and James for all their hard work. Here's hoping for a good special tomorrow. Oh yeah and peace and good will to all men and women.






1-Dressed To Kill


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Paul Cornell's 12 Blogs of Christmas - Doctor Who Style

Paul Cornell

Paul Cornell has a series on his blog, The 12 Blogs of Christmas this holiday season.

In the latest entry, The 12 Blogs of Christmas: Eleven. Millennium Eve he features some of his fellow Doctor Who folk… included are Russell T Davies, Steven Moffat, Gary Russell, Murray Gold, James Moran, Noel Clarke, even a familiar name from Doctor Who: Podshock is there too.

In it, we are recounting what we were doing ten years ago as we rang in the new millennium.

Actually, it is quite humbling to be sharing such company on the same page. I thank Paul, he is a lovely person and friend. As I said in my piece included in Paul's blog, take nothing for granted.

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