December 2009

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Crusade In Jeans, March Through Time EXCELLENT TIME TRAVEL MOVIE

CRUSADE IN JEANS is a perfect example of using history and timetravel and good storytelling without contrived superheroics (you know what I mean). I just finished watching it and it is sooo good it stays with you.

1212 : the Children's Crusade has to be one of the saddest, stupidest events in history. 1000s of children and teens taking off to Jerusalem, going the wrong way, following a shepard boy who meant well but who either was duped into or deluded about having heard from God. The faithfull were used by the faithless adults. It all ends badly for the kids, either dying from starvation, the cold, or being sold into slavery by the adults they trusted (priests!!!!) or killed by animals. Many were lost and never saw their homes again, some survived. Some returned home. It's a little known facet of history and I'm shocked that no one has put it on the screen before this.

Doctor Who: Podshock 175 Cover

Doctor Who: Podshock 175 Cover

Cover art for Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 175 in which we review Doctor Who: The End of Time, Part 1 live over the net.



BBC America to Marathon 10th Doctor Episodes on New Year's Day and Day After

10th DoctorRing in the new year with the Doctor! BBC America will be marathoning Doctor Who episodes starring David Tennant as the Doctor starting at midnight, New Year's Day through January 2nd with the conclusion of David Tennant's last special, The End of Time, Part 2.

It all starts at the stroke of midnight, January 1, 2010 with The Christmas Invasion, David Tennant's first full story as the Doctor after regenerating from the 9th Doctor played by Christopher Eccleston (from Christmas 2005). Each hour after that brings a new episode. 1am - New Earth, 2am - Tooth and Claw, etc.

Will End of Time Break Waters of Mars Record for BBC America?

The End of Time comes to BBC America tonight, well part 1 of it at least. Will it top the best figures BBC America received last week with the airing The Waters of Mars special? Time will tell. 1.1 million viewers turned into BBC America (of those that can receive it of course) to see The Waters of Mars making it the highest rated show ever on BBC America.

Tonight at 9pm (EST), Doctor Who returns to the cable/satellite channel with The End of Time, Part 1. Here's a taste of the episode below.

Dalek's Master Plan Coloursations 2 by BabelColour

BabelColour's colourisation of the monochrome 1965/6 serial 'The Daleks Master Plan'. The majority of this video was colourised frame-by-frame using Adobe Photoshop, although the clips featuring Kert Gantry (played by Brian Cant) were motion-tracked by James Russell from photoshopped frames I had colourised.

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Master Mask, Courtesy of the BBC

The mind boggles - no, I'm not going to rush out and "put elastic on it," and I am old enough to cut it out myself, than you very much, but, having been very impressed with Mr. Simm in person, I just don't know what I'm going to do with this mask. Hmmm.... Thanks, BBC!  Happy Holidays, everyone!!!

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BBC America to ring in 2010 w/ Doctor Who marathon

Fifty of the first 52 hours of programming on BBC America in 2010 are a David Tennant Doctor Who Marathon! 

1/1/10 12:00 AM Doctor Who - The Christmas Invasion (2005) 
1/1/10 1:00 AM Doctor Who - Ep 1 New Earth 
1/1/10 2:00 AM Doctor Who - Ep 2 Tooth and Claw 
1/1/10 3:00 AM Doctor Who - Ep 3 School Reunion 
1/1/10 4:00 AM Doctor Who - Ep 4 The Girl In The Fireplace 
1/1/10 5:00 AM Doctor Who - Ep 5 Rise Of The Cybermen 
1/1/10 6:00 AM Doctor Who - Ep 6 The Age Of Steel 
1/1/10 7:00 AM Doctor Who - Ep 8 The Impossible Planet 
1/1/10 8:00 AM Doctor Who - Ep 9 The Satan Pit 
1/1/10 9:00 AM Doctor Who - Episodes 12 & 13 Army of Ghosts / Doomsday 
1/1/10 11:00 AM Doctor Who - The Runaway Bride (2006) 
1/1/10 12:00 PM Doctor Who - Ep 1 Smith and Jones 

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Doctor Who Xmas Presents

I was wondering what Dr Who type Xmas presents you guys & Gals got for Xmas.

I got the Time Travelers Almanac & Doctor Who: Short Trips Re:Collections Books.

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