October 2009

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Gosh did I spell that right? Anyway David's terrific in this again. So is Tate and Freema. I love seeing Martha and think it's funny how they DON'T FIGHT, both being much more mature than Sarah and Rose AND putting the conceited Doctor in his place in more ways than one. Love how Martha is working for UNIT but really how long did it take her and UNIT to discover that the factory workers were...taken over? And Martha walks right into a trap. Frankly, I could have done without the entire Martha clone storyline subplot, it seems like filler and added nothing to the story at all.

Audio: Comp Chr: Prisoner of Peladon (

The new Companion Chronicles, Prisoner of Peladon isn't bad. It's just sort of routine. It's a Peladon story and we have Alpha Centauri (a favorite character), Ice Warriors, a kidnapped princess, and the citadel castle. There's politics and there's the new idea of Ice Warrior refugees (which seems just wrong somehow).   I don't understand the recent surge of making Alpha a villain or a betrayer somehow. I always thought he/she/it had potential as a heroic figure or a companion. I also wonder how they reintroduce an Ice Warrior that may or may not be an Ice Warrior from CURSE as...well, you'll see.

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Doctor Who Ashton Charity Update

Just a newspaper report on the Hyde Fundraisers Doctor Who Charity event that I posted a couple of YouTube videos on (dac100) and pictures at dac100 PhotoBucket.

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Event Report clipping


Cheers, daveac

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HOORAY, another great episode! Okay it really has a lot in common  with CONQUEST OF THE PLANET OF THE APES but it's also a very traditional DOCTOR WHO story what with a revolution (just how many DW stories deal with rebellions and revolutions?). Donna has another terrific episode, cemented as a very traditional companion now but also so much more. AND so much more than Rose ever was, sorry, it's true. Rose knew right from wrong but Donna, ahh, Donna feels right from wrong, and being much more mature, she does the right thing from instinct and maturity and care rather than just being whom the Doctor wants to do the right thing. Rose may have saved someone but she really didn't get the Ood. Donna feels the Ood and here, she's so good, for the second time in a row.

David Tennant Up For BAFTA Scotland Award

David TennantDavid Tennant has been nominated for the 2009 BAFTA Scotland Awards. British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Scotland director Helen Anderson announced the nominees today for the BAFTA Scotland Awards 2009 taking place at the Glasgow's Science Centre on Sunday, the 8th of November 2009. It celebrates the best in Scottish TV, film, and multimedia.

For his work playing the lead role in Doctor Who, David Tennant has been nominated in the male acting in TV category along with other nominees, Robert Carlyle (The Unloved) and Bill Paterson (Spanish Flu - The Forgotten Fallen).


After the wholly dissappointing DOCTOR'S DAUGHTER, this is a  real treat. I watched this in a room full of friends, who have seen a bit of DOCTOR WHO (one ep of TALONS and almost all of Rose's first season, BLINK, and one or two have seen HUMAN NATURE/FAMILY OF BLOOD). They loved it and we also watched SHAKESPEARE CODE before it. They got the jokes, got the references and loved them, didn't mind the aliens, understood the plot for the most part, loved the witches, Shakespeare, the bee thing...and thank God it wasn't an alien out for world domination but just an alien trying to survive and it wasn't even that evil...yeah, it killed but on impulse.

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Mary Tamm book now out.

Companion to the fourth Doctor Mary Tamm has a new book out called "First Generation". The book focuses on her and her acting career. This book focuses on her early days and her time on "Doctor Who"


Digital Spy interviewed Mary Tamm about the release of the book at this link:



Benny Audio: Secret Origins

A great theme song, adventures in time and space and the future and a sidekick, a Time Ring, and messing about with the timelines. Yes, I'm talking about Benny! This installment is just as good as all the others and does not dissapoint. The ending gets a bit convoluted but unlike other DW audios and DW novels, the explanation is laid bare and makes a sort of strange timeline sense. Even if it doens't, it sounds good. The actress playing Robin isn't the girl from Hex but she sounds a lot like her and she's pretty good. The acting is again strong and I can't praise Tom Grant enough for playing Benny's son. Lisa Bowerman is terrific and the first half of this is a strong funny story with enough saracastic quipping to last a lifetime but it's all very very funny and filled with action and adventure...and a bedside vigil. I can't praise these audios enough. Was the Benny audios always like this?

IDW Comic issue 4-Fugitive part 2 of 4

The Doctor is having so many comic adventures that even I can't keep up nor want to: many of them are generic, flat and tepid affairs although I will admit that even I was shocked they gave him and Heather (a blond Rose clone sorta) a 16 year old boy (!) companion for a couple of issues with the nickname of Wolfie (and no, he's not a werewolf) in DOCTOR WHO ADVENTURES. Happily BATTLES IN TIME has ended the comic run (but I suspect a revival when the 11th Doctor returns).

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