October 2009

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Elisabeth Sladen and Russell T Davies on SJA and Doctor Who VIDEO (Breakfast 29-10-2009)

Elisabeth Sladen and Russell T Davies are interviewed together on Breakfast this morning talking about the Sarah Jane Adventures and Doctor Who. Will Darth Vader battle the Daleks? All is told here.

Expect an emotional end of the 10th Doctor era says RTD.

Sonic Newsdriver for Thursday, the 29th October 2009

The Sonic Newsdriver 20091029
Selected Doctor Who related news delivered sonically.
For Earth-date: Thursday, the 29th of Oct. 2009

Is there a Doctor in the house?, To the Moon Alice, Sarah Jane Adventures nominated for a BAFTA Children's Award, Wake the Kids and Phone the Neighbors, David Tennant's New Gig, Trust Review Leads to an Extra £25.5m for BBC Children's Services, Doctor Who Christmas Special to be Previewed on BBC Children in Need, and more.

Hosted by Louis Trapani

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Wishing episodes

Ok, you find an old trunk at a car boot sale and in are are ten of the missing episodes of the classic series which have never been found. You get to choose which ten (episodes not stories!). Which would they be and why?


Good God. What unwonderful nonsense. This is retarded from the word ALLONSEY. Okay, some good things: David Morrisey tries real hard and for the first few minutes he'd make a good Doctor on the lines of Colin Baker and I mean that. I can also see him as an action Doctor the likes of Pertwee and never has it been seen that Tennant looks like a wimp but next to this Doctor he does look like the less action hero and more foppish dandy who can't even duck from a swinging rope but does anyway. The end scene is rather good with Jackson's goodbye to the Doctor and the Doctor saying his companions break his heart. Oh, it's all about him then is it? I suppose the ones that died broke your hearts too and the ones you kicked out. AND...that's about it. Oh, wait, there IS something about Cybermen in the snow that's just ...rather glorious. And that's..about all that's good...

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Happy Birthday Matt Smith

Happy Birthday!

Matt Smith 27 today - 28th Oct

Cheers, davec

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JOURNEY'S END another look

Okay I've probably reviewed this crap more than I care to admit and seen it more than I care to admit. Let's see. Once on the net and that was depressing. Once at a club meeting and that left me empty. And twice on DVD recently with this showing making the second time so that's four in all.

I must say with each repeated viewing and knowing what was coming, it's not as bad as the first time. David is still rather weak in this episode in both Doctors' skins. Who doesn't want to vomit when Rose has to shush him as he gawks at her like a boy who knows a girl likes him. Stick a finger down my throat! And Rose is just as stilted as ever and the lines are so forced and fake. No one talks like these people.

Disney XD's Sneak Peek at the New K9 - The Series

Disney XD UK released this sneak peek preview of the new K9 - The Series on YouTube on the 26th of October. According to the Disney XD UK YouTube posting, the full episode airs on Disney XD (UK) this Saturday at 6pm (Sky Channel 607, Virgin 707).

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BREAKING NEWS: Matt Smith and Karen Gillan Spotted Wearing Coats!

Wake the kids and phone the neighbors, folks! The Sun has published this BREAKING NEWS story relating to Doctor Who:

Doctor Who Matt Smith and Karen Gillan don chunky sleeping bag-style coats | The Sun http://ow.ly/wKWq


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