September 2009

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Sarah Jane Adventures Series 3 Debuts in October

Sarah Jane Adventures LanyardThe 3rd series of The Sarah Jane Adventures is due to premiere on CBBC in October, not in September as we were previously led to believe. The Doctor Who spin-off series starring Elisabeth Sladen begins its 3rd series on CBBC in October (the exact date is still not known at this time though they have been unconfirmed reports on the net indicating the 15th of October).

Your selection of Doctor Who news for the 2nd September 2009

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For Earth-date: Wednesday, the 2nd of Sept. 2009

In this episode: Tabloid Tennant, Last of the TARDISes, Sarah Jane Adventures Series 2 on DVD, Dreamland, John Barrowman Made It Through Again, Catch Doctor Who: Podshock 160 and Get Your Sonic Gear, plus more!

Hosted by Louis Trapani


Or rather bad title for a GREAT episode. Really. Those who say I hate RTD are wrong. I love him when he writes great stuff like this. And it's not him I don't like, it's his bad stories and it's not him that I like, it's his good stories. Anyway this gives us some outlandish sequences in (and I hate most reality TV shows, these included) the Big Brother House, What Not To Wear, and Weakest Link. Yeah, the Weakest Link was done rather more effectively in THE ONE DOCTOR with 6th Doctor Colin Baker but the tone there was completely different and ...well, this is just as entertaining and cool as that but in a different way.

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Old Website Down

I was trying to look up some archive posts in the Old forum. It seems to hangon the front page. Is the old site still functioning properly?



RTD's script is perfect, Chris is perfect, Annette is perfect, and Billie, John (love his reaction to Mickey), and Noel are perfect. The music is perfect. This story is the most underrated story ever. Cardiff's tower or whatever that is (sorry, ignorant here of Cardiff) looks wonderful. Who would know that in future years it would come to represent the worst of DW: TORCHWOOD but this is before all that. A story where the Doctor has to stay and face his repurcussions and think about the enemy and what will happen and that he will have to be a killer. He's been so many times in the past but never really thought about it that we've seen.

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K9 on Disney XD showreeel

To celebrate the launch today of the new Disney XD (UK) channel, I invite you over to  The first video that'll pop up should be the channel's first showreel.  About a minute in is a tiny snippet from K9, proving the show will indeed be aired shortly on the channel.  Although no air date has yet been announced, this is the first visible sign of actual broadcast life for the show in the UK.  It's possible that episodes of the show might be viewable on the site in due course — as most Disney shows do make it online — but that's far from being confirmed.  Also, another little thing that can be gleaned from the 2-second snippet: that's definitely the voice of John Leeson, and not the other joker Park Entertainment used in their preliminary trailer. 

Patient Zero (spoilers)

I've only listened to part one thus far. Colin Baker is marvelous in this and as the Doctor and I just love him in this one in particular. He's amazing. The story is very well done but I must admit at the start I was a bit confused and the plot seemed a bit convoluted and confusing but I'm assuming as a bit was explained in the first part more will reveal itself in part two.  On the negative side I must say that India Fisher as Charley can really give good headaches. She really gave me a headache in this as her voice rises and  fallsl at unexpected moments and she's really got this loud loud loud voice and pentrating throw to it. It really hurt. Added to that she sort of overacts a bit in this...

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