August 2009

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This episode is the best DOCTOR WHO ever made. Of course we got DOOMSDAY after that and the rest of this season, they're all wonderful and DOOMSDAY is probably THE number one Doctor Who story of all time but this just gave me good feelings all the way through, and the last 20 minutes gave me positive goosebumps and was just lovely and positive all the way to the smashing ending. AND Chris is the Doctor now. He's a bit Tom Bakerish in this and that's a great thing and he imbibes the Doctor with the correct balance of nonjudgement (to Jack, to Nancy and to sexuality although to be fair he's probably happy now that Rose knows Jack screws with men and other life forms).


In that crazy year that was 2005, it's hard to remember exactly what happened but I believe at a sci fi group meeting I saw this and this was the first exposure to NEW DOCTOR WHO that I had, this and THE DOCTOR DANCES. To me, then, this was just perfect: we had: a sexual companion (looked at now as a bit of a skank who is more than just flirting but making her skankness a major part of her being), a gay character! (who is really bi and not gay, thus diluting the entire thing as much of gay in NEW WHO dilutes being gay), a scary story that seems like the horror of old ala HORROR OF FANG ROCK and IMAGE OF THE FENDAL (only better!), and good acting, good music, good sets, good effects, and good...well, everything.


My God, FATHER'S DAY is so far removed from the classic DOCTOR WHO series but what's scary is it is more removed from 2009's DW Specials and what seems to be coming. FATHER'S DAY has it's faults but luckily after the HUGE misstep that was THE LONG GAME, Doctor Who just goes from strength to strength. This episode and...well, the rest of the season are just FANTASTIC!

Never before has...and a word about Paul Cornell. Like most DW authors he has some real gems (creating Benny is one of those) and some real stinkers (SCREAM OF THE SHAKLA comes to mind). He was also quite conceited and in 1999 told Nick Briggs that he wasn't the author to bring DW back. What a jerk he was then.


Blaahh! I guess I liked it better this time around than the first time I saw it but let's be honest: this is the weakest story in the entire Chris Ecceleston Months. Where to begin? First, the Doctor and Rose both treat Adam like a piece of garbage from the first moment. The Doctor clearly sees Adam as Rose's boyfriend and only mentions this when Adam can't hear him and has fainted...fainted. The writers chose to make Adam a Turlough rather than an Adric or a Harry type character but he has traits of all three. The Doctor then, not long after, calls Adam his old mate or old friend, showing how two face the Doctor really is. He then chucks Adam in in the deep end and unlike the way he checked on Rose, doesn't bother to check on Adam at all, despite Adam telling him that he is time sick and showing signs of culture shock. The Doctor's acting at his worst, acting like a child and trying hard to make Rose choose him over Adam, clearly thinking of boyfriend drama.

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Tim Drury's Scoop

Just had a very excited @tdrury on the phone - he has a Doctor Who Scoop! He caught Matt Smith filming near Western Canal Wharf in Cardiff

followed by a tweet  by @vegan_sarnie Please RT: Matt Smith is filming at an antique shop in Cardiff!

Matt Smith of couse in full costume.

It certainly has made Tim's day in Cardiff!

Cheers daveac - for Tim

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Are there any Who fans in Southern California, OC especially, interested in starting something?

I, and a group of 5 or so others, are looking to start something in Orange County. Could be a meet-up, or just viewing nights. Anybody out there interested? I'm sure we could use the pub,  The Olde Ship, as our meeting place. I'm going through major withdrawals, and can't wait for Gallifrey One to obsess with others over my favorite show.


- Carl

[SPOILER] Leaked Audio of Matt Smith as the Doctor

"I am the Doctor..."

Scene recorded in Jacob’s Antiques Centre, Cardiff, August 28 2009

via @tdrury








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Hurt/Heal: The First Doctor

Ok for those of you who don't know, here are the rules:

Each story starts with 10 points. When youvote you need to add 1 (+1)  to a story you like and take away 2 (-2) from a story you don't like as much. When a story reaches 0 points, it is eliminated from the game. You can only vote once every twenty-four hours. Have fun!

Here are the candidates:

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How Much ‘Doctor Who’ Is Too Much ‘Doctor Who’?

The snap answer to this question is, of course, “There’s no such thing as too much ‘Doctor Who’”. But is that really the case? Have we reached the point where keeping up with Doctor Who is such a full-time job, that we don’t have time for our real full-time jobs or any other aspect of life?

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