July 2009

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What do you think of the 11th Doctor's costume?

Love it
44% (26 votes)
Loathe it
19% (11 votes)
Not sure / indifferent
37% (22 votes)
Total votes: 59

Patrick Troughton Interviewed

Patrick Troughton Interviewed

Louis Trapani (right) interviews Patrick Troughton (left) in 1986.

First Glimpse at the 11th Doctor Costume

Karen Gilan and Matt SmithBBC News has posted an article along with the first published photograph of Matt Smith in his new threads that he is wearing as the 11th Doctor. 

Shooting of the new series began today, Monday in Cardiff. In this photograph (see below for large photo) of Matt Smith along with new companion, Amy Pond played by Karen Gilan can be seen wearing dark rolled up trousers, tweed jacket and bow tie, along with black shoe-laced boots. 

The new series slated to debut in the spring 2010 features Matt Smith as the Doctor taking over the role after David Tennant (whose term as the Doctor comes to an end later of this year). It also features Steven Moffat as the new Executive Producer and Lead Writer for the series, taking over after Russell T Davies completes his term ending at the close of this year with the last of the specials.

Long Time Listener Steps Up and Offers to Help Us When He Helps You

Long time Doctor Who: Podshock listener, Worth Godwin offers computer training in plain, easy to understand english for both Apple Mac and MS Windows PC users. Upon learning of our call out for advertisers and sponsors in order to keep Doctor Who: Podshock going, Worth stepped up and offered us an affiliate sponsorship opportunity with his computer training business.

Resurrection of the Daleks


I've decided to watch the old copy as with the FIVE DOCTORS because there seem to be one or more different versions including a version that here, in the US, went uncut and had different cliffhanger endings. Parts of this version seem to have no sound effects or music but part one does.

Re-Evaluating Davison's stories, Frontios, Planet of Fire, Awakening notes

Okay I'd have to say, now that I'm almost done with the Davison era and ready to enter into the worst era, I'd have to re look at what I think about most of the stories of Davison's era. Perhaps Rob Wesmen was correct: he used to say that Davison didn't have any bad stories (of course that was when we were in the middle of that TRIAL season that he said that or possibly the early McCoy first season, so compared to those "errors" any story from any other era of DW looks GREAT) but I would now have to tend to agree with him and that idea.

As a whole, how would you rate Torchwood: Children of Earth? (5=fantastic)

5 Weevils
65% (20 votes)
4 Weevils
29% (9 votes)
3 Weevils
0% (0 votes)
2 Weevils
0% (0 votes)
1 Weevil
3% (1 vote)
0 Weevils
3% (1 vote)
Total votes: 31

Warriors of the Deep


Wow. There's so much to say about this under rated story, I don't know where to begin. First: I don't know why the Doctor was so keen on sabotaging the reactor, that just set up things to be hostile to begin with and why he decides to start fighting physically with the basemen. The TARDIS crew ARE intruders...and just on a tour of Tegan's future. I like Tegan's dress, go figure. And Tegan and the Doctor's relationship is cracking good, a bit tense, a bit warm and caring and Tegan is still a bit difficult but in a good way. Love the "what have you been eating" gag and the gag where Turlough and the Doc are trying to open a door without any sucess but Tegan moves in without any conceit and opens it just by a wave of her hand or something.

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1 Year of daveac vblogs!

daveac vblog 052 is up on blip.tv

I won't normally 'blog' on this page about individual vblog episodes - the links are elsewhere on this blog - but since I've reached 1 full year of vblogging I though a post here would be nice.

daveac vblog 052

'One small vblog for a man, one giant entertainment for mankind'

I've now been doing these vblogs for 1 year! Blimey!

Slightly dis-organised as I've been watching the British Open Golf :-)

Doctor Who included - 'Revelation of the Daleks' DVD

The wine thie week - Millstone Shiraz 2008 14% Western Cape (South Africa)

To Subscribe to the iTunes version:-


Cheers, daveac

Gallifrey 2010 - Blackjack 21 Changes Date One Week Later

Gallifrey One: Blackjack 21Gallifrey One has announced a date change for the Gallifrey 2010 convention in Los Angeles next year. Due to a hotel booking error, the annual premier North American Doctor Who convention has had to move the date of next year's Gallifrey One: Blackjack 21 back one week to February 26 - 28, 2010.

The Los Angeles Airport Marriott where the convention is being held had essentially accidentally double-booked another event in the same space. Gallifrey One agreed to move the event back a week and by doing so the hotel has reduced the cost of hotel rooms from $114 per night to $100 per night for not only the 2010 convention, but it is locked in for that price through 2013 now to $114 per night for 2010 and further down to $100 per night for 2011-2013. Thus saving money for not only 2010 convention goers, but for those attending for the next few years.

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