July 2009

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Thursday at the Con

Today I spent a good bit of the day just roaming, looking over as much of the Con as I could get access to.

I wore my new fedora hat and one of my Season Fourteen scarves.

Ballroom 20, where the Doctor Who and Torchwood panels will be held on Sunday, has changed the entrance to the bay side of the convention hall.

I'm going to the Hayao Miyazaki panel tomorrow morning, so I'll use that as a dress rehersal for Sunday.

I walked the Exhibit floor for several hours, meeting up with several friends from Gallifrey One.

The folks at BBC America were kind enough to tell me that David Tennant was due to fly into Los Angeles, where he was to attend several meetings and then come on down to San Diego Comic Con.

More Peter Pan info and spin offs

PETER PAN AND THE WARLORDS OF OZ compliation book one to three

Nibs narrates. "I think I've had just about enough of Peter Pan. When I was younger I enjoyed his flying around and accepted his feral behavior but now I find this maliciousness of his most annoying. I'm aware of the fact that Peter disposes of us Lost Boys after time for we grow older and he does not. I've been with Peter for years and during that duration I have not seen any new Lost Boys."

Peter Pan and the Pirates and more info, Peter as a vampire

THE LOST was a comic that had Peter Pan as a vampire hustler! 

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TARDIS-Tara's Pics

TARDIS-Tara's Pics

San Diego Comic Con 2009

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Every year I swear I'm never coming back and every year I do.

San Diego Comic Con is not a convention.  It's a trade show.  It's also a social experiment in frustration.

There's too many people crammed into a huge space.

Someday, something awful is going to happen.  Sure hope I'm not here to see it.

Anyhoo, arrived in beyootiful San Diego, dropped stuff off at our amazing hotel (it's in an old bank building) and then headed down to the Con.

We stood in the 'Professional' line (my DH owns comic book shops) out in the hot sun for over an hour.

Then we got to sit down in an even bigger line to get onto the Exhibit Floor for Preview Night.

It was a zoo.

But the big boys all had their booths rockin'.  DC.  Marvel.  Lucasfilm.  Disney.  Huge.

PETER PAN AND THE PIRATES--the Croc and the Clock


Long opening: music no sound effects: by Bennett Mcellelan

Peter, John, Micheal and the Lost Boys are out trying to catch the sun as it rises and falls. Toodles is tired and Tink wonders why time is going mad. Peter wonders where the croc is. Hungry Toodles lands on a tree and shakes it to eat the fruit. A falling fruit hit and wakes up the croc, who begins to stalk the Toodles, who takes a nap.

Peter sees Toodles in trouble and dives to save him. Peter tells him to buck up, he's safe now in a tree. Tootles should know Tink says when the clock sounds, he should know the Croc is near. Nibs leads the other Lost boys, Micheal and John to Peter. If they fix the clock in the croc, time will go normal again. Micheal wonders what this means for bedtime while Nibs thinks there will be no more story time. Peter boasts that he hasn't invented a way to be a clock croc fixer.

FOX'S PETER PAN AND THE PIRATES--Tootles and the Dragon


by Bruce Schaefer


Peter flies through a log and Gray Squirrel grabs onto him. He tells it, leaving it on a tree branch, he is late for Wendy's story but then again he says he might not be late. He arrives on the beach where Wendy is having a hard time: some want a scary story, some want a funny story and Peter wants a story about him. Wendy decides to let each of the others tell the story piece by piece and they begin: Peter and Nibs are comically fighting over a mother--Toodles--and are soon joined by the others in a story they tell. Only the last one, Curly, is not funny: he ends up making everyone wet and Peter scolds him, telling him he is not funny. Curly goes off, upset and complains to Tink who lands in his hand. He asks her to make him funny so she puts a spell on him to be funny but not to say anything until she is out of earshot. It works. He makes the pirates laugh but is nearly killed by them. Hook orders a cannon ball shot at him.



by Chris Trengove and Peter Lawrence

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