July 2009

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Episode 2 of the Hologram Podcast is out now

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We discuss Doctor Who,Ultraviolet and The Green Lantern


Hologram Podcast

In A Fix With Sontarans

Okay it's terrible, right? Somehow it evokes a child like innocence and feel to it. It falls apart in the end, doesn't it? The one thing that is nice to see is Janet Fielding, her Tegan never changing and just about charming here. How Tegan reacts to a new Doctor---we don't often see old companions meeting new Doctors they have not met before and even when we do, often they don't get a chance to interact on any level beyond, "RUN!" or "Hello" or' "Nice to have met you" as Sarah and the 5th got to say. Big deal. Here, Tegan and the 6th exchange hellos and insults and Tegan gives a hand. Nicola was not available so they had Janet in. Other than that, this is just a kid's show about one kid who wrote in and wanted to have Jim Will Fix It give him an adventure on the TARDIS. Colin stays almost in character until the end of the adventure and there are TWO DOCTOR style Sontarans. That said, it's a bit...silly. But it is good to see Tegan again.

The Two Doctors


It's hard to hate this story more than I hated it in the past. That said, the first part, while somewhat confounding, somewhat boring, isn't as inept as one might think. Yes, the Androgums are introduced in a boring way, yes, the Sontarans are mentioned and then mystery is to be had when we see one of their hands, yes, they are taller and less menacing than they used to be and are being bossed around by a skinny Servalan and a disgusting, ugly Androgum with warts and a fat stomach...and yes, the story starts out in black and white to "evoke" a sense of the Patrick Troughton era. If they wanted to do that, then why did they have him working for the Time Lords? If they wanted to do that, then why have him able to steer the TARDIS? If they wanted to do that, why take out almost all the humor from him? And why does Jamie wield a knife like a school girl? 

Officially Announced - Spoiler No More? (We'll let you judge)

A returning character and actor to the upcoming Doctor Who specials that until now has been regarded as a spoiler has been officially announced by the BBC. There's no avoiding it now. You will know for sure now as 'the cat is out of the bag' with this announcement. Having said that, we will still let you decide. Click the "Read more" below to find out.

New Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars Trailer (YouTube)

As just reported, the BBC has made a new trailer for Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars available for the UK only. For everyone else, there's YouTube (watch it while you can): 

If for some reason it is removed from YouTube, here is the BBC America version of the promo trailer as well:

New Trailer for Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars for the UK Only

The BBC Doctor Who website has made a new tailer of Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars presented at San Diego Comic Con available on their website. Unfortunately, it is available for the UK only. Frown

This Week In Doctor Who - July 25/August 1, 2009

This Week In Doctor Who
July 25/August 1, 2009 - Vol 12, No 29
The weekly guide to Doctor Who broadcasts worldwide since 1998.
by Benjamin F. Elliott

Due to extraordinary circumstances, the TWIDW columns could not publish last weekend. This edition covers July 25 through August 7. We hope to return to a regular schedule on Saturday August 8.

Nothing Major Announced at SDCC So Far

No movie or other big news coming out of San Diego Comic Con 2009 relating to Doctor Who to report as of yet. Stay tuned to the upcoming Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 157 in which we have quasi-live coverage with our correspondent Tara Wheeler of the events taking place today at the SDCC Doctor Who panel with David Tennant, Russell T Davies, and Julie Gardner and more.

With that said, it is still a very exciting convention with the guests on hand. We will have plenty to report in the next Doctor Who: Podshock.

The Mark of the Rani


Well I've always enjoyed this story and this watching just reinforced that. Yeah, there are problems but I've always tended to overlook them. Part one, as almost all Colin stories aspire to, is inspiring and very, very good. THIS is the way to introduce a new villain and THIS is the way to treat the Rani. Every other appearance by her tends to reduce her to the I want to rule the world villainess one dimensional charcter. Here, she's very much a 3d character IMO. She doesn't want to rule the world, or change time or do anything that fools like Ming the Merciless and the Master and Dr Evil want to do: she has reasons and good ones.  She is amoral but not totally evil and not for evil's sake. I still hate her for what she does to Luke and the others but not as much as I hate the Master for killing the dog and the dog's owner. I hate when they have animals die in media but whatever...

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Hey folks! Didnt find much discussion of this 7th story except the Benjamin Elliiot mention in This Week in Doctor Who concerning the DVD release. Has anyone watched Battlefield recently? Find it memorable? Or not?

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