July 2009

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Post Regenerated Sixth Doctor Figure Coming Next Month

6th Doctor - Caves of AndrozaniIn another exclusive from Forbidden Planet (UK), they are now taking pre-orders for a new figure of the Sixth Doctor from The Caves of Androzani. This is the third 6th Doctor as played by Colin Baker figure to be released by Underground Toys. This version is of the 6th Doctor as he was immediately after regenerating from the 5th Doctor. He appears still muddy in the 5th Doctor's clothes. 

This figure is limited to sale in the UK and Eire from Forbidden Planet (UK). It is expected on in their warehouse on 12 August 2009. No further information on where it will be available outside of the UK is known at this time.

You can pre-order your 6th Doctor Caves Of Androzani now for £14.99. For more information or to pre-order see: Forbidden Planet UK - 6th Doctor Caves Of Androzani

the Mists of Time NO SPOILERS

A Jo Grant free adventure. Maybe I'm just old but I don't like it when I have to download something and then put it on a cd myself rather than have the cd ready made for me with the magazine. I don't like listening to stuff at my computer but like it to be on a cd so I can listen to it in the car or on a cd player or a dvd player or whereever I want to. I also don't want to have to download it and create the cd myself. It's annoying but anyway...

The story starts out like any Third Doctor/Jo Grant in space story and it's kind of good and evokes their time together...then builds. There is a shock ending but I won't spoil it. It is rather surprising too. I think people will have fun with this story in a way but the ending might be a bit of a downer.




Taking a small break from the soullessness that is TRIAL OF A TIME LORD, I watched a few THE FUGITIVE episodes from season two now that Paramount restored the original soundtracks to them.

Some thoughts: Don't ever miss this series! Black and white has a nice eye saving shade to it. And black and white is still very cool.

MAN ON A CHARIOT: a man in a wheelchair who teaches college kids is sought out by Richard Kimble, quite by accident really, to help him. It transpires that a mock trial to prove Kimble's innocence is sprung and we see if Kimble will get acquitted after a  second chance at a trial. All along we think the old man believes Kimble is actually guilty and will just try to get him off because he's conceited. Well, the epilog is one of the most stirring emotionally driven scenes ever. And the original music is what drives a great many of the scenes or at least half way does.

Torchwood Gets Impressive Numbers on Both Sides of the Atlantic

Now that Torchwood: Children of Earth has been televised on both sides of the Atlantic, it is clear that it is a ratings champ all around. 

In the UK, the estimated numbers for the BBC showing started strong and maintained its audience throughout the week long series (26.8%). Torchwood: Children of Earth, a five part series was shown consecutively Monday through Friday in the UK starting on 6th of July and then BBC America followed suit showing them on consecutive nights starting on the 20th of July.

In the UK (does not include DVR or BBC HD Channel viewers):

The Doctor's bedroom

One of the best things about THE TRIAL OF A TIME LORD-THE MYSTERIOUS PLANET is, well not the story of course but on the dvd text, they give a description from Holmes's original script of a TARDIS scene not included in the finished story of...the Doctor's bedroom. It's pretty interesting as the bedroom of the Doctor's has never been seen on the old show and RTD insists on not showing many other rooms of the TARDIS. There are plenty of books, wax tablets, Greek Srolls, ancient leather bound volumes, hard and paper backs, in one corner is a work bench with futuristic work being done, a flashing Belisha beacon in another corner, a set of British traffic lights from 1935, lamps used to indicate Roadworks in Progress, the old fashioned red paraffin type.

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Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead (Spoilers!)

Just rewatched these two episodes and have completely changed my mind about them. Whereas the first time I watched, I loved the first episode and was a tad disappointed in the second. This time around, I find myself much prefering the second part. It is so different and although the pace is nowhere near as eciting, the plot and the emotional content is so much more rewarding. I found myself being genuinely moved by the separation of Donna and her imaginary kids and not-so-imaginary husband and as for River Song...well, her sacrifice for the Doctor and CAL and those saved in the Library was heart-breaking the second time around.

This may have something to do with (spoliers in white):

The fact that River Song is returning next series and that we get to see the beginning of this relationship and that this whole story was a set up for something that Steve Moffat has planned in the future...

The Trial of a Time Lord



Okay let's get this straight right now: I HATE this story. If we get that out of the way right now and understand that, we'll get along splendidly!

That aside, I'll try to focus on the good stuff first.


Okay now the bad stuff. NO just kidding.

Honestly, the good: Peri and the Doc seem closer and Peri looks fantastic. The Doc seems to have longer hair and his jacket colors seem...toned down and the jacket seems altogether different. The location work is very, very nice and the camera work is the best the show has ever seen I'd say. Glitz and Dibber make quite a pair, Tony Selby as Glitz is a good actor and Dibber is nice eye candy IMO. Dratho looks good and menacing but once it moves...

ANTICIPATION the 64th World Science Fiction Convention in Montreal

I'm planning to go to this con next week. It's main emphasis is literary, but they do give out the Hugos for Dramatic Presentation Long and Short Form. Doctor Who has won the short form for the last three years. Anyway, this is more a shout out to people who may have traveled to Canada recently or who may live in Canada and know about such things. I have heard rumors that, because of changes in Canadian copyright protection laws, laptops, iPods and iPhones may be inspected at the border for content, and if it is considered "illegal", they may be confiscated. I can stand to leave my laptop and my iPod at home, but I really need my iPhone, as it is my cell phone and I need it to keep in touch with my family while I'm gone. I emailed the Canadian consulate, but they just gave me a web site (no help) and a phone number. Any advice? Thanks!


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Having just watched the DVD version of this story, one I happen to LOVE-I was doing further research on the story and came across this:


Its being released as an Audiobook 8/6/09 :-)


Any thoughts?



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Who York Events

Thanks for the welcome to the blog so far! This installment is a little bit more newsy than opinion - but rest assured I have more opinions to come!


Listeners to Podshock episode 157 will hear Jarrod Cooper, the chairman of the Hurricane Who convention (http://hurricanewho.com) taking place in Orlando, Florida from Friday October 30 - Sunday November 1 2009, mention a new endeavour taking place in New York City associated with DWNY - Who York.

Plans are still being made and will be revealed here shortly, but our first event is expected to be in November, 2009. If you bookmark http://whoyork.com you will see that we are already putting some preparations in place.

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