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May 2009

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WLIW Pledge Drive Night

WLIW Pledge Drive Night

The Gallifreyan Embassy would usually take WLIW (the Long Island PBS station that showed Doctor Who at the time) by storm during their pledge drives volunteering during their British science-fiction line up nights. Here is the gang back in the '80s in this classic photo by Keith. From left to right is Louis, Andrea, Amy, Pete "Bug", Denise, Al (sitting in front on phone), Ken, Brian (standing behind Ken), PJ, Rob (all the way in the back), Tim (front standing), and Keith himself (standing). Thank you Keith for allowing us to share this photo.

Ken Staffs Gallifreyan Embassy Table (1986)

Ken Staffs Gallifreyan Embassy Table (1986)

Back in the day when Ken Deep and K9 were on talking terms, together they staffed the Gallifreyan Embassy table in Brooklyn College in which Tom Baker and Colin Baker were appearing on September 28, 1986. Photo by Louis Trapani

Early Pledge Drive Volunteered by the Gallifreyan Embassy

Early Pledge Drive Volunteered by the Gallifreyan Embassy

The Gallifreyan Embassy volunteered at the WLIW pledge drives during their Doctor Who and other British sci-fi programming, this is from one the firsts sometime in early 1986. That is Ken Deep in the back (with the microphone of course)... also seen off to the far left is Pete "Bug" and in the foreground, Lady Katie and the "Anti-Doctor" - Photo by Louis Trapani

Colin Baker Interviewed (1987)

Colin Baker Interviewed (1987)

We had the pleasure of interviewing Colin Baker in March 1987 during I-CON VI in Stony Brook, NY. Photo by Louis Trapani.

The Two Doctors

The Two Doctors

Fans were always in for a treat and a real blast when Colin Baker (left) and Jon Pertwee (right) appeared together. They got on famously together. Here Jon joins the current Doctor at the time, Colin in October 1985 at Whovent85. Photo by Louis Trapani.

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Bessie in NYC

Bessie in NYC

The Doctor Who USA Tour was a traveling exhibit which stopped at various locations in the US, one of those stops were in Central Park, New York City in 1986. Bessie came along for the ride. Photo by Louis Trapani.

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Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 150
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Eliza Roberts interviewed (speaking of her role in the 1996 movie along with Eric Roberts and his recent work with Christopher Eccleston), news, announcements, special communique from Starship Sofa, and more.

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