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Doctor Who Stars to Launch World Tour in Cardiff

Fri, 07/25/2014 - 7:26am

Doctor Who fans arriving in Cardiff for the much-anticipated world premiere screening of the first episode from the new series, will get an opportunity to see the new Doctor on the red carpet, ahead of the event, August 7.

Peter Capaldi, the Twelfth Doctor and Jenna Coleman, his on-screen companion Clara, will be meeting the public as they walk up the red carpet outside Cardiff Central Library, from 11am, en route to the sell-out screening at St. David’s Hall. Joining them in the Hayes will be Cybermen and Daleks.

Brian Minchin, Executive Producer of Doctor Who said, “After seven months of filming the moment has finally arrived when we get to introduce Peter Capaldi to the world. And where better to start but Cardiff, the home of Doctor Who!”

BBC Wales Director Rhodri Talfan Davies says: “Doctor Who is getting even bigger and even better - and it's a real thrill that the show's fans here in Wales will be the very first to see the new Doctor at this very special premiere screening. Doctor Who has been made in Wales for almost ten years - and we're so proud of its worldwide success.”


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Interview with Nicholas Briggs

Thu, 07/17/2014 - 2:33am

UPDATE: The Doctor Who: Cybermen Monster File is now only available from BBC Worldwide.

Nicholas Briggs has been the ‘Voice of the Cybermen’ since their return in 2006 and so who better to read Cybermen: Status Update, the new adventure that you’ll find in Doctor Who – The Cybermen Monster File Ebook?

Aside from the Cybermen he’s also voiced an array of aliens including the Daleks, Skaldak the Ice Warrior, Zygons and the Judoon. 

We caught up with Nicholas and asked for his unique take on the Cybermen, their new story, his favourite Cyber moments and who would have won the Time War had the Time Lords been fighting the Cybermen…


Question: The Doctor has faced literally hundreds of villains and monsters over the decades… What makes the Cybermen so special?

Nicholas Briggs: I think what makes them so scary is that they are essentially ‘us’ but with all the humanity removed. The walk, they talk, but they have blank faces and no emotions. That means they are devoid of all the things that make us human. They have no conscience, no pity and no love. And they want us to be like them. Terrifying.

Q: The Cybermen are emotionless creatures… How difficult does that make them to voice?

NB: It actually makes it really difficult, because if we were to be strictly ‘logical’ about how the voice should sound, it would be utterly monotonous and boring to listen to. All the things that grab our attention in a human voice are to do with emotions. The Daleks are very emotional, which is what makes their voices so scary, because they’re so cross and afraid all the time. The Cybermen… well, they don’t give anything away in their voices at all. So when we devised the new Cyber voices in Age of Steel, we went for ‘tactless’, which gave them an unpleasant edge.

Q: In terms of the audio version of the story, could you describe Cybermen: Status Update for us?

NB: It’s a really clever little tale from the point of view of a piece of social media software from the future on another planet. The idea is that instead of just posting on Facebook or tweeting on Twitter or whatever, you actually connect BOB to your brain and it updates your statuses with your thoughts and feelings. So, when the unfortunate lead character gets involved in a Cyber invasion of their planet, you get a real first-hand, terrifying account, as told through their thoughts and emotions. And imagine how weird that is when the person connected to BOB gets Cyber-converted!

Q: What’s been your favourite scene featuring the Cybermen since their return in 2006?

NB: There have been so many. I think their face-off with the Daleks in Doomsday was pretty good.

Q: Reaching back a little further, which of the early (pre-Rise of the Cybermen) stories is your favourite?

NB: I have a controversial fondness for Revenge of the Cybermen, but I’m rather fond of The Tomb of the Cybermen and The Invasion.

Q: And do you have a favourite line of Cyber dialogue?

NB:  You belong to us. That’s a pretty horrifying thing to hear.

Q: What was your favourite version of the Cybermen and why? And you’re not allowed to pick the current version!

NB: My favourite version to look at is the version from The Invasion. That design is so streamlined and simple — if you ignore the laces on the boots! But the best voice, although it’s the most difficult to do, was in The Moonbase and The Tomb of the Cybermen. It was produced using an artificial larynx, the kind of thing that people who’s lost their vocal chords use. It produces a vibrating, buzzing sound that can be articulated by the movement of your mouth. Very difficult to do.

Q: If the Time War had been fought between Cybermen and Time Lords, who’d have won?

NB: Well, no one really won the Time War did they? Forgive me for being a bit serious here, but I think the point that’s being made with the whole Time War thing is that no one really wins a war. Even the people who win suffer appallingly. It’s best to avoid wars. So, I think it would have been a horrible stalemate that would probably raged for eternity. Not nice.

Q: Which is your favourite of the many iconic photos featuring Cybermen?

NB: The one from The Invasion, when they’re walking down the steps from St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

Q: If you could give the Cybermen just one emotion, what would it be?

NB: I’d give them a conscience if I wanted their ceaseless thirst for conquest to stop!

Many thanks to Nicholas Briggs!

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Interview with Doctor Who Writer, Joseph Lidster

Tue, 07/15/2014 - 5:48am

UPDATE: The Doctor Who: Cybermen Monster File is now only available from BBC Worldwide.

Doctor Who – The Cybermen Monster File Ebook is available to download now and contains a brilliant, brand new adventure called Cybermen: Status Update, written by Joseph Lidster (Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Wizards vs Aliens). 

We caught up with Joseph and asked him about the new adventure, his favourite Cyber moments and any advice he might have for aspiring writers…

Question: Could you sum up the new adventure, Cybermen: Status Update, in 140 characters or less?

Joseph Lidster: Status Update is the tale of a normal teenage boy living a normal teenage life until the day the Cybermen invade. And it features pork pies.

Q: Talk us through where Cybermen: Status Update came from… What inspired the story and the ideas for Jacob and BOB?

JL: I've found in the past that telling short stories in the first person gives you more of a chance to tell something a bit different. There have been so many brilliant Cybermen stories over the years so it can be quite difficult to come up with something new for them to do - and even harder to do this in a short story. By telling it from the point of view of a teenage boy it allowed me to explore what it would be like if an invasion actually happened. It's about what he goes through, his family, the girl he fancies and so on. I then decided to give it a little extra by having it told through social media. We're all using social media more and more so it felt a bit new and relevant. It also meant that, as the BOB device records your thoughts directly, I could keep telling the story from the main character's point of view - even when terrible things are happening. Plus, of course, there's some fun to be had comparing our reliance on social media and technology to what the Cybermen have done to themselves.

Q: Why do you think the Cybermen remain so popular after so many decades?

JL: I personally always found them scarier than the Daleks because they just seem so unstoppable. Most monsters are different to us. The Cybermen are better than us. They are us but stronger and faster. There's a real logic to what they did to themselves and to what they want to do to every living creature in the Universe.

Q: What’s been your favourite scene featuring the Cybermen since their return in 2006?

JL: It's got to be them fighting the Daleks in the Torchwood Institute in Doomsday. "This is not war. This is pest control."

Q: And delving back a little further, which of the early (pre-Rise of the Cybermen) stories is your favourite?

JL: My favourite has to be Silver Nemesis. It's my first real memory of the Cybermen. It's not the most popular story but I love it for just how entertaining it is. Lady Peinforte is a fantastic character and the Doctor and Ace are just absolutely lovely in it. It's funny and bonkers and still feels fresh and modern today.

Q: What was your favourite version of the Cybermen and why? And you’re not allowed to pick the current version!

JL: I think the original version with their cloth faces are still chilling, even today!

Q: Cybermats, Cybershades or Cybermites?

JL: Cybermats! I remember watching the video of Revenge of the Cybermen when I was younger and there's a moment when one jumps up and attacks Sarah Jane Smith and it's horrific!

Q: If you could give the Cybermen just one emotion, what would it be?

JL: Well, it wouldn't be anger! An angry Cyberman would be even more terrifying. Joy! A really happy Cyberman would be sweet.

Q: And finally, what advice would you give anyone who wants to become a writer?

JL: The most important piece of advice for anyone who wants to be a writer is that they should write! It sounds obvious but it's true. Write stories, plays, anything. I'd then suggest looking for local acting and writing groups so you can meet other writers. The BBC Writersroom website is also really helpful so do check that out.

Many thanks to Joseph Lidster!

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New Adventure with the Cybermen!

Fri, 07/11/2014 - 9:06am

In order to see this content you need to have both Javascript enabled and Flash Installed. Visit BBC Webwise for full instructions. If you're reading via RSS, you'll need to visit the blog to access this content

The opening of a new adventure available in the Doctor Who: Cybermen Monster File Ebook.

We’re delighted to bring you an extract from the brilliant new story, Cybermen: Status Update.

It’s the opening of the adventure which was written by Joseph Lidster and read by Nicholas Briggs – known throughout the world as the voice of the Cybermen, Daleks and many other monsters that have crossed the Doctor’s path! The striking illustrations are by Neil Roberts who has created some stunning imagery for this dramatic Cyber story.

You can enjoy the complete Cybermen: Status Update by downloading the Doctor Who: Cybermen Monster File Ebook now!


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Sanjeev Bhaskar to join cast of Doctor Who

Fri, 07/11/2014 - 2:33am


Popular comedian, actor and broadcaster Sanjeev Bhaskar is to join the cast of Doctor Who when the series returns to BBC One on 23 August.

Speaking about the role, Bhaskar said: “I’m thrilled to have made a small contribution to and now be part of the Doctor Who universe. Another dream box ticked!”

Steven Moffat, lead writer and Executive Producer, said: “I’m completely thrilled that Sanjeev Bhaskar is coming to the aid of the Doctor. The danger is never deadlier than in a finale episode, and the Time Lord is going to need all the help he can get!”

Filming is well underway for Series 8 of Doctor Who. Guest stars confirmed to join Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman in the new series include Michelle Gomez, Frank Skinner, Ben Miller, Tom Riley, Keeley Hawes and Hermione Norris.

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Doctor Who to Kick Off Global Tour with Cardiff Premiere

Fri, 07/04/2014 - 7:39am

The much-anticipated new series of Doctor Who will have its world premiere in Cardiff on August 7, BBC Wales has announced today (4 July, 2014).

Marking the start of the BBC One hit sci-fi drama’s spectacular world tour, the premiere will be fans’ first chance to see Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor alongside Jenna Coleman as on-screen companion Clara in episode one of the new series.

The stars will be attending the lunchtime St David’s Hall red carpet event, together with lead writer and producer Steven Moffat. Tickets will be available to the public from St David’s Hall Box Office from Monday, 7 July.

The feature-length premiere episode of the eighth series entitled “Deep Breath” will land on BBC One on Saturday 23 August, 2014.

BBC Wales Director Rhodri Talfan Davies said, “Doctor Who is getting even bigger and even better - and it's a real thrill that the show's fans here in Wales will be the very first to see the new Doctor at this very special premiere screening. Doctor Who has been made in Wales for almost ten years - and we're so proud of its worldwide success.”

Cabinet Member for Community Development, Co-operatives and Social Enterprise, Cllr Peter Bradbury, said, “We are delighted that St David's Hall, the National Concert Hall of Wales will be the host venue for this exciting worldwide premier.

“The launch of the Doctor Who World tour will be a fantastic event in our city and no doubt a highlight on our cultural calendar. We look forward to welcoming fans from across Europe to enjoy the hospitality of St David's Hall.”

The event is held in association with BFI Sci-Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder, the full programme for which will be announced later this month.

…next stop London!


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Vote for Your Cyber Fave!

Fri, 07/04/2014 - 5:35am

UPDATE: The Doctor Who: Cybermen Monster File is now only available from BBC Worldwide.

To celebrate the release of Doctor Who: Cybermen Monster File we’re launching a vote to find out which of the early adventures featuring the Cybermen ranks as your favourite! 

Don’t worry if you don’t know those early stories! There’s plenty about them in the ebook, including clips, galleries and info on every version of the Cybermen that have ever faced the Doctor.  The brilliant ebook is full of fantastic clips, photos, facts, games, a thrilling new adventure and much more, all about one of the Time Lord’s greatest foes! It’s available for iPads, Kindle Fires and Android tablets and is free in the UK until 23.59pm, 31 July, 2014. 

You can find out more or download it now! 

So… which of the early Cybermen stories was your favourite? The icy chiller that was The Tomb of the Cybermen? The twentieth anniversary special, The Five Doctors? How about their first outing in the classic The Tenth Planet or the fast-paced caper that was Silver Nemesis

This vote has now closed.

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Award-winning children’s novelist and screenwriter Frank Cottrell Boyce confirmed as Doctor Who writer

Fri, 07/04/2014 - 5:05am

Children’s novelist and writer for the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony Frank Cottrell Boyce completes the line-up of writers for series 8 of the hit BBC One show Doctor Who.

Cottrell Boyce’s episode for the eagerly-anticipated eighth series will feature a cast of child actors including Harley Bird, the voice of household favourite Peppa Pig, alongside Abigail Eames (Harry and Paul, The Crimson Field), Ashley Foster (The Woman in Black) and Jaydon Harris-Wallace (CITV Text Santa).

Also known for films such as 24 Hour Party People and Millions (directed by Danny Boyle), Cottrell Boyce says: “Of all the thrills that pen and paper have brought into my life, there’s nothing that quite compares to the buzz of unlimited possibility that rushes through your fingers and into your brain when you write the words: ‘Interior … TARDIS’.”

“I was flabbergasted to be asked to write an episode - partly because I’ve been so absorbed in the last few series that I’d sort of forgotten that it wasn’t real.”

Steven Moffat, lead writer and Executive Producer, says: “Frank's script is pure magic - and everything I could have hoped for from the genius behind the Olympics opening ceremony! Doctor Who is born anew in the mind of a genius!”

The episode will be directed by Sheree Folkson (Casanova, Hit & Miss), and produced by Paul Frift (Escape Artist, Best Possible Taste, Restless).

Other writers confirmed for the eighth series are Mark Gatiss, Phil Ford, Gareth Roberts, Peter Harness, Steve Thompson and Jamie Mathieson.

Doctor Who returns to BBC One on Saturday 23rd August.

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The Doctor Who: Cybermen Monster File Ebook is Here!

Wed, 07/02/2014 - 8:01am


UPDATE: The Doctor Who: Cybermen Monster File is now only available from BBC Worldwide.

Doctor Who: Cybermen Monster File is a brilliant ebook full of fantastic clips, photos, facts, games, a thrilling new adventure and much more, all about one of the Doctor’s greatest foes – the Cybermen! It’s available for iPads, Kindle Fires and Android tablets and it’s free in the UK until 23.59pm, 31 July, 2014.

Created by the BBC and distributed internationally by BBC Worldwide, Doctor Who: Cybermen Monster File is the ultimate interactive history of one of the Doctor’s most famous foes. Every version of the Cybermen is brought to life using clips, photos and in-depth information. The interactive ebook also includes a brand new, exclusive story written by Joseph Lidster entitled Cybermen: Status Update which is narrated by Nicholas Briggs - the voice of the Cybermen since Doctor Who’s relaunch in 2005.

The Cybermen Monster File also features galleries and the real life story behind the metal monsters. There are interactive sections on the world of the Cybermen where everything from Handles to Cybermats and the CyberKing is investigated as well as quizzes about the Time Lord’s old enemies.

The ebook will be released globally and will be available for free in the UK only for 30 days, after which it will be available to buy on iTunes, Android stores, the Kindle Fire App and Google Play.

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Michelle Gomez to star in Doctor Who

Mon, 06/30/2014 - 1:58am

Michelle Gomez (Bad Education, Green Wing) will join the cast of Doctor Who playing the Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere when the series returns on 23 August. 

Speaking about the role, Michelle Gomez said: "Well of course Peter Capaldi is our next Doctor, which makes complete sense. I'm thrilled to join him. Well, you would be, wouldn't you?" 

Lead writer and executive producer, Steven Moffat, added: “I've known Michelle for years, and I'm thrilled to welcome her to Doctor Who. She's everything we need - brilliant, Scottish, and a tiny bit satanic.” 

Filming is well underway for Series 8 of Doctor Who. Guest stars confirmed to join Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman in the new series, which will air on BBC One this Autumn include Frank Skinner, Ben Miller, Tom Riley, Keeley Hawes and Hermione Norris.

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BBC One Confirms The New Doctor Lands On Saturday, 23 August

Fri, 06/27/2014 - 1:39pm

The BBC has today confirmed the much-anticipated eighth series of the hit sci-fi drama Doctor Who will land on BBC One on Saturday, 23 August. 

The feature length premiere episode entitled “Deep Breath” will see Peter Capaldi take on one of TV’s most iconic roles as the Twelfth Doctor, alongside Jenna Coleman as his companion Clara. 

An exclusive 15 second TV teaser showing a first-look glimpse of the new Doctor and Clara aired this evening on BBC One at 8.00pm confirming the date… You can see it right now!

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Twitter Commentary for The Day of the Doctor

Fri, 06/20/2014 - 4:09am

The Day of the Doctor was one of the biggest episodes in Doctor Who’s history and it’s repeated tonight on BBC Three at 7.45pm. For the first time ever we’ll be providing a special twitter commentary for the adventure as it’s broadcast, bringing you a broad range of photos, facts, related links and much more to accompany the screening.

We hope it will enhance your enjoyment of The Day of the Doctor but equally we aim to make sure the tweets will be enjoyable and fun, even if you’re not watching the episode.

If you’re not already following the official Doctor Who twitter account, check it out at @bbcdoctorwho and hit ‘follow’ to make sure you’re up-to-date with all the latest news, new series info and lots more.

Tonight’s twitter commentary will be a first so after the event we’d love to know what you thought of it. You can either tweet us or drop us a line at Tell us what you think we get right and where we could improve with twitter commentaries.

But for the meantime, don’t forget to follow us on @bbcdoctorwho so you can enjoy the twitter commentary for the awesome epic that is The Day of the Doctor!

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Julie Gardner and John Barrowman Awarded MBEs

Mon, 06/16/2014 - 9:37am

As we reported over the weekend, one of Doctor Who’s former executive producers, Julie Gardner and John Barrowman (Captain Jack in Doctor Who and Torchwood) have both been awarded MBEs in the 2014 Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

Julie said she was honoured by the award and commented, ‘I have filmed all over the world. But the talent, stamina and sheer fun of the writers, cast and crews I’ve worked with in Wales is beyond compare. I am lucky; I get to keep this award. But I am accepting it for all those brilliant people who have made my job such an absolute joy, and for my dad who will be the talk of Glynneath. My proudest achievement has been to successfully bring Doctor Who to Wales. From there, through Torchwood, Casualty and Da Vinci's Demons, Wales' position in the global television industry goes from strength to strength. I am hugely proud to have been a part of that journey and will work hard so that this is just the beginning.’

John said, ‘I can’t tell you how honoured I am to get this MBE, to be recognised by Her Majesty and also by the United Kingdom because that’s where I can consider my home.’ He added, ‘I am chuffed… Thank you very much, everybody! And to the fans: this is also for you guys. It’s amazing! Thank you!’

You can read about other recipients on BBC News and to find out more about the British Honours system visit the BBC’s Guide to the Honours.

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Awards Success for Peter Capaldi

Fri, 06/13/2014 - 8:20am

The first Royal Television Scotland Awards were presented earlier this week and we’re delighted to confirm that Peter Capaldi was one of the winners!

The RTS website explained, ‘The RTS Scotland Award is for the outstanding contribution to television in Scotland and beyond. RTS Scotland is delighted to announce that the recipient of this year’s award is Peter Capaldi. An acclaimed writer, performer and director, Peter has achieved phenomenal success at home and abroad. Original, memorable, engaging and definitive – his contribution to television has been exceptional, and the committee feel he is a worthy and much deserved winner of this inaugural award.’

Congratulations to Peter Capaldi who stars as the Doctor when Doctor Who returns to BBC One this August!


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Doctor Who Wins Banff Awards!

Wed, 06/11/2014 - 7:31am

It’s been a great week for Doctor Who over at the Banff World Media Festival in Canada. The show won the 2014 Rockie Award for the ‘Best Science Fiction and Action’ programme before triumphing in the prestigious ‘Best Scripted’ category.

The jury who vote for the awards comprises hundreds of media executives from around the world and nominees are also drawn from across the globe. So it’s particularly fitting for the show to win the awards in the week that it’s announced that a Doctor Who World Tour will begin this August.

Last month Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor scooped a BAFTA Television Award and earlier in the year the show found success at the BAFTA TV Craft Awards. The Doctor returns to BBC One in August and you can catch the teaser trailer for the new series now!

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Doctor Who to Begin World Tour in Cardiff and London this August

Tue, 06/10/2014 - 11:05am

Following on from the huge success of The Day of The Doctor, the 50th anniversary special that was watched by over 12 million viewers across BBC One and BBC iPlayer, anticipation is building for the arrival of the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, who will touchdown in the TARDIS this August on BBC One.

Fans in the United Kingdom will have a chance to see Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman in exclusive events in Cardiff and London on the 7th August before they jet off on a world tour to promote the show.

Peter Capaldi, speaking ahead of the tour said: “It’s fantastic that so many people across the world love Doctor Who. After 8 months solid filming deep in the world of monsters, Jenna and I are thrilled to be heading for the Planet of Fans.” 

Executive Producer and Lead Writer Steven Moffat added: I’ve always thought we'd all be a lot safer if the Doctor conquered the world, instead of the Daleks. Now with Jenna and Peter leading the charge, it looks like it's going to happen. I'll be bringing up the rear to handle the exposition scenes, and maybe carry some bags.”

Rhodri Talfan Davies, Director BBC Cymru Wales said: "Where better to start the World Tour than the Doctor's home for the last decade? The sight of the TARDIS and marauding aliens is now a familiar part of Welsh life - though they still scare the life out of the traffic wardens. There is a real sense of excitement and anticipation about the new series – and I know Peter and Jenna are going to be a breath-taking new team. Roll on August!"

Filming is well underway on the new series, with guest stars confirmed to join Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman including Frank Skinner, Ben Miller, Tom Riley, Keeley Hawes and Hermione Norris.

Doctor Who is made by BBC Cymru Wales.

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Steven Moffat Discusses Peter Capaldi and the New Series

Fri, 05/30/2014 - 3:56am

Doctor Who’s lead writer and executive producer, Steven Moffat, recently appeared at the Hay Festival and discussed the new series and how Peter Capaldi became the Doctor.

He also touched on the process of casting Peter Capaldi and revealed, ‘To keep it completely secret I got him around to my house and we auditioned him there… I wrote these daft little scenes for him. And he carried them off. And, of course, he was brilliant, because he’s Peter Capaldi and he’s always brilliant!’

He also offered a tantalising glimpse into what we have to look forward to in the new series, commenting, ‘We haven’t made much of change to Doctor Who since it came back in 2005… I just felt it needs to be a bit more different now. It’s needs to be surprising again!’

You can find out more in this clip from his fascinating interview.

The new Doctor lands on BBC One in August, 2014 and you can watch the latest ‘teaser trailer’ now!

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