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How to Watch Doctor Who Extra: Time Heist

Sat, 09/20/2014 - 1:29pm

In this week’s Doctor Who Extra the cast and crew of Time Heist share their views on this stylish caper… Keeley Hawes reveals whether she’s really like Ms Delphox, Peter Capaldi discusses working with the Teller and Pippa Bennett-Warner tells us whose physical appearance she’d replicate if she had her character’s shape-shifting powers!

We also catch up with lead writer and Executive Producer Steven Moffat and director Douglas Mackinnon who both give an insight about the creation of this fast-moving adventure. All that plus exclusive behind the scenes footage and more!

Doctor Who Extra: Time Heist is available on BBC iPlayer right now!

But if you can’t catch it online it’s available via Red Button during the times below.

Saturday: 9:10pm - 1am
Sunday: 7:30pm - 7:55pm, 9pm - 9:55pm
Monday: 7:25pm - 8pm
Wednesday: 10:30pm - midnight
Thursday: 3pm - 5:30pm
Friday: 7:15pm - 8:30pm, 11.30pm - midnight

Don’t forget you can still enjoy the first four episodes of Doctor Who Extra and the next in the series will be available immediately after The Caretaker on Saturday, 27 September.

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Nick Frost to guest star in Doctor Who Christmas Special

Fri, 09/19/2014 - 7:05am

…And Natalie Gumede, Faye Marsay, Nathan McMullen and Michael Troughton will also join the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and his companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman).

Production on 2014's Doctor Who Christmas episode has begun, with a host of British acting talent set to appear. The Christmas Special, a cracker of a highlight in the festive season’s schedule, will air this Christmas on BBC One and promises to be an action-packed, unmissable adventure.

Nick Frost, actor and screenwriter, has starred in numerous hit film and television roles, including Spaced, The World’s End, Shaun of The Dead, Hot Fuzz, Cuban Fury and Paul, which he also wrote.

Nick comments: “I'm so thrilled to have been asked to guest in the Doctor Who Christmas Special, I'm such a fan of the show. The read-through was very difficult for me; I wanted to keep stuffing my fingers into my ears and scream 'No spoilers!' Every day on set I’ve had to silence my internal fan-boy squeals!"

Michael Troughton (Breathless, The New Statesman), who has recently returned to acting, will follow in his father’s footsteps by appearing in Doctor Who. His father, Patrick Troughton, played the second incarnation of the Doctor.

They will be joined by Natalie Gumede (Coronation Street, Ideal, Strictly Come Dancing), Faye Marsay (Pride, The White Queen, Fresh Meat) and Nathan McMullen (Misfits, Casualty).

Steven Moffat, lead writer and executive producer, says: “Frost at Christmas - it just makes sense! I worked with Nick on the Tintin movie many years ago and it's a real pleasure to lure him back to television for a ride on the TARDIS.”

The Doctor Who Christmas Special will air on BBC One. Written by Steven Moffat and directed by Paul Wilmshurst (Strike Back, Combat Kids), it will be shot in Cardiff at BBC Wales Roath Lock Studios.

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Who Meets Heist

Fri, 09/19/2014 - 2:46am

All the great Heist movies have a blend of humour, action, ingenuity and a certain audacity of style. The very best ones have you rooting for the rogues attempting the job, and Time Heist, written by Steve Thompson and Steven Moffat, is no different.

Except it is different, of course, because it’s Doctor Who! And so the bank in question is the most dangerous bank in the universe, one of the security problems is a terrifyingly powerful alien called the Teller and naturally, we have the Doctor himself at the heart of the action. It’s an irresistible combination and Douglas Mackinnon, director of last week’s beautiful episode, Listen, handles the adventure with wit and verve. A self-confessed fan of the heist genre, he ensures the episode is a hugely enjoyable fusion of Who meets heist.

The brilliant Keeley Hawes plays the mysterious Ms Delphox and is joined by Jonathan Bailey as Psi and Pippa Bennett-Warner as a shape-shifter called Saibra.

Time Heist is on BBC One on Saturday at 7.30pm but you can watch the episode being introduced by Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat now!


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Mon, 09/15/2014 - 5:48am

Time Heist is one of those wonderful Doctor Who adventures full of strange new creatures and a rich assortment of aliens. And there’s at least one glimpse of some familiar foes as the trailer revealed brief shots of a Sensorite, a Terileptil and other monsters that we haven’t seen for a while.

Which got us thinking… What monsters do you miss? 

Enemies like the Daleks and Cybermen have been a recurring problem for the Time Lord over many years but is there a monster you loved that we haven’t seen for some time?

We’re after everything from the obvious to the obscure … Any monster that hasn’t featured in Doctor Who recently is fair game! Tweet your suggestions with the hashtag #MonstersWeMiss or email your thoughts to with the subject header, #MonstersWeMiss or reply to one of our posts on our official Instagram account.

We’ll tweet photos of your most popular and creative suggestions on the show’s official twitter account - @bbcdoctorwho. And not only that, we’ll delve into our archive of behind the scenes photos and stills from past adventures and post them on our new Instagram account – bbcdoctorwho

So! Get tweeting us, emailing us or replying to our Instagram posts. Which monsters do you miss? Let us know!

Thank you!


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How to Watch Doctor Who Extra: Listen

Sat, 09/13/2014 - 1:54pm

If you enjoy finding out more about Doctor Who and the people who make the show, Doctor Who Extra is essential viewing. This week’s episode goes behind the scenes with the cast and crew of Listen and we reveals how the idea for the episode came about and we discover what Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman thought of this unique adventure.

Crammed with exclusive footage from the making of the show, Doctor Who Extra: Listen includes fascinating interviews with Peter Capaldi (the Doctor) Jenna Coleman (Clara), Samuel Anderson (Danny and Orson), writer and Executive Producer Steven Moffat and director Douglas Mckinnon. It’s your ten minute programme giving you access all areas to the thrills, chills and romance of series 8’s fantastic fourth episode!

Doctor Who Extra: Listen is available on BBC iPlayer right now! 

But if you can’t catch it online it’s available via Red Button during the times below.

Saturday   10:55pm – 1:45am          

Sunday      9am – 10:20am, 12pm – 1pm           

Monday     7:25pm – 9pm          

Tuesday       midnight – 6am, 7:55pm - midnight       

Wednesday        8pm - midnight

Thursday             4am – 11:30am, 12:30pm – 1pm, 9:30pm – 10:55pm


And don’t forget you can still enjoy the first three episodes of Doctor Who Extra, online now!

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Fri, 09/12/2014 - 3:36am

Watch Doctor Who on Saturday at 7.30pm and prepare to meet the last man standing in the universe, follow the start of a romance for Clara and find out what haunts the Doctor…

Listen is written by Steven Moffat and is another chiller, so if you enjoyed his Tenth Doctor adventure, Blink, you’ll love Listen. The episode has some great moments of humour and several fast-paced action sequences and is directed by Douglas Mackinnon whose previous credits include The Power of Three and Cold War. Samuel Anderson returns as Danny, last seen during Into the Dalek and the Doctor asks the question, ‘What’s that in the mirror, and the corner of your eye? What’s the footstep following, but never passing by?’

Listen: This Saturday on BBC One at 7.30pm. You can watch a trailer for it now or check out moments from the story in the episode gallery.

Categories: Doctor Who

Doctor Who: Listen

Sat, 09/06/2014 - 5:01pm

Listen is on BBC One this Saturday at 7.30pm!

When ghosts of past and future crowd into their lives, the Doctor and Clara are thrown into an adventure that takes them to the very end of the universe. What happens when the Time Lord is alone… and what scares him?

See the trailer for the episode now!

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Doctor Who Extra: Robot of Sherwood

Sat, 09/06/2014 - 1:34pm

Doctor Who Extra is the new series that gives you access all areas to the world of Doctor Who. Robot of Sherwood featured Ben Miller as the Sheriff with Tom Riley as the legendary Robin Hood as well as sword fights, archery, plenty of merriment with the Merry Men and the Doctor battling to foil an evil alien plot… So what was it like creating and shooting such an amazing episode? 

Doctor Who Extra gives you a backstage pass to the making of Robot of Sherwood. There’s some exclusive footage from the filming plus great interviews with Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Ben Miller, Tom Riley and writer Mark Gatiss.

Doctor Who Extra: Robot of Sherwood  is available on BBC iPlayer right now!

But if you can’t catch it online it’s available via Red Button during the times below.

Saturday              9.10pm - 11.00pm 
Sunday                 4.30pm - 7.00pm 
Monday               9.25pm - 10.00pm 
Tuesday               Throughout the day from 6pm
Wednesday        Throughout the day until 6.55pm
Thursday             2:00pm - 7:25pm

Don’t forget you can still enjoy Doctor Who Extra: Deep Breath and Doctor Who Extra: Into the Dalek and, of course, the next episode of the series will be available immediately after Listen on Saturday, 13 September.

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