Officially Announced - Spoiler No More? (We'll let you judge)

Administrator - Posted on 26 July 2009

A returning character and actor to the upcoming Doctor Who specials that until now has been regarded as a spoiler has been officially announced by the BBC. There's no avoiding it now. You will know for sure now as 'the cat is out of the bag' with this announcement. Having said that, we will still let you decide. Click the "Read more" below to find out.

The BBC has announced on the Doctor Who website that indeed John Simm is returning as The Master for two of the upcoming specials. It was pretty much known to be the case from a photo leaked out last month that John Simm would be returning. Now it is officially announced via the BBC Doctor Who website. Read more about it on their webpage:


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Definately no avoiding it now, but for those who saw the pic this is the confirmation of that. Perhaps they released the news to time it with Comic con and to give clarity to the pic. Nonetheless I do believe that is not all to happen, nor do we know the context of his involvement, but if you have seen the video of the 10th finale trailer beginning to make the rounds then its certainly now "out of the bag" --how awesome is that! Can we also saw the Russell Davies did make mention of Timothy Dalton being a part of the finale, for those who saw the pic that is also confirmed, but in what way exactly will he be a part?

-- Anthony S Burdge Myth Ink Books Editor/Publisher

Editor The Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who
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In the third paragraph of the article, it states that he (the Master) has been encountered by every Doctor but the Second and Ninth. I'm afraid they need to double-check their facts - The second Doctor encoutered the Master in 'The Five Doctors' near the end of the story. After all, he was there in the tomb of Rassilon when The Master was subdued by him and the First and Third Doctor (after the Brigadier punched him).

With that fact now in place It can be said that only the Ninth Doctor has had no contact with the Master.


Admittedly it is a minor point but, when a huge press organization like the BBC prints a story they should make sure the facts are right.

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There is now a name for the last two specials. The name that I've seen listed for the story is "The End of Time". I don't know if this is the official title for both episodes or not but all the sources I see have it for both parts.

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On YouTube there is a supposed trailer for the Christmas special ("The End of Time"). This was taken at comic con (supposedly) and was made as a preview there. I don't know if its true or not but it's there.

I apologize for the poor quality. It looks like it was recorded on a cell phone.


Since I don't know how to embed it I'll just leave this link:



It is probably the same video we have here on our site: 

Hand-Held "Corrected" Video of the 'End of Time' Promo


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It looks like the same video - just posted under a different name.


PS: Looks like it's going to be a busy week for Podshock as well.Wink

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